What Are Weed Hangovers and How Do I Recover From Them?

What Are Weed Hangovers and How Do I Recover From Them?

You know what sucks - hangovers!  You wake up with a pounding headache, dry mouth, and brain function that barely functions!  Even if you manage to sleep in your bed last night, you might as well be on a distant planet with the clear lack of spatial awareness you're likely going through.  Thinking back, however, you didn't drink alcohol...like at all.  All you did was consume cannabis.  All this being said, is there a such thing as a weed hangover?  And if so, what could have caused it?  And I mean, if you're experiencing a hangover, what can you do to combat the feelings and return yourself to 100%?  Let's dive in!

Is There a Such Thing as a Weed Hangover?

Just to clear the air - yes, there is a such thing as a weed hangover.  Seasoned stoners, regardless of how they've had their veteran stripes have experienced a weed hangover at least once in their lives.  And anyone that tells you otherwise, well, they should probably partake more.

Similar to other types of hangovers, weed hangovers are achieved by overconsuming cannabis.  Now you're probably thinking - how can you over-consume cannabis when factors such as the strain, THC concentration, your age, weight, tolerance, and lifestyle all play a part in determining that "overconsumption threshold?"  Well, the answer lies in all of those and the way in which you consume the cannabis!

What Does the Research Say About Weed Hangovers?

Since cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I controlled substance, studies on the matter are extremely inconsistent.  That said, the few students that do exist serve as a reference point to support anecdotal reports on the matter.

A 1985 study, albeit, you can hardly call it a study with a sample size of 13 men, measured whether someone can produce residual effects the morning after smoking.

Another study published in 1998, again, barely a student with only 10 participants, and again, all men (come on guys...), supports the 1985 study, but also added the likelihood of the hangover increasing depending on both the amount consumed and the method used (i.e.: smoking flower vs. dabbing extracts vs. eating edibles).

Lastly, a 2006 study showed that marijuana decreases saliva secretion, which can explain the dry mouth.  This however, does not necessarily facilitate dehydration!

As you can see, there's not much to go off of here.  Anecdotal reports are few and far between, often offering conflicting information.  Those that do line up conclude more of what the 1998 study concludes - those that experience weed hangovers report much higher consumption rates, particularly as it pertains to the different methods to consume cannabis.

What Could Cause a Hangover?

Since people process things differently, and no two people can experience the same effects of cannabis, at the same time, to the same intensity, even experiencing a weed hangover can be caused by a myriad of things.  The common denominator that seems to be agreed upon is this: O V E R C O N S U M P T I O N.

Considering the fact that the strain, THC concentration, how much of the cannabis you are consuming, the method in which you are consuming it, your tolerance, age, weight, and lifestyle all play a role in the inevitable miserable experience you ought to feel the next day is already saying a bit.  With hindsight always being impeccable, do you think it was wise to consume 10 Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls for a combined total of 5 grams?  That's basically like walking into a dispensary and being offered a 5G 8th deal then proceeding to destroying that haul all in one go.

Chances are, you're likely to experience the hangover simply by getting too high off a consumption method that your body isn't used to, such as eating too much of an edible, or taking that dab under the pressure of your friends.  Stick to the classics, ladies and gentlemen.  Opt for a cute little mini pre-roll complete with top shelf flower infused with just a little bit of distillate and kief.  It stands to get you significantly elevated but without overdoing it.  You'll thank us in the morning!

The Differences Between a Weed & Alcohol Hangover

To be clear - all hangovers suck.  Being familiar with one type of hangover, however, doesn't automatically make you an expert in all hangovers.  Here's how both alcohol and weed-induced hangovers stack up against each other:

Alcohol-Induced Hangover Symptoms:

  • Dehydration due to excessive urination
  • Decrease in blood sugar levels
  • Expansion of blood vessels that causes headaches
  • Irritation of the stomach lining that causes the inability to eat and hold down food
  • Alcohol-induced inflammation that causes overall muscle and body aches
  • Irritability, anxiety or increased feelings of depression
  • Difficulty in keeping mental focus and/or attention span
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dehydration

Weed-Induced Hangover Symptoms:

  • Brain fog
  • Dry eyes and/or dry mouth
  • Fatigue and/or lethargy
  • Headache
  • Mild nausea

Keep in mind that the weed-induced hangover isn't that bad.  I mean, you're experiencing a fairly miserable event as the first thing you feel upon waking up, but like...you're not stuck in the bathroom unable to function.  You may be experiencing some light grogginess and all, but you best believe that those feelings will subside given the the recommendations on how to speed the process along in no time!

How to Recover from a Weed Hangover

In a perfect world, we'd just want to consume everything in sight and not have to deal with the aftermath.  In fact, we'd want to just keep the energy up and sprint across the pool with our Weedsy flag.  Sigh...we are adults though; so while doing the responsible thing and not overconsuming more than you can handle the night before is ideal; and being mindful of the consumption method you choose for consuming said cannabis, you might not always be in control or even possess the foresight on something like this.  To be frank, who can predict a hangover before you actively engage in something like smoking????

So okay, here we are and feeling miserable the morning after.  In case you're like most people that have a million and one things on the agenda, the following exercises can be used to help speed your recovery process along:

  • Take a walk: If your head is foggy but you aren't feeling dizzy or nauseous, try going for a short walk for some fresh air.
  • Drink water: Whether you're dehydrated or just suffering from cotton mouth, water is good for you.  Try taking smaller sips than usual to avoid upsetting your stomach.
  • Take a shower:  You don't even need to be hungover for this.  Taking a shower in the morning wakes you up as you clean the potential regret of the night before off to start new!  Trust us, this is a no-brainer suggestion and can definitely wipe away any lingering hangover feelings you be experiencing.
  • Eat something healthy:  Ditch the grease and junk food for breakfast and load up on superfoods this time around.  Experiment a bit with bananas, nuts, and other foods that are rich in potassium and omega-3 fatty acids 

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