Sharing Is Not Caring

Sharing Is Not Caring

Let's be honest.  Half the time when we share our joints, it's out of formality or social politeness.  And in a larger group, there are always those one or two people you're not even close with that end up taking particularly huge hits and killing you joint.  UGH!  Cue in internal eye roll.  And let's not even start on all those instances where a friend of a friend, of a friend, passes you a joint that's wet and gross.  EW.

What if there is a solution to those age-old, shared smoking problems?  What if you could have all the enjoyment and benefits of a joint, without the social faux pas?  What if you could enjoy your flower solo, without needing to worry about whether you can finish the entire thing?  This is where Weedsy comes in!  Today, we'd like to introduce you to mini pre-rolls and all the perks of switching to a one-and-done ordeal.


Weedsy is a new cannabis brand that features mini pre-rolls that are specifically designed at 0.4 grams.  Compact packaging that is easy to carry around, made from small-batch, top-shelf cannabis make these your new go-to option for blazing.

Not only are they extremely convenient and portable, the small sizes makes it easy to say NO to sharing!  Our Weedsy mini pre-rolls are perfect for the "me, myself, and I" situation without any of the social awkwardness!  Not to mention, sharing has become a massive public health hazard in this day and age.  You're not being rude by not sharing - you're being socially responsible!


You'd have to be living under a rock to not have heard of a little something called the GLOBAL COVID-19 PANDEMIC.  Going on over a year now, coronavirus has rocked our world and turned everything upside down.  Social distancing, quarantine and lockdown, federal mask mandates, constant hand-washing, sanitizing like no other, business shutdowns, and the fact that there's STILL NO TOILET PAPER at the supermarket.  We're over all of this - but unfortunately, it won't change anytime soon.

Given the highly infectious disease spreading like wildfire, sharing a joint sounds absolutely ridiculous and simply not viable given what's going on!


We want to talk about this COVID thing a little bit more.  Whether you're in a major city or a smaller town, COVID has spread to all corners of California, let alone the entire country.  Whether you are in the camp of "shut yourself down and never leave your house" or "social distance and engage with caution," the nature of how coronavirus spreads and infects forces us to be more diligent in who we interact with, and how we interact with them.

Drinking from the same cup, sharing utensils, even sharing food - those are things that we took for granted and now pose risk of catching COVID!  No matter your level of concern regarding the pandemic, it's never a bad idea to err the side of caution.  After all, do you really know who may be been exposed?  You're trying to enjoy a nice little sesh with some gassy and dank weed - you don't need to stress about whether you're potentially infecting yourself each time you pass the joint.  Where's the fun in that?

Or if you're on the side where you don't really care about compromising your own health, you definitely don't want to be that person who could potentially be spreading it!  Talk about pressure and social responsibility.  No thank you.  Besides, with all the social distancing orders in place, it may be harder to even find your group to smoke with in the first place; which brings us to another point.


Hey, sometimes we all just want to do our own thing.  Hiking, camping, working, chillin at a park, hanging solo at the apartment - whatever it is, a nice little J could crank up the relaxation to another level.  Sure, we could roll up a joint and save it for later if we don't finish it, or maybe if you're a big baller, you just throw it out.  Neither of those options are very ideal, however.  Who actually wants to light up an old joint that's been half smoked.  That's a different type of hot mess vibe and we're not about it.  Shame on those who do that!

Having a mini pre-roll that is designed for solo blazing is just so convenient.  If you're anything like us, we hate letting good weed go to waste.  Weedsy lets you enjoy quality cannabis anytime, anywhere, even on-the-go.  Whether you're at home working remotely and want to sneak in a quick J in-between meetings or binge-watch a Netflix show late at night, you needsy this Weedsy.

And you know what?  If that doesn't get the job done - have another!  Maybe try another strain.  This brings us to...


Small portions means your wallet stays fat!  And with a fat wallet, the world is your oyster when it comes to trying multiple strains.  Pick up as many varieties of our Weedsy mini pre-rolls ad you'd like; or you can sample them all - measuring which strain works for each little existential dilemma you go through.

We use top-shelf, premium cannabis even when others don't.  We infuse our distillate with delicious fruit flavors, and we do this because why settle for a grassy taste when you can choose a strawberry flavor instead?!  Lastly, we smother the entire mini pre-roll in kief; all 3 of which allows us to deliver the perfect balance of both potency and flavoring.

And don't let the small size fool you either.  Every mini pre-roll is enough to get you very, very high. You'd think at 0.4 grams you'd be fine right? HAHA....Nah..........that's some fake news right there.


At the end of the day, we're living in a new age under a new "normal."  Even without the presence of COVID-19, sharing and smoking in a large group has presented plenty of shortcomings on its own.  With the current health crises, it plays an even larger role in how we interact socially.  With Weedsy, you'll be on the new trend before it catches on with the aesthetic and super cute mini pre-rolls.

Solo smoking is going to be on the rise, and for good reason!  It's, well, obviously super cute, features a variety of strains and options to choose from, doesn't make you and your wallet cry during dispensary checkout, and most importantly, it's not socially-awkward.  And knowing that each joint has quality, premium cannabis that is sure to get you high?  Where do we sign up?  In short...sharing is so yesterday's news.

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