3 Reasons Why the Less Is More Approach is the Theme Song of 2021

3 Reasons Why the Less Is More Approach is the Theme Song of 2021

You know how sometimes size matters?  The biggest, baddest things can work in your favor - think the Supersize option at McDonalds.  Stupid large soda, stupid large fries - all that for a small sum of money and you're eating like royalty.  When it comes to enjoying your bud, however, THIS IS NOT THE CASE!  When was the last time you found yourself with TOO MUCH WEED?  You'd try your hardest to finish it but simply got too lit, thus wasting your joint, wasting your blunt, or worse, having to put it out and walking around smelling like a burnt forest for the rest of the day.

When it comes to getting elevated, less is more! And what better way to explain this point than with your very own teensy, weensy, Weedsy?!  Our small-everything approach is sure to be your new-favorite, one-and-done solution to getting as high as a kite!  Check out our guide below on all the legitimate and ridiculous reasons why you should consider the less is more approach to getting your fix of cannabis goodness.

#1. Sharing Is Not Caring

We touched upon this in our last blog - you remember right?  All the reasons why adopting the "me, myself, and I" attitude for smoking is not only the socially-responsible thing to do, but can seriously improve your own mental well-being by making life just a little-less difficult!

When it comes to enjoying a Weedsy, our cute, little mini pre-rolls are, amongst other things, slobber-proof!  In the age of COVID-19, whether you're vaccinated or not, sharing is NOT THE BUSINESS these days.  And when it comes to sharing the same joint amongst your circle of friends, suddenly, they're no longer your friends!

Our mini pre-rolls are designed at 0.4 grams - making these anti-share-worthy joints the perfect deterrent to needy friends, habitual droolers, and creeper dudes getting all up in your business trying to ask for a puff.  Just give them their own and they'll be on their way!

#2. Nobody Likes to Waste Stuff

Let's be real - we live in California.  We are one of the most environmentally-conscious states around!  Between the Priuses, Teslas, fixies, fill-your-own coffee tumblers, growlers, and everything else that shapes us to be the hipsters we are, one this is clear: wasting anything is bad news!

This applies for cannabis too!  Sometimes a full joint is too much for a walk to the coffee shop or gets you too lit for a mid-hike break.  And nobody likes to be that guy putting out a half-used J just for the simple fact of not wasting the money you dropped at the dispensary.

What you need is JUST THE RIGHT amount of bud for the perfect high.  What you needsy is a Weedsy!

#3. The Perfect Way to Try Your New Faves!

You know how lit a simple trip to Costco can be - especially if that trip falls on a weekend?  Okay so  picture this - you're lugging around your industrial-sized cart, weaving in and out of traffic like the skilled driver you wish you were in real life.  And throughout the journey you're hit aisle-after-aisle with your favorite reason for even being there: THE SAMPLES!  No joke, you can eat a full meal just off the samples alone!

Costco's uncanny ability to deliver bite-sized products in hopes of you buying the full 50-pound case is effective!  How often are you presented with a freemium so worthwhile that it effectively suckers you into buying the massively unnecessary product time and again?

Just like all the other reasons above, this is where having your very own Weedsy shines!  Given our small joints, 0.4 grams to be precise, you now have access to Top Shelf flower infused with a yummy flavored distillate and a generous helping of kief smother all over it.  The result is a PERFECT experience for trying out a new strain you wouldn't have otherwise tried!

There You Have It!

And there you have it!  Three compelling and hopefully not too ridiculous reasons why the less is more attitude towards enjoying your hard-earned cannabis is the theme song everyone should be singing for 2021.  Our Weedsy mini pre-rolls deliver you the perfect amount of green goddess dressing goodness time after time.  Say bye-bye to wasting weed.  Say bye-bye to saving old weed.  And say hello to the future of cannabis!

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