Weedsy Has Everything You Need to Light Up for Independence Weekend

Weedsy Has Everything You Need to Light Up for Independence Weekend

One of the best things about Summer is that oh-so-popular long weekend. You might have heard of it, and no, we're not talking about Memorial Day, the unofficial start of Summer. Nah son, we are talking about Independence Day, which this year, falls on a Tuesday. So if your job is chill, they might just allow you enjoy an extra long, four day weekend to celebrate.

Now of course, to keep the vibes high you're going to plenty of party favors. And Weedsy has you covered with everything you need for your long holiday weekend. Whether that be basking by the pool with some friends or keeping it wholesome with the fam, we got what you need to keep it litty this 4th of July.


Lucky for us this year, 4th of July gives us that extra long, 4-day weekend full of sun and good times. For a weekend this long, you're gonna need more than an average pre-roll to keep you lit.

Weedsy knows that variety is the spice of life, and nothing's better than having more than one flavor to puff on while enjoying some much-needed r&r. That's why, in addition to stuffing our pre-rolls full of kief, distillate, diamonds, and live resin, we given you ten juicy and delicious flavors to choose from. Whether you're into traditional flavors, like our Original or Grape, super sweet flavors like Booberry Pie, or sweet and sour fruit flavors, like Watermelon and Strawberry, Weedsy definitely has something for everyone.


Weedsy Originals are our heavy hitting line of pre-rolls with powerful flavor and packed with distillate and kief. Available in Berry, Grape, Green Apple, Original, Strawberry, and Watermelon, our six powerfully heady flavors help level your chill this holiday weekend. And the best part? Weedsy Originals are available in two sizes, 0.5G infused mini singles and a 3.5G 7-pack, giving you that ultimate freedom of chillin' solo or vibing out with your besties. This Independence Day weekend, when you fire up that grill, don't forget to spark up a Weedsy Originals too!


Maybe you and your homies are headed out for the long weekend. Whether you're headed to the city to catch some fireworks or headed outdoors to do your own, you're gonna need some treats for you and the gang. If you though our 7-Pack of Weedsy Originals was a heavy hitter, wait till you puff on a pair of Twinsies!

Each pair of Twinsies feature not one, BUT TWO live resin and diamond infused half-gram mini pre-rolls. If your mouth is watering, you're not alone. Like the name implies, Twinsies come in packs of two, so make sure you grab a few extra if you're partying with a few friends for the long weekend. Otherwise, you'll be playing the middleman while your friends fight for a puff!


If your 4th of July is looking like it's gonna be full of family time and you're worried about how you'll keep the vibes right with all those eyes on you, relax - Weedsy has something for those 'eat it and beat it' moods. Enter the tiny, but might Treaties! These juicy and powerful little gummies pack a serious punch in an incredible discreet package. Edibles have always been the sneakiest way to blaze, and it's high noon that we applied the ingenuity that brought you some of the best infused pre-rolls in the game to the edibles market.

Treaties come in three delicious flavors: Blue Razz, a half blueberry, half raspberry mixture that's 100% delicious; Bubba Melon, a sweet and sour watermelon sugar; and Lemon Drop, a remix on the classic pink lemonade. Each piece is packed with a whopping 10mg of THC to help you manage your intake and find just the right experience you're looking for.

Whether you're looking to get real hazy or just a little giggly, Treaties can help you you get to that higher level. Pick up a pack of each to mix and match them for a really layered, long lasting high.


If it's gonna come down to one must-have item for your 4th of July festivities, we have to go with our heaviest hitter, the Twinsies. Twinsies are formulated for maximum power and each of Weedsy's four flavors gives off a unique high. Mango Chee is a creeping, euphoric, giggle high perfect for lounging on the beach or by the pool. Lemonati is an explosively bright sativa that gives you a energizing burst of hyperactivity, perfect if you're the life of the party type. Booberry Pie is that middle of the road hybrid that relaxes your body while stimulating your mind. Finally, Purplato is a heavy-hitting mellow-you-out indica that's the perfect way to wind down while you take in some fireworks. Sure, we may be a little biased, but a 4th of July weekend without a Weedsy in-hand just ain't right.

No matter what your holiday weekend has in store, partying hard, beach-bound or vibing around the house, Weedsy has exactly what you need ot get lit and keep the vibes high this 4th of July.

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