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Infused Pre-Roll Flavors

Weedsy’s infused pre-rolls take top-shelf, organic cannabis flower infused with premium THC distillate and smother it in the highest quality kief. This delivers a burst of creative energy followed by a creeping body high from beginning to end.

original infused pre-rolls
watermelon infused pre-rolls
green apple infused pre-rolls
strawberry-flavored cannabis pre-rolls

No Sharing Required

You're going to love your flavored cannabis pre-rolls. These one-time use rolls are delicious and all yours - no sharing required!

Our distillate is lab-tested and always at the highest standard; and we're proud to use organic cannabis flower in our pre-rolls.

Explore our varieties of infused pre-rolls and discover your new favorite way to smoke.

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We strive to provide you with top-quality cannabis suitable for your on-the-go life. The convenience of our teensy pre-rolls means never being unable to finish a joint again. Find our pre-rolls at your local dispensary to experience their subtle magic firsthand.

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