Top 5 Best Spots to Satisfy Your Munchies [LA Edition]

Top 5 Best Spots to Satisfy Your Munchies [LA Edition]

Okay, so you just spent the last few minutes toking up on your favorite Weedsy Infused mini pre-roll.  The high is about to straight up slap you in the face, and knowing you, you're one to suffer from a hardcore case of the munchies.  Now, you don't want to waste the high vibes by feeling stuck wondering what you'd need to eat to really hit the spot.  So that's where we come in.  Naturally, if you're toking up and enjoying the me, myself, and I vibe with a Weedsy in-hand, we feel it's also our responsibility to feed you plenty.  Here are our top 5 recommendations for the dankest food you can serve yourself up on, all located in Los Angeles, when suffering from the munchies.

What Classifies as Proper Munchies Food?

Before we jump into our recommendations, it is worth noting what is considered munchies food.  While other blogs out there might offer a wide range of things you might be craving, ranging from the low-cost but a whole lot of food to even some fine dining options that might cost just as much as your legally-purchased and tax-heavy cannabis, we will not be serving up such a wide variety of it.  Instead, we're taking the classic example of the munchies.  The desire to inhale everything in sight type of vibe.

Afterall, our Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls take a whole lot more cannabis into the equation, delicately fusing flavored distillate to Top Shelf flower and smothering all that in kief.  What you're left with is a little over half a gram or just incredibly potent THC ready to mellow you out and, naturally, make you hungry AF.  And with this incredibly high feeling you're ought to feel, skimping out on the volume of food is just a no-go for us.  So here it is - our top 5 recommendations of classic stoner food you can readily get any time of the day, in Los Angeles.

Midnight Munchies: Tommy's Original Hamburgers

Nothing screams satisfying those munchies that heading over to the original Tommy's location located on the corner of Rampart and Beverly in Rampart Village bordering Koreatown and Echo Park.  Granted, they have 33 other locations spread across both California and Nevada, but the original just hits different.  If this shack doesn't scream ultimate late-night munchies, we don't know what will.

Tommy's is most known for their chili cheese burgers and fries and at about $6 for a double chili cheese burger, large fries, and a drink, you'd be doing yourself a disservice to not make the trek out here late at night to join your fellow munchies mates for a night out stuffing your face shamelessly with chili cheesey goodness.

Our recommendation?  Come hungry and willing to wait a bit.  The place packs out especially into the later hours.  If you're impatient about waiting, smoke another Weedsy.  It'll make the food even better!

Yeah, I'll Take Everything On It, Please: Rose City Pizza

Back in our day living it up as a broke college student, sometimes we'd find ourselves incredibly stoned!  During our high-induced delirium and borderline starvation, we'd craft up the most ridiculous dishes ever.  Like a frozen digiorno pizza topped with literally everything in the fridge.  Whether it turned out well or otherwise, our cravings were satisfied, much at the expense to your roommates and the kitchen at large for the amount of mess you created.

While we'd love to just recommend you to get absolutely blitzed and potentially destroy your kitchen trying to make the "let's put everything into this pizza" type of vibe, we actually found a spot that specializes in ridiculously dank stoner pizzas.  Rose City Pizza in Rosemead, just 20 minutes east of Downtown Los Angeles goes above and beyond to make some seriously drool-inducing pies.  Why opt for waiting in line for the Elote Man when you secure a massive pie containing mozzarella, parmesan, buttered corn kernels, sriracha mayo, chili powder cilantro, and a generous helping of XXtra Flamin' Hot Cheetos all baked seamlessly onto a massive decadent pizza.

There is a bit of a wait when it comes to this place.  So if you find yourself incredibly blitzed, call ahead for pick up to keep that high going!

Nothing Screams Munchies Like: Leo's Taco Truck

Spanning nine years and having 8 trucks to choose from within the city, Leo's Taco Truck is THE ultimate standard of taco truck dining.  With nearly 5000 reviews on Google and almost 2000 reviews on yelp, anyone suffering from a severe case of the munchies will leave the truck feeling happy, a little less stoned, and probably very sleepy with the inevitable food coma that follows.

For simplicity sake, we'll be focusing on the most popular location, located on the corner of La Brea Ave and Venice Blvd.  You'll know that you've arrived when there's a mass of people gathered around and the sweet smell of al pastor cooking on the skewer for all to see.

Priced at $1.25 per taco, chances are you're not leaving your munchies-induced bout of starvation on just one piece.  Expect to shell out $10 to $20 for those coming extra hungry.  We promise you, you'll be inhaling all in sight with ease!

You Can Literally Order Anything at: Fat Sal's

Fat Sal's is quite possibly the greatest option for stoner eats in all of Los Angeles.  Just think about it - it's a deli that specializes in some wild combinations of what's contained in between two slices of bread.  And if you just happened to be blessed with the stoned feels, and we're talking like you are prepared to inhale everything in sight, Fat Sal's IS THE MOVE!

Despite us saying everything on the menu is fire, one of our go-to's is the FAT BANH-MI-KI.  Think of it like the classic Vietnamese sandwich on steroids.  Sweet & spicy soy marinated thinly sliced ribeye steak, onion rings, Vietnamese pickled vegetables, szechuan slaw, tomato, fresh jalapenos, cilanto, teriyaki glaze, sriracha, and mayo all on a garlic hero.

I want all of that in and around my mouth.  No manners allowed.  Just viciously eat all in sight.

Nothing Screams You've Got the Munchies Like: Donut Friend

You know what feels good?  Waking up in the morning and grabbing a donut to pair nicely with your coffee as you shift into grind mode for work or school  You know what sounds better?  Showing up to that same donut shop later in the day, stoned out of your mind looking for a sweet fix.

We'll be honest here - there's the mom and pop shops that sell donuts and those are fire.  But aesthetically and food coma-inducing sugar highs from Donut Friend just hit different and we're 1000% about it.  Tack on that most of the food items are named after fairly iconic pop culture references, it's as relatable as it is tasty!

Our personal favorites range from the Polar Berry Club featuring a lemon glaze, fresh mixed berries and fresh mint on top of a raised donut to something a little more bold and in-your-face.  For that we'd either opt for the Angry Samoa or the Fudgegazi.  The Angry Samoa boasts an incredibly tasty vanilla cake donut dipped in chocolate and topped with caramel, toasted coconut, and chocolate stripes; whereas the Fudgegazi is a raised donut filled with chocolate cream, topped with chocolate glaze and chocolate chips.

Fair warning that the shops normally sell out of their offerings.  So if you foresee yourself getting a little baked, do the right thing and plan ahead by having these in hand before you do so!

You Wanted Munchies Recs - We Got You on That!

So there you have it!  Our top 5 best stoner food options to get in Los Angeles.  Sure, there are quite a few that we've left out, but this should tie you over next time you're exploring the endless city in search for a proper meal when you're lit.  Good luck and let us know how these recommendations fared to your ever-changing tastes!

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