What Else Can Weedsy Do Besides Get You High

What Else Can Weedsy Do Besides Get You High

While getting high is great, it turns out weed can do a lot more than just get you lifted after a long day. Weed has a ton more effects besides being psychoactive, and those other effects can be used as tools to help manage the ups and downs of everyday life. A big fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend, trouble at work, and insomnia are just some of the very common issues cannabis can help you to navigate. Read on to find out some of the specific things cannabis can be good for, besides getting you high. 

Help you deal with stress at work

Even if you love your job, work can be one of the most stressful parts of our lives. And often, work stress involves our coworkers in some capacity, so there’s only so much we can do on our own to improve the situation. If stress from work is spilling over into your personal life and making it hard to relax, consider swapping out a glass of red for a joint, or other form of cannabis if you’re not into smoking. Most of us think of going for alcohol after a long and stressful day but studies have shown that over time, alcohol consumption actually increases stress rather than alleviating it. Cannabis doesn't have this kind of negative effect on our bodies, and is a much better option for managing stress than alcohol. 

Help you and your partner reconnect

The day to day monotony of life can get in the way of us enjoying the things we love most and our significant others are no different. Sometimes, when we spend so much time with one person and we’re each so busy, we can fall into routines that become ruts and our relationships can get stale. It's important to prioritize time with your partner where you’re really connecting and not just zoned out on your phones next to each other on the couch. Instead of vegging out, maybe grab a little cannabis and go for a walk or sit outside and just vibe and enjoy each other’s company. Cannabis can help you both to genuinely relax, rather than the pseudo relaxation we feel when we drink, and this can allow you guys to catch up with each other and reconnect while you’re both fully present. Cannabis makes a great nightcap and can be a powerful aphrodisiac, helping you both to relax, engage and be in tune with your bodies. 

Help you sleep better

As many as 40% of Americans are sleep deprived. With so many of us not sleeping enough, you’d think there would be more incentive to find a safer sleep aid than what’s currently on the market. Sleeping pills can be dangerous and addictive, but it turns out there’s been a solution hiding in plain sight this whole time: cannabis. Cannabis is a gentle sleep aid that poses way less immediate danger than over the counter or prescription sleep aids. Vapes and tinctures are especially popular for insomniacs looking for relief, and there are many products that target those with troubles sleeping, and develop products specifically designed to make falling asleep - and staying asleep - much easier.

Help you to process grief

Grief, no matter what the source, can be one of the toughest emotions to process through. We typically say there are 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Sometimes, depending on the loss experienced, it can take a person years to process through their grief. A lot of folks further interrupt this process by turning to alcohol to help them navigate their grief, when in reality, cannabis can help you process grief much more effectively than alcohol. Cannabis has the power to shift our perception and thinking, which can help us to process through the difficult emotions associated with grief. Through this shift in perspective we can come to an understanding that everything, even our strongest, deepest emotions are temporary, and we can move through them. 

Help you enjoy your vacation

Vacations always sound good, but sometimes the reality of them - months of planning, saving and packing - can actually be pretty overwhelming. The intense prep we do for vacation can sometimes make it hard to relax and unwind once we actually get to our destination. And if you have a stressful job, it can be even harder for you to disengage and close your emails when you’re away. But cannabis can help with that. One of the best things about cannabis is that it can help us to be more present in our lives, so we don’t miss the magic little moments that make life so special. 

Help you to feel more artistic

Puff and paint’s are popular for a reason! We already know cannabis helps us relax and be more present, which means we can be more present with whatever we’re creating. Certain cannabis strains can also improve focus, which can help us to enter a flow state when working on creative projects. Flow states may seem like science fiction, but it’s when our brain and body are more aligned and fluid with each other than they normally are. In this state people are deeply focused, not easily distracted, experience time more slowly and can feel like they’re becoming one with the activity they're engaging in. This state is ideal for creating art and for some people, it helps them tap into themselves deeply and, often, produce their best work. 

Help you be a more present parent

For some reason, wine moms and beer guzzling dads are perfectly acceptable but cannabis consuming parents get all the smoke. It's especially confusing when you consider how much easier it is to over consume alcohol than it is cannabis, and how the effects of overconsumption of alcohol and cannabis differ so greatly. People don’t get too high and start screaming at their families, but people who drink too much have been known to do much worse, and we can’t keep ignoring these facts. Over consumption aside, cannabis can help us feel more present, engaged and relaxed, which can help parents to foster that same energy for their kids. When the family is present, engaged and at peace, everyone is going to be much happier, even if mom and dad had to sneak a few puffs or a few gummies to help get the vibes right. 

We all know how fun the euphoria of being high feels, but if we’re being honest, cannabis is good for way more than just getting us high. Cannabis can help reconnect us with ourselves, be more present in our lives and relationships and find calm in chaos, and those are things we could all use a lot more of right now.

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