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Looking to proudly rep your identity as a smoker? Our collection of 420 apparel has you covered (literally!). Our t-shirts are comfortable, stylish, and designed with the same attention to detail we use when crafting our pre-rolls.

Say No to Sharing

You won’t find 420 apparel like this anywhere else. Why? Because no one else makes pre-rolls like we do. Gone are the days of passing a wet joint around the group. Not only is it gross — it’s a great way to spread germs!

Join the smoking revolution when you enjoy individual pre-rolls and snag a Puff Puff NO Pass long-sleeve tee or an Anti-Smoking Club short-sleeve version. Proudly display your no-sharing beliefs on your stoner clothing and never worry about someone asking to take a hit off your joint again.

Live the High Life

You can also rep your love of Weedsy with one of our branded tees! Never miss an opportunity to chat with a fellow smoker in line at the grocery store. Start conversations with new friends or snag a few to distribute to your social bubble. Our 420 apparel makes great gifts!

All our shirts are made with super-soft, ring-spun cotton. Never worry about an itchy tag or rough material again. Just enjoy your stoner clothing as you sink into your sofa with your favorite strain.

Shop Shirts from Weedsy

You already love our pre-rolls — we know you’ll love our shirts just as much. Snag yours along with a pack of pre-rolls for a laid-back weekend or to unwind at the end of the day.

Got questions about our shirts, pre-rolls, or anything else? Check out our FAQ page or get in touch!

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