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What are Weedsy Mini Pre-Rolls?

Created for those always on-the-go, Weedsy strives to provide top-quality cannabis in teensy portions for a weensy price. Our premium mini pre-rolls contain 0.4 grams of cannabis, making them the perfect solution for a one-and-done deal (no sharing required!).

Whether you’re chilling on your couch, hanging with your friends, or partying at a music festival, Weedsy’s mini joints are super convenient, portable, and will take you to a higher level.

Pile of Weedsy mini pre rolls

Explore Our Potent, Flavorful Strains

Looking to get high with a little help from your friends at Weedsy? We’ve got you covered with a variety of high-quality cannabis strains with affordable, perfectly-portioned packaging that’ll keep you coming back for more. 

Get a potent, flavorful boost with our wide variety of infused flavors, explore our selection of tried and true strains you know and love, or try them all to find your favorite — we won’t judge!

Weedsy watermelon mini pre rolls

Infused Flavors

A blend of the finest cannabis flower, THC distillate, and high-quality kief, our infused pre-rolls come in a variety of fun and delicious flavors.

Weedsy mini joints and ashtray in front of an American flag

Infused Strains

Take your smoke sesh to the next level with our infused cannabis strain mini pre-rolls.

Expect the Best from Weedsy

Get Your Weedsy Fix

Ready to elevate your next smoke sesh? You can find our mini pre-rolls at local dispensaries throughout California.

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Learn with Weedsy

Whether you’re new to smoking cannabis or an experienced user eager to learn, Weedsy’s here to help. Check out the questions our customers are asking.

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Get into the #WeedsyMood and show off your style with our smoking accessories, apparel, and more.

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Created for those always on-the-go, Weedsy strives to provide top quality cannabis in teensy portions for a weensy price. Our products are specifically designed at 0.4 grams and last between 6 to 10 hits, making these the perfect solution for a one-and-done deal. Whether you are at a music festival, camping, or at a park, the Weedsy product line is super convenient, portable, and will always deliver that higher level.

We're totally about not being at home as much as possible; particularly as it pertains to finding a dope spot to enjoy your Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls! So let's dive into our Top 5 best spots to smoke, that doesn't include home!
Naturally, if you're toking up and enjoying the me, myself, and I vibe with a Weedsy in-hand, we feel it's also our responsibility to feed you plenty.
At the very fundamental level, the point of celebrating Pride is to show the community's inclusiveness to EVERYONE; so that's what we'll focus on in today's blog.
Here at Weedsy, we're all about giving the people what they really want - a tasty mini pre-roll that has the power to slap you silly without absolutely destroying your wallet in the process.

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