Uh Oh...You Got Too High!

Uh Oh...You Got Too High!

Any stoner can tell you the absolute worst feeling in the world is when you realize that you're just too high.  Maybe you forgot to eat something before toking up, or maybe that edible smacked you after doing anything for the last three hours.  Maybe you were in a group and wanted to flex those iron lungs you remembered having back in college.  Maybe you took a dab, then spent the last fifteen minutes watching body part after body part shut down in front of your eyes.  or maybe you underestimated the potency of a Weedsy mini pre-roll and didn't know that a loaded joint filled with flower, distillate, and kief still has the power to knock you off your feet.

There are several ways it can happen, but once it does, the experience of being too high can be uncomfortable enough to turn off even the most seasoned stoners.  So let's figure out ways can help pass that experience along a little faster.

How Long Does the High Last?

After blazing, your high depends on a variety of factors: how it is consumed, the dosage, and unique, person-specific variables.  Typically, the higher the dosage, the longer the high lasts.  This could mean that it would realistically take longer to sober up from say, wax taken as a dab versus your traditional flower.  It's also worth noting that tolerance plays a major factor in both the longevity and intensity of the high.  A heavy stoner will likely be able to snap a bowl in one go versus someone with a lower tolerance.

Given the reports from some of our users, the average cannabis high can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, with some lingering effects experienced for a time after.

What Are the Tell-Tale Signs of Being Too High?

Okay, so you just blazed and now you're wondering what exactly am I supposed to feel if I am too high?  While the experience of being high can be amazing, overdoing it can lead to the following effects:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Paranoia
  • Confusion
  • Sweaty

What To Do When You're Too High

Uh oh...so it looks like you are in fact, too high.  It's okay though - there are several ways to ease that experience along peacefully.  The first and best possible thing you can do is to:

1. Don't Panic

That's right - don't panic!  You are fine and everything around you is fine and will continue to be fine for the entirety of your experience.  The absolute worst things you'll feel is only temporary and will likely go away in a matter of hours.  And by the end of it, the most you'll feel is a little groggy.  Everything shall pass and this high will too!

And don't worry about overdosing either.  In the plant's entire history of being consumed for the simple fact of getting high, there has NEVER been a reported overdose death from cannabis...ever.  So despite how freaked out you may be feeling, you'll be fine.

2. Drink Stuff and Eat Stuff

Like anything you can possibly take to elevate your mind and/or body, hydration is key!  Whether it be water or juice, make sure you have some on hand.  This helps to combat dry mouth and focus you up on doing something simple, such as the act of sipping and swallowing.

When it comes to food, you may or may not be experiencing a case of the munchies.  Try to NOT raid the fridge for this one.  Since you're too high, your body will likely allow you to inhale everything in sight, but once you sober up, you'll pay for that with interest.  Instead, consider munching on something light and eating a little here and there over a longer period of time.

3. Know Your Limits

Okay, okay, if you're already high AF when reading this, this point comes too little, too late; but its a sound point nonetheless.  If you can, try to prepare for your sesh based on your tolerance level.  This means that you don't HAVE to snap a bowl in one go.  You don't HAVE to take another hit when it's your turn in the rotation.  And you don't HAVE to take another piece of that edible knowing full well you're about to be as useless as potato just chillin' on the couch.

If you do find yourself toking up with people, be sure you are surrounded by people that love you enough to not peer-pressure you into taking more than you can handle.  While people are now vaccinated and the desire to surround yourself with new people are at an all-time high, being surrounded by total strangers when you find yourself being too high would actually induce MORE anxiety.  Just imagine it, your face is unpleasant, the look of confusion takes over the vibe of the room.  It's all bad and you can avoid it!

4. Do the Black Pepper Trick!

Any seasoned stoner can tell you about the black pepper trick!  If you find yourself too lit to function and experiencing widespread anxiety and paranoia, sniffing or eating black pepper acts like a hard reset on your senses.


You know that feeling when you're too high and your body can't keep up with your mind going at 250 miles per hour?  Thus ushering in a period of being slow and dumb?  One surefire way to combat those feelings is to sleep it off.  Find a calm, quiet place where you can rest and breathe deeply.  Take full deep breaths from your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.  Focus up on the sound of your breath and doze off peacefully.

6. Take a Walk

Fact: a change of scenery and some sunshine goes a long way.  Plus, walking around when you're high is pretty entertaining!

7. Clean Off the High

Believe it or not, hopping in the shower and spraying some water on your face can actually perk you up back to sobriety!

8. Distract Yourself

Remember, you're high - and one of the best things you can do while you're high is to...well...be high!  Distract yourself with activities such as vegging out on the couch with some Netflix, try playing videogames and zone out, attempt to make that hyperactive brain of yours work towards something like writing some music or painting.  And for those that have a significant other, cuddling while high is the greatest feeling in the world.  Change our mind!

Whatever activity it may be, make sure it's an enjoyable activity that even the high you can readily be excited about.  By distracting yourself with activities, you're effectively tricking your brain into thinking that everything is alright and you are safe - mainly because you are safe.

What Should You Do After Getting Through Being Too High?

Hooray!  You got through what we think is one of the most confusing and/or traumatic experiences you've dealt with!  You're finally sober after being too high!  Best to reach for another pre-roll and get back into it!  JUST KIDDING!

We want to know what your experiences and best practices are when it comes to getting too high.  What do you do during a time like this?  Drop us a line and let's vibe together!

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