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Are you obsessed with all things THC? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Weedsy’s cannabis education blog! Here you’ll find extensive articles and news alerts about all things pertaining to the wonderful world of cannabis.

Not only does this make marketing more difficult for brands, but it also does nothing to solve the burden placed on dispensaries and other retailers.
The day and night of the holiday itself will likely consist of us getting super baked and hitting up an event, all the days and weekends leading up to the Halloween, however, can be spent in a myriad of ways.
One thing is certain: the better secured your bud is, the happier you and your wallet will be for the next time you decide to toke up.
We believe that there is still much to learn about the very real effects the plant has on our bodies and brains.
Let's be real, it's not exactly the smoothest sailing process to be compliant with regulations.
Having a crutch or filter, or better yet, knowing how to make one yourself is required skill of being a stoner of any degree!
Cannabis users are very much the high-functioning members of society that is generally expected.
It's worth breaking down what strain shelves mean. What is considered mid-shelf, top-shelf, and exotic?
I don't know about you, but if you spend your day at work not working and instead reading up on the latest stories the world has to offer, you probably saw something about us today!
You know, those moments where everything seems to fall into place. Those moments where if we were to be thinking outside the box for whatever reason, we find ourselves in a groove of doing exactly that.
A couple weeks ago we did our first ever ice cream social and it was absolutely bonkers!
We understand that you may have stuff to do that would otherwise impede your ability to do so! We'd like to explore how long your typical cannabis high would last.

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We’ll cover all the big 420-related holidays, how to smoke safely in virus times and beyond, and if you’re lucky, maybe even some behind-the-scenes action. We aim to be one of the top cannabis blogs around. Just you stick around and watch!

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