It's Teensy, It's Weensy, It's a Weedsy!

It's Teensy, It's Weensy, It's a Weedsy!

We might be a few weeks late on this, but hey, better late than never — Happy New Year and welcome to the Weedsy fam of cannabis pre-rolls!

We're now into the new year and are presented with new opportunities to level up the vibes, but let's be real, things are very much the same. COVID is still ravaging the world, people are out of work, and those that are working are doing it from home and likely have not worn pants in well over a year at this point. Given all that’s going on, one thing is certain: SHARING IS STILL NOT CARING!

So with that, we're thrilled to roll out our solution for the California stoner: Weedsy!

Before we get into our cute little cannabis pre-rolls that have the power to take down even the mightiest of stoners with a few hits, let me ask you a few questions:


Question #1: How many times were you given a joint and it was WET from the other person that hit it?

Question #2: How often have you found yourself too lit to function, surrendering into the sinking black hole of the couch, binge-eating everything in sight, and watching your 7th run of Trailer Park Boys, all because you decided to try and finish a full-sized joint?

Meet the Teensy, Weensy, Weedsy

Okay, we're sorry for putting those scenarios in your head and further fueling that crippling millennial anxiety. We just had to set the stage to introduce our cannabis pre-rolls!

Our one-size-fits-all solution for your weed sharing woes is, well… US!

Box of watermelon-flavored cannabis pre-rolls

Introducing the teensy, weensy, Weedsy! Originally created for those always on the go, our goal is to provide top-quality cannabis in the cutest of portions!

All of our Weedsy mini pre-rolls are specifically rolled at 0.4 grams, making these not only cute but ultra-portable and potent. These cannabis pre-rolls are the perfect one-and-done, hit-and-quit solution for the California stoner!

Now, you're probably thinking, how high can you possibly get from something so small? As Molly from Booksmart will tell you, "Don't knock it 'till you try it." We’re all seasoned stoners from before our favorite plant went legal all those years ago, and we've tried the little guys for the sake of testing its potency.

Let us tell you — it's a creeper! At 0.4 grams a joint, this little cricket-looking thing definitely has the power to knock the wind right out of you thanks to the cannabis pre-rolls being INFUSED.

Wait, What? The Pre-Roll Is Infused?!

That's right! Our Weedsy pre-rolls are infused! Let's break it down. Each Weedsy infused pre-roll consists of:

  • 400mg of top-shelf premium cannabis

  • The highest potency of premium THC distillate infused into the flower

  • A subtle flavoring added to the distillate to help mask the earthy flavor of the oil

  • More kief than you can ever imagine smothered all over it

The kief, flower, and distillate that make up a Weedsy cannabis pre-roll

In addition to what is inside these cannabis pre-rolls, we’re incredibly proud of our entire operation! We use an industry-leading proprietary process to infuse our pre-rolls with the perfect amount of flower, distillate, and kief.

We do small-batch manufacturing, literally only taking the cream of the crop to put into our cute little joints. On top of that, each batch is tested to ensure the perfect balance of potency and flavoring.

So believe us when we say these little guys SLAP! Less is definitely more because, in just a few hits, you're taking in fire flower infused in oil and smothered in kief to amount to the perfect high.

What Makes Us Different?

So what sets us apart from other infused cannabis pre-rolls? In two words, it's this:  S I Z E and  P O T E N C Y.

When it comes to size, our Weedsy mini pre-rolls serve a purpose beyond just being ridiculously cute. At 0.4 grams and a height of approximately two inches, you can fit it literally anywhere and everywhere. You can put it in your pocket, your purse, behind your ear, or even have it rest on a friend's shoulder if they stand really, really still.

On top of the size, it's also potent AF. You'd think that with 0.4 grams of cannabis and standing a whole two inches tall, you wouldn't get lit. You're wrong there. Imagine a typical joint containing your favorite flower, but there are MORE things involved.

You have your flavored distillate, which, like most other distillates, is incredibly concentrated cannabis oil which is then smothered in kief. So if you can imagine smoking any size of that equation, you're in for a wild ride.


For a more traditional experience, you can never go wrong with kicking it old school over something that won't make you ridiculously lit off of an innocent mini pre-roll.  When the situation calls for it, a reach for a classic Indica, Sativa or Exotic strain can  definitely be the way to go!

Got It? Good!

If all of this sounds well and good, you're in luck, because you can find your perfect Weedsy cannabis pre-rolls at a local dispensary near you. And if you're not convinced… well… The Dude has something to say about that.

Thanks for bearing with us in this article. We understand words are scary and all, and the fact that we had to write this made us relive the days of being in school. Then again, we were high most of the time in school so… uhh… yeah.

We hope this helped you understand our cannabis pre-rolls, who we are, and what we're about! If you're interested in trying us out, you can find our cute little mini pre-rolls at your local dispensary now, or check out our FAQ to learn more!

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