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Welcome to the Find a Store page! This page has the answers to all your pressing questions: where to buy Weedsy in California, Arizona, & Oklahoma, Search for marijuana dispensaries that our products are carried in all across the states with this handy map.

Got to Have Your Weedsy?

You can find our products throughout southern California, though we also have a few sneaky stores up north (we see you, Eureka and Rio Dell!)

“But wait,” we hear you say, “I can’t buy your delicious, potent pre-rolls online? The Internet has everything!”

Alas, we know, and yet it doesn’t have our pre-rolls. You see, there are laws that frown upon shipping cannabis in the mail. (You can check out our FAQ page for more information.) So, if you’re wondering where to buy weed in California, the answer is from a dispensary. Think of it as supporting your local, small business! #winwin

Find Your Favorite Infused Flavors

With more than a dozen California marijuana dispensaries selling our products, you won’t have to go far to find us. Choose your favorite and get your butt in gear. Our pre-rolls don’t smoke themselves! (Though that might be cool.)

Scroll the list on the left or use the map on the right to search for your dispensary of choice. Whether you’re into juicy watermelon or crisp green apple, we’ll help you figure out where to buy infused weed flavors in California.

Never share or reuse a joint again when you shop our convenient pre-rolls. Get started today!

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