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Puff Puff NO Pass.

How many times were you not able to finish your joint? Or worse, you were passed a wet and slobbery joint by your best friend’s coworker and you still hit it because you didn’t want to be rude? Those days are over.

Our California pre-rolls are designed to be a one-and-done joint. Never again worry about stashing a half-finished roll or trying to reuse it later. We simplified smoking with 0.5 grams of high-quality cannabis in each roll.

We specialize in small batches that are lab-tested for harmful substances like impurities and carcinogens. Premium cannabis mini pre-rolls should do one thing and one thing only — get you the best high possible.

Weedsy green apple infused pre-rolls

What's in a Weedsy?

Our Weedsy mini pre-rolls contain 500mg of top-shelf, premium-quality cannabis. We grow our organic cannabis in small, lab-tested batches indoors at our own facility, and have conducted years of in-market research to ensure the quality of our product. Our mini pre-rolls are made with love and care to help you get to a higher level.


We use an industry-leading proprietary process to craft our Infused Flavors with the perfect amount of flower, distillate, and kief. Enjoy a burst of creative energy coupled with a smooth, creeping body high.

- Our distillate is lab-tested at the highest standard by batch.

- We use premium cannabis flower even when others don't.

- The process brings you the perfect balance of potency and flavoring.

box of infused Weedsy pre-rolls

Find Your Favorite Strain of Premium Cannabis Mini Pre-Rolls

Whether you live and breathe for our delicious infused flavors or want to stick to the classics with our infused strains, find your new favorite California pre-rolls with Weedsy. Our one-time use rolls are low-cost and come in convenient packaging because the last thing you want when trying to get high is to struggle to free your joint from endless plastic.

Find us on Weedmaps and get ready to experience our cannabis wizardry for yourself.

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