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What are Weedsy Mini Pre-Rolls?

Created for those always on-the-go, Weedsy provides top-quality cannabis in teensy portions for a weensy price. Our premium mini pre-rolls contain 0.5 grams of exotic cannabis flower and infused with the cleanest extracts in the game; making them the perfect solution for a one-and-done cannabis experience.

Tiny, But Mighty Mini Cannabis Goodies

If the last few years taught us anything, we're firm Anti-Sharing believers. Between our Weedsy Originals, Twinsies, or Treaties, our tiny, but mighty cannabis goodies are designed for you, and only you to enjoy. Ready to join the Anti-Sharing Smoking Club?

That Higher Level, Guaranteed

Whether you're chilling on your couch, hanging with yyour friends, or partying at a music festival, Weedsy's mini-everythings are super convenient, portable, and takes you to that higher level.

The Powerful Twinsies

Live Resin + Diamonds


Double the Fun

Twinsies feature TWO half-gram pre-rolls in one. Double the chill. Double the fun!

Anti-Sharing Certified

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Live Resin / Diamond Infused

Infused with Live Resin and Diamonds that are extracted in house!


Of Slobbery Stoners Kept At Bay

Get Your Weedsy Fix

Ready to elevate your next sesh? You can find our tiny, but mighty cannabis goodies at local dispensaries across Arizona, California, & Oklahoma.


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WeedsyWill Weedsy Ever Make THC:CBD ratio Pre-Rolls?

Will Weedsy Ever Make THC:CBD ratio Pre-Rolls?

The results, published in the journal, Neuropsychopharmacology, shows no evidence that CBD reduces the negative or pleasurable effects of THC.

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Here's Five Springtime Activities To Do Stoned

Ahh, springtime. The time when we get our thoughts out of the gutter, grab the Febreeze and Dyson out of the closet, and smoke up while cleaning your house for the first time in four months. Then i...

WeedsyLive Resin Versus Distillate: What's The Difference?

Live Resin Versus Distillate: What's The Difference?

We at Weedsy are always working to bring you the best quality cannabis, and our live resin and distillate concentrates are no different.

Premium Cannabis Flower.

Made With Love.

Made For Everyone.

Multi-State Operator.