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Live Resin & Diamond Infused Strains

What's better than getting nice and toasty over an infused pre-roll? Well, we'd say leveling up the infusion process with live resin and diamonds shoud do the trick! Introducing Twinsies, featuring TWO half-gram mini pre-rolls that take exotic strains infused with live resin and diamonds for double the fun!

Apple Fritter mini pre-rolls

Double the Fun

Twinsies boasts two, half-gram infused pre-rolls in a package. We ditched the distillate and instead use live resin and diamonds for an incredible true-to-strain flavor and potency duo designed to make even the most seasoned users feel nice & toasty!

Find Us All Across California!

We strive to provide you with top-quality cannabis no matter what you have going on. We're in a bunch of dispensaries and delivery services all across the state so it shouldn't be hard to find your perfect Twinsies strain for a top-notch quality buzz to get you on your way!

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