Where in LA Can I Enjoy a Weedsy?

Where in LA Can I Enjoy a Weedsy?

Since we've all been trapped at home for the better part of 15 months thanks to COVID, the fact that the pandemic is seemingly getting better in the US and the fact that California is fully opened, we're totally about not being at home as much as possible; particularly as it pertains to finding a dope spot to enjoy your Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls!  So let's dive into our Top 5 best spots to smoke, that doesn't include home!

1. The OG Cannabis Café

You know how in 2016 when cannabis became legal in California, it allowed businesses to legally sell weed to people as long as you were over the age of 18 with a medical card or over the age of 21 if you chose not get a medical card.  The only problem with being able to buy your weed somewhere was that you had to go home to smoke it!  Around the same time as legalization, a licensing system was opened up to businesses to effectively allow something called 'On-Site Consumption.'  Hence, the modern day Cannabis Café was born!

Located in West Hollywood, this place doubles as a delicious restaurant serving up a generous variety of contemporary American food as well as a safe space to toke up!  So bring a Weedsy or two, gather up the homies and pair the powerful high our half gram infused pre-rolls deliver with a heaping plate of food to go along with it!  We promise, the expected munchies will be met in an instant at the Cannabis Café!

2. Blasting Off to Space at the Griffith Observatory

Think about it, a Weedsy in-hand coupled with the ability to look at the entirety of Los Angeles through a telescope?  Sign us up!  And maybe you're not into looking at buildings and the cityscape, you could toke up and check yourself in for an indoor planetarium show!  Trust us when we say, looking at cool science things when you're absolutely baked is one of our favorite things to do!

3. Literal Munchies Everywhere You Look at Smorgasburg

Another LA pastime that had to stop due to COVID, yeah thanks global pandemic for ruining all the fun!  Smorgasburg is truly an LA experience that was built for the California stoner!  Located at the ROW DTLA, it's basically a weekly food festival showcasing some of the dankest food the city offers all conveniently in one place!  It's like a Farmer's Market of food, drink, and dessert vendors that also includes rooftop yoga classes, and of course, your freedom to toke up during all of it!

Stop by here to satisfy you munchies fix then enjoy a nice high-induced stroll through Arts District, paying attention to the more weird and eclectic side of downtown Los Angeles.

4. The Broad

While you might be able to smoke INSIDE the gorgeous museum, simply toking up before heading in makes for a wonderfully LIT experience!  Enjoy the marvelous vibes a Weedsy Infused pre-roll delivers regardless of what you're surrounded by.  Experience as it literally elevates the experience of being in awe by the masterpieces both inside the museum and just looking at the building's architecture.

5. Venice Boardwalk Stretch to Marina Del Rey

Not to be judgmental here, but, you can't really call yourself an LA stoner if you've never opted to spend your high or your ability to get high along the Venice Beach Boardwalk!  Spanning from Pacific Ave and stretching south down to where the Marina Del Rey harbor is, the boardwalk is filled with countless smoke shops, street performers, artists, and an all-around chill surfer vibe to elevate any experience you're trying to achieve with a Weedsy in-hand.

The Bottom Line

Five spots in LA to toke up and enjoy.  This list barely scratches the surface so keep an eye out on future blogs we'll do on some more low-key places to toke up at.  Whether you've lived in Los Angeles all your life or looking for a cool spot on your visit out here, be sure to grab a Weedsy from one of the many dispensaries carrying us before you embark on a dope experience!

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