We Are Doing ALL the Things for 420!

We Are Doing ALL the Things for 420!

First of all, let's give the Weedsy team a round of applause, maybe some tears, and lots of smiles because tomorrow, we'll be experiencing our first 420 ever woooooooooooooo!  Next, we just want to let you know what we have in store for our community, since, you know...it's like Christmas for stoners and all.  Between The Dude gracing us with his carefree vibe, to free gifts for the dispensaries that support us, to free gifts for everyone just for existing, 420 is LITERALLY the greatest day on Earth!

Public Service Announcement from The Dude

So remember how 420 in the eyes of your favorite cannabis brand is basically like Christmas...except everyone is high?  What better way to bring on the 420 blaze it vibes than The Dude doing uhh...dude things on this magical day.  It's not everyday other than 4:20pm and 4:20am that this type of thing happens, literally all over the world.

We Are Going to an Actual Event!

So we're based in Los Angeles and you know...COVID is going away right?  We're pretty much vaccinated and we feel that most of the area is too I mean come on!  The traffic is back!

Merry Jane was kind enough to invite us to their 420 party today and high-key we're stoked for several reasons:

1) We get to be social for the first time in a year!

2) We get to show off our Weedsy mini pre-rolls to people.

And 3) We're gonna look cute doing all of that!

Like many in-person celebrations popping up, COVID-regulations are in full force.  We feel safe being there and we hope that everyone else that's there is also super safe!  It'll be a good time for sure!

A Gift for All: Limited Edition Weedsy Bag

You know what screams louder than a crying baby on an airplane?  YOU DO after receiving the all-new Limited Edition Weedsy Bag absolutely free with any purchase on our website.

That's right ladies and gents, everything on the site is up for grabs.  Feeling like you want to 420 blaze it solo?  Scoop up the Anti-Smoking Sharing Club collection to really flaunt those vibes.  Feeling like you need to re-up your smoking essentials?  Grab a grinder, a lighter, and stow it all away with that cute bag that'll also be arriving in the mail


A Gift for Your Dispensary: Gift Box of Goodies

Let's not forget that we wouldn't be where we are today without the ever-expanding list of state (basically world) domination happening at this very moment!  As a token of our undying gratitude to the countless dispensaries that fell in love with our certifiably-yummy Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls, we are stopping by all dispensaries to drop off a box of goodies!

Feeling like your dispensary should pay those goodies forward?  Well, best you camp out and catch them while they're slipping (hehehe).  You can find dispensaries in your area with our store locator.


What Else Is Going On?

We'll tell ya what's going on: STRAIGHT CHILLIN'.  It's 420!  It's literally the greatest day on Earth because we get to sit around in the company of our friends and just enjoy all that cannabis has to offer.  We can get high and listen to music, get high and raid the fridge, get high and go on a hike, or just get high to get high!  The list of things to do are endless; and at the end of the day, it's just a vibe that we're totally about.   Remember, please stay safe, don't drive a car if you're partaking, and most importantly, we hope you enjoy the day with a Weedsy.

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