How to Celebrate 420 with Weedsy

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How to Celebrate 420 with Weedsy's Perfect Mini Pre-Rolls

Y’all know 2020 threw us for a loop. So far, it’s looking like 2021 might not be that much better, at least not yet. As vaccines roll out and folks start feeling comfortable getting together again, keep in mind it won’t return to “normal” anytime soon.

Okay, okay, we don’t mean to be card-carrying members of the Doom Club. We’re just being realistic! Whether you celebrate with friends or prefer to smoke alone, we’ve got you covered. Just in case things are still closed down come April 20th, here are our go-to 420 celebration ideas.

How to Celebrate 420

1.  Smoke It Up Solo

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with smoking alone. At Weedsy, we’re big fans of the "me, myself, and I" approach to getting high!

Plus, smoking solo means you can get creative. Try hotboxing your bedroom or, if that’s too much, we won’t judge you for trying your closet. Or pretend you’re camping, set up a tent in your backyard, and hotbox that. (Remember, don’t attempt this if you don’t know how to responsibly hotbox!)

Or, stick with the tried-and-true and light up one of our mini pre-rollssink into the sofa, and turn on your favorite TV show. Just don’t forget the popcorn for when you get hungry!

2.  Share the Celebrations

One of the best ways to celebrate 420 is to light up with friends! But how are you supposed to do that when the pandemic’s keeping us inside? Never fear — we’re going virtual. With dozens upon dozens of ways to connect via the Internet, there’s really no excuse why you can’t stay in the safety of your own homes while you enjoy our pre-rolls with your friends.

Think beyond basic video chats! There are tons of sites out there that allow you to get creative when spending virtual time with your best buds — whether that means watching movies, playing games, or listening to some classic 420 jams.

It may not be the same as getting lit in person, but learning how to celebrate 420 this way can have its perks, too. Kick back and relax with no mess, no fuss, and no germs.

3.  Get Outside

Whether you smoke solo or invite others along, going outside is a great 420 celebration idea. If you love your alone time, consider a hike on a favorite local trail. Taking in the beauty of nature and unplugging for a while can be exactly what you need. Keep in mind essential safety measures, like not driving while high, not smoking in public, and not getting lost!

Wondering how to celebrate 420 outside but with friends? If someone has a spacious backyard, consider a socially distanced smoke sesh. Remember that it’s illegal to smoke cannabis in public spaces in California, so you’re going to have to stick with private property if you smoke outside, solo, or with others.

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Celebrate 420 with Us 

Shop our collection of delicious mini pre-rolls to celebrate 420 in style. Our one-time-use, low-cost, portable pre-rolls are the best way to indulge on the most holy of smoking days. Find us on Weedmaps!

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