Taking a Peek At Our Weedsy Infused Flavors!

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Exploring the Infused Flavors Series

Find out what makes the Infused Flavors series something to look forward to for 2021.

Okay, let's back it up a bit — following up on our first blog post where we introduced ourselves, we left without giving our products the TLC they deserve!  So we're going to fix that, right here, right now!

Chances are, if you were to walk into a dispensary, you'd likely be slammed with a myriad of mini pre-roll brands. Some might even go so far as to advertise a similar extraction style or even add flavoring into the distillate as we do in our weed flavors.

Don't trip though, we're not even going to call out those brands — it's just not worth the time to throw shade. What we will do, instead, is introduce you to what we're about and why we're stoked to showcase the best cannabis strains: our Infused Flavors series.

The Infused What?

 Weedsy Original Infused Pre-Roll box

You heard that right — the Infused Flavors series!

Picture this: Sicily, 19— ERRRR, wait, sorry! That's from a show way back in the day (bonus points if your classic sitcom game is on point and you can DM us the reference).

Anyways, the Infused Flavors series takes top-shelf cannabis flower and infuses premium THC distillate to create delicious weed flavors. The infusion is then smothered in a @#$%load of kief (seriously, there's a lot in there).

The result? Well, if you thought our teensy, weensy, Weedsy mini pre-rolls won't deliver based on their size, maybe all this together will deliver the smack we wish upon all the doubters out there.

Okay, Lay It on Me: What Are the Flavors?

Right out the gate, we're proud to showcase five of the best, most delectable cannabis strains: our Infused Flavors. From apple to watermelon and even an unflavored option, the number of fun things you can do is endless.

Check out our weed flavors below and some ridiculous activities you can try after smoking them. To help you imagine what that might look like, we hired The Dude for all reenactments. (You’re welcome.)

Original Infused

Flavors aren't your thing? No worries! The Original Infused is, well, unflavored, all-natural, with no frills attached! For something so simple, it's the most effective for getting the job done.

In fact, because there's no flavor attached to it, you can take this unflavored Weedsy and try to convince your older relatives that cannabis isn't as dangerous as the media made it out to be some 70 years ago. Just check out a bunch of Boomers trying it!

Grape Infused

Now, let’s dig into weed flavors. Is it grape soda? What about grape candy? Or maybe it's just a bunch of grapes? Who knows! What we do know is that our Grape Infused rolls with the punches right off the bat. It’s one of our best cannabis strains!

After just a few puffs of this burst of grape flavor, you can expect newfound energy even if the crippling anxiety of finally being out after a year in quarantine starts to take hold. Don't believe us? Check out The Dude's experience at the first party back!

Y'all see how he was just ignored? Quit being a wallflower and lose that awkward vibe you got going on with this weed flavor. Be social and become the life of the party with ease!

Watermelon Infused

Remember that part of the year where it’s literally sunshine and good vibes? Oh yeah, that barely happened last year because, well… COVID and stuff. But no worries, with Watermelon Infused, we bring the summer vibes all year long with this juicy pick-me-up.

And if you're one of those Doomers with a less-than-ideal outlook on life, just try taking a puff, man. Seriously, you'll brighten up like the sunrise!

Green Apple Infused

You know that saying, "An apple a day to keep the doctor away?” Well, the same applies to weed flavors! Think of Green Apple Infused as the same @#$% as real apples. It tastes like you're biting into a tart, fresh, and juicy green apple accompanied by all the familiar feelings of, well, cannabis!

As one of our best cannabis strains, this Infused has your back. And if you find yourself having to talk to a group of people on stage and are in your own head about how others are silently (or not silently) judging you, just sneak a toke of Green Apple Infused. Soon, you'll be able to let the awkward vibes work for you instead of against you.

Strawberry Infused

Rounding out our weed flavors is Strawberry Infused! So, like, we live in California. Unlike other fruits that are more or less seasonal, strawberries are year-round here. Like seriously, you can walk into a Whole Foods and find ALL THE STRAWBERRIES EVERYWHERE!

So with that, who said you can't have strawberries and smoke them too? Strawberry Infused is nothing short of a juicy and delightful experience of sweet and fruity decadence.

As far as what you can possibly use Strawberry Infused for, well, take a look at The Dude. He went from zero to hero with his music career.

The Bottom Line

So as you can see, there's a weed flavor for everyone when it comes to lighting up a Weedsy. With five of the most delicious cannabis strains to choose from, it's damn near impossible to not find something fun to do after smoking a cute little mini pre-roll.

If you're interested in finding your perfect Weedsy, you can now order online from our friends over at Herban Kulture in Santa Ana, CA.

Stop by and say Weedsy sent you. Guaranteed, they'll give you brownie points for it!


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