It Goes Beyond Rainbows, How Does Weedsy Celebrate Pride?

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As Pride Month continues on, it's worth noting that there is a deep-rooted relationship between this and the cannabis industry.  In fact, many of the freedoms us Californians take for granted were pioneered by the LGBTQ+ movement.  Advocates such as Dennis Peron helped get medical marijuana into the state during the HIV/AIDS epidemic; setting the stage for countless other states to adopt the therapeutic value we all know and love about our favorite plant.  Then there's Harvey Milk, San Francisco's first openly-gay public official who began the process of full on legalization of cannabis through Proposition W.

Over the last 40 to 50 years, cannabis and the LGBTQ+ community have been intertwined.  There is more to the celebration of the Pride community than just rainbows, parades, and month-long sales though.  At the very fundamental level, the point of celebrating Pride is to show the community's inclusiveness to EVERYONE; so that's what we'll focus on in today's blog.  What does celebrating Pride mean for a brand such as Weedsy?

It Goes Beyond Rainbows, Parades, and Sales

While we are totally about celebrating at parades and saving some hard-earned cash with sales, there's WAY MORE to love and celebrate during Pride Month than that.  Fundamentally, celebrating Pride is to show your commitment towards a more inclusive society.  And within the cannabis industry alone, the community can use a little more love on that front.

Looking at the statistics, the cannabis industry is mainly hetero-white-male dominated.  A quick trip on Instagram can show you that the majority of "profitable" content usually depicts an attractive woman living that lavish excess everything type of life.  While it's common knowledge that in an industry with a demographic as it is, sex sells, and while that may be relatable to a good majority of people, it's not inclusive of EVERYONE.

In our opinion, and this opinion is shared by a handful of other cannabis brands, inclusivity in cannabis comes down to a minimum of two factors:

  • Commitment to diversity both for the end user and internally within the company to foster a collective effort towards inclusivity; and
  • A brand's commitment to supporting events that promote LGBTQ+ awareness

While there are several other factors to consider, such as developing a product or a series of products that are completely themed towards the movement, there may also run the risk of capitalizing on an already-commercialized event.  To foster a commitment of inclusivity, a brand's responsibility should not just start on June 1st and end on the 30th.  This is a year-round, 24/7 commitment to making our industry just a little better than where we started.

How Is Weedsy Celebrating Pride?

When it comes to actively celebrating Pride, both during the month and beyond, we're committed to giving you and your friends the means to have a dope vibe.  If you look at our brand as a whole, we're all about the concept of not sharing your weed.  You can enjoy a Weedsy mini pre-roll, and your friend can enjoy a whole other Weedsy, and your other friend can enjoy a whole other Weedsy for a combined total of a group of people enjoying their own Weedsy!

On top of that, our single-use serving size of delicious cannabis packed with all these other goodies make the entire experience a vibe for all to enjoy.  I mean think about it, you and your homies are outside enjoying something as simple as each other's presences, some ice cream, and a few Weedsys.  The top shelf flower infused with flavored distillate and smothered in kief has the power to make you feel some type of way by default.  From there you're supplementing the altered feeling by being around your homies that love you AND being in an environment that's already fostering a sense of belonging, inclusion, and most importantly, fun.  If that doesn't sound like a vibe, ya'll should give it a chance because we promise, it'll be an enjoyable experience to say the least.

How Can You Celebrate Pride?

So while Pride Month is obviously a month-long celebration, the actual day of Pride is June 11th.  While California is coming off of its COVID regulations, many of the ways to celebrate has gone virtual or have taken the form of more-socially-distanced versions of activities to experience all month long.  Fret not you young and beautiful individuals, there are still countless ways to celebrate!

The Pride Festival Has Gone Virtual!

Since the all-too-famous Los Angeles Pride festival is cancelled due to COVID, the festivities have gone virtual with this year's theme being "Thrive with Pride."  As we emerge from the epidemic, it's now more important than ever to spread awareness that thriving is an act of social justice within the LGBTQ+ community.  On top of that, Charli XCX will bless the festival with a free concert livestreamed on TikTok!  So tune in Thursday, June 10th and let's vibe!

Check Out the Art at the SaMo Pride Art Walk

Beginning June 4th and lasting through the end of the month, you can stroll through Santa Monica from the Third Street Promenade to the pier to experience some amazing installations by LGBTQ+ artists.  So if you're more of an in-person experience to literally see the finest creative expression an artist can deliver, we seriously invite you to come on out.  Who knows, you may even see a few of us perusing through the installations.

Bask in the Sun at the Gay-Friendly LA Beaches

Sun's Out, Buns Out!  Will Roger's State Beach has a gay-friendly section of the sandy turf, unofficially known as 'Ginger Rogers Beach,' near lifeguard tower 18.  And Venice Beach is home to the famous Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower.  One of the most surefire ways to celebrate Pride is literally to surround yourself with it.  Gather up the squad, pack the car up with all you need to guarantee a fun day of living life to the fullest surrounded by those that love you.

And Before You Decide...

Let's be real - life is already pretty sweet being blessed with the sheer amount of activities to partake in to celebrate Pride Month.  One surefire way to celebrate, particularly as a stoner, is to directly support brands that are going above and beyond to support the movement!  This means taking a trip to your dispensary to pick up goodies for you and the homies.  One shameless recommendation is to pick up a few Weedsy mini pre-rolls to enhance the experience.

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