Breaking Down the Different Cannabis Rolling Papers

Edward Scissorhands holding a Weedsy mini pre-roll.

Fact: Joints are LIT!  Well, thanks Captain Obvious...joints are lit.

Aside from physically lighting a joint to access the wonderful effects of cannabis, the art of rolling it yourself or picking up a pre-made joint in the form of a Weedsy Infused mini pre-roll is an art form in and of itself.  The experience, however, all comes down to how your favorite strains are packed and rolled.

In today's piece, we're breaking down the different types of rolling papers.  There are pretty distinct characteristics between the types; and we may be a little biased since...you know, we're a pre-roll company and all.  Despite the bias, we'll be objective enough to not choose one type of rolling paper as better than the other.  They're all dope for all different reasons.  Anyways, let's dive in.

Wood Pulp

Traditional wood pulp papers are considered "traditional" for a reason.  They've been around for a couple hundred years and through this time, they've absolutely dominated the market.  Wood pulp papers are super easy to handle, sturdy to work with, and have minimal additional taste.

Wood pulp papers are super easy to handle, sturdy to work with, and have minimal additional taste.  Due to the sturdy nature of the wood pulp, the likelihood you'd rip the papers in rolling everything together is slim.  And assuming you know what you're doing and can roll something equally as fat and beautiful, with the perfect ratio of tightness to airflow ratio locked down, the joint could burn slowly.  Which of course, can be a blessing or curse - a slow-burning joint could be an economical move for those trying to conserve bud.  Then again, a slow-burning joint could burn so slowly that you'd get incredibly lit off the thing, causing you to put it out to save for later.

*Cough - putting out your joint and re-lighting it is a cardinal sin by Weedsy standards.

Hemp Papers

Hemp papers hit different.  Essentially, hemp rolling papers are like rolling your cannabis in more cannabis.  While this isn't a bad thing, it kind of feels like you're just putting on your other show, meaning it looks, feels, and tastes nice!

Hemp papers are thinner than wood pulp papers but retains its sturdy nature, making these just as easy to work with.  Due to the thinner nature, hemp papers don't burn too fast or go out as often as say, rice papers would.

When it comes to taste, hemp papers have a noticeable taste to them.  While this is absolutely not a bad thing, particular notes found in the contents of the pre-roll might not compliment the flavor profile, thus turning off certain people.

We wouldn't worry about this too much, though, hemp papers are still one of the most popular rolling paper options for a reason after all.

Rice Papers

No, these are not the same rice papers you'd roll your bulgogi and lettuce in.  We're talking about rolling some prime-level greens here.

Processed rice, sugar, and possibly flax all go into your typical rice rolling paper.  Rice papers are super-thin and have little to no taste to them.  This means that once the joint is rolled and lit, you're tasting more of your flower and less additional taste from the papers, making them incredibly delicious!  That is, of course, you can roll yourself a good J without ripping your hair out.  Due to the incredibly thin nature of the paper, the littlest amount of sweat on your fingers can dampen it enough to not cooperate, or worse, just completely disintegrate in your hands.  On top of that, rice papers burn the slowest out of the three and have an increased risk of simply going out if you're not constantly hitting it.

Are Bleached Papers Really That Bad?

It's pretty common knowledge, particularly among the cannabis connoisseurs out there that bleached-anything is bad.  Sorry everyone - but this is only wrong to an extent.  Yes, bleach on anything except for your strained clothes is bad, but no, the typical bleach you'd find in say, Clorox is not the same as bleached rolling papers.

Bleached rolling papers achieve one thing - whiteness.  If you like classic joints that are perfectly white, go for bleach.  If not, there are a myriad of rolling appers out there that specifically do not include the white stuff.

And in the Darkness Binds Them!

Don't mind our Lord of the Rings reference here, we're marathoning the trilogy high.

At the end of the day, the glue on the rolling papers are just as important as the papers itself!  Keep in mind that the adhesive elements, coupled with most likely your spit can make or break the experience.  Make sure whatever brand you're rolling with (pun absolutely intended), also lists the ingredients for the glue!  A good rule of thumb is, if you cannot pronounce the ingredient, chances are it's bad.

Where Does Weedsy Fit Into All This?

As a cannabis brand whose sole goal on this planet is to deliver an exceptional experience consisting of locally sourced exotic flower, distillate and kief, you'd want it to burn nicely, taste amazing and most importantly, get you lifted enough to float through life smiling ear-to-ear right?

To this end, we're stoked to be using organic hemp to house all our potent and pure amazingness!  Remember, hemp papers are thing enough to achieve a slow burn, thus making our cute little half gram mini pre-rolls go the distance!  And when it comes to that particular hemp taste that might not work for certain notes, the taste hemp delivers pair almost too well with our fruity-leaning flavored distillate infused into each of our joints.

On top of that, the glue we use to hold it all together is made from natural gum Arabic, which is as equally as natural as it is dependable.

While our Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls are designed to be enjoyed solo, the devil lies in the details.  We're not some afterthought cannabis brand that throws some cannabis into some cheapy rolling papers for a sneak-a-toke experience.  This stuff is some top-notch ganja here and we make it a point to have it last just as long and taste just as good as your standard pre-rolls out there.

The Bottom Line

While rolling joints yourself are fun and can be a therapeutic experience if you know what you're doing, there's a lot more to it than just picking up your bud, picking a random brand of rolling papers, and calling it a day.  If you are rolling it yourself, make sure you pick the right papers to achieve the cannabis experience you're looking to enjoy.

If you're not about going through all that hassle, you can always depend on a Weedsy Infused mini pre-roll to deliver a consistent and pleasurable cannabis experience.  We're in several dispensaries and delivery services all over California, so it won't be a problem finding the perfect Weedsy for you.  Catch ya later!

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