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No smoker’s stash is complete without a few stoner accessories. You’ve got your pre-rolls, your favorite show ready to binge, and your comfy t-shirt on. Now, you just need a few little things to complete the moment. Show off your love for Weedsy with our stylish accessories.

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You know you can never have enough lighters. They always seem to disappear, don’t they? Snag these 420 accessories from Weedsy and never be without a way to smoke your pre-rolls. While you’re at it, an ashtray is an excellent investment, too. That way you don’t have to get up from the sofa to take care of your ash.

Run out of snacks? Our collection of stylish accessories includes masks! Because you have to stay safe when you go to the store, no matter how hungry you are. Plus, the 3-pack is super convenient, and — if we say so ourselves — the designs are killer.

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On your errands, keep your valuables safe with a Weedsy lanyard. What better place to store your keys than securely around your neck? Never fumble around searching through your purse or pockets again!

We can’t talk about stoner accessories without mentioning the essential slides. These super-comfortable sandals are great for padding around the house and channeling your inner Dude. (You can wear them with socks if you want, we don’t judge.)

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From skate decks to grinders, we have the 420 accessories you need to complete your smoking setup. Never miss out on a chance to bond with a fellow smoker when you spot someone else wearing our merch.

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