The Beginner's Guide to Smoking a Joint

The Beginner's Guide to Smoking a Joint

We all know learning how to roll a joint is an art only some can master, let alone to even good at!  And the standard smoking a joint in a circle with all your friends is basically of rite of passage of stoners.

So, how do you roll the perfect joint?  We want to pass this shared rite onto you and teach you the ways as we've learned of years past.  Whether you're a beginner or just need some brushing up on practice, let's dive right in!

Who Exactly Smokes Joints?

Well, for starters, we smoke joints!  And apparently so do you!  And chances are, your friends do too!

Whatever the reason may be for wanting to learn how to roll, there are plenty of smokers out there who prefer J's over any other method.  It's honestly a tried and true classic way to toke up and feel good in the process.  Plus, it's incredibly therapeutic to take some time to roll one to your liking.

And while there are definitely countless methods to smoking you hard-earned bud, the traditional way of joints is here to stay as it retains its normal charm day-in and day-out.

Advantages to Smoking a Joint

We don't just do it because we're cool (we honestly are and so are you!) - there are multiple reasons to smoke a joint, giving you plenty of reasons why you should learn how to roll a good one!

When it comes to joints, stoners seem to generally either love 'em or hate 'em!

1. Slow Burn

Joins are one of the longest-lasting smoking mediums you'll ever use (outside of cigar paper-rolled blunts).  They burn much slower than smoking out of a pipe or bong; and you can't run through them like you would with bowls (unless you're a monster of course)!  Compared to other methods, a joint is the perfect way to help half to one full gram of bud passed around the smoking circle more than once.

2. Portability

This plays back on the downsides of using a pipe or bong - it's the simple fact that chances are, you are not in the comfort of your own home lighting up.  Which means, if you do in fact, choose to use a pipe or bong, you gotta bring that with you!  A blunt or joint is a one-and-done hit-it and quit-it medium.  It's easy, portable, and most importantly, keeps that fit looking fresh and free of clutter of unnecessary junk in your pockets.

3. Better Aroma and Flavor

It's hard to beat the smell, taste, and feel of a precisely rolled J.  For some, that's all they'll need to go with joint papers over any other smoking method.  The fresh taste of a joint isn't hindered like a harsh bowl from a pipe or the added moisture from hitting it through a bong that may or may not have had its water changed in a well over a week (EW).

Before You Get Rolling

Here's the hardest truth about rolling a joint - not all papers are created equal!  Unfortunately, some papers are simply more difficult than others!  How you roll a Zig-Zag is a far-off way you'd roll a hemp paper, for example.  On the bright side, we've got the know-how to teach you how to do it all!

Gather the Materials

Now that it's time to start rolling - or, at least, practicing how to roll - it's time to break out all the materials you'll need for the job.  Fortunately, the materials are pretty obvious:

  • Your favorite cannabis strain
  • A rolling tray
  • The joint paper you'll be using.  Some to look out for are either organic pulp or hemp-derived.
  • A joint roller, if you prefer.
  • Blade or grinder to be more exact with how fine the cannabis is ground up.
  • A lighter to enjoy your hard work!

How Much Weed Should You Be Putting in the Joint?

Everyone is different, so this will come down to your own personal preference!  For example, for most of us here at Weedsy, when we're not opting for our own Infused Mini Pre-Rolls, and we instead want to roll one ourselves, it really depends on how we feel.  Maybe we know that we're looking to get incredibly lit from our J so we'll make it as fat as possible.  Or maybe we'll be pulled into a meeting soon we'll have to keep it light.  It's all a matter of preference!

How to Roll the Perfect J in 6 Steps

Sorry for the ego-check but - chances are, your first attempt at rolling the perfect joint will look a lot like a pencil that can somehow crumble and look like a sad excuse for a writing utensil.  It's okay though; everyone starts somewhere!

Step 1: Grind the Bud

This is where a grinder comes in handy!  It'll take some time to find out how much you want you bud ground up, you'll find your preference eventually!  Some prefer it finely ground, while others may even skip the grinder and pull the nugs apart by hand.

We don't really recommend the latter option, unless you're not actually smoking a joint, but rather, a blunt, as the trichomes and other natural oils found in the bud may get lost on your fingers.

Step 2: Break Out the Paper

Take out a single sheet of your preferred rolling paper and set it on the table or rolling tray in front of you.  Make sure the glue side is up!  It should run horizontally to the left and right.

Step 3: Add Your Filter!

If you prefer to get fancy with it and protect the joint from collapsing on itself with continued hits of spit, a filter adds to the experience tenfold!  Place a filter at the far left or right of the rolling paper.  You can also just ear off a half-inch section of a business card (no ink on it please) to create you own filter if you don't have one.  Regardless of which type of filter you use, roll it into a tight spiral and stick it at the end of the paper.

Step 4: Spread the Bud Out!

Time to pack to the J!  Distribute the weedy evenly across the joint paper, ensuring you don't reach too far up the filter side of it.  Knowing exactly how much bud per joint is the best amount will take some practice, but ideally, you want the finished product to be about the size of a standard cigarette, or maybe even a thinned out cigar.

Like we said, some people like them fatter, while others like them thinner.  There are technically no wrong answers here.

Step 5: Roll Roll Roll

Okay, now here's the toughest part - no pressure!  Carefully, slowly, pick up the cannabis-filled paper in both your hands.  Your palms should be facing up.

Step 6: Lick and Stick

Next, make it sticky.  You can use spit the classic way, but then again, it's still COVID season and if you're supposed to be sharing it with your homies, they probably wouldn't like that very much.

Using your index finger and thumbs, gently form the paper into a U, and coax the weed down into an even line in the center.  Curve it even further into a tube as you rock it back and forth with your fingers.  Think of this step as constructing a small, tightly-wrapped burrito.  But, you know, a burrito filled with pot.

Once you have your burrito, it's time to seal the deal!  This is the moment of triumph you've been waiting for - don't give in now!  If you need to, you may need to wet the glue again if it took too long to actually roll the thing into its burrito form.  While this can be an awkward, messy process that can mess up your work, it's sometimes necessary to pull off the perfect joint.

If you did it right, nothing should fall out of the joint when its held vertically.  You did it!  Joint rolling skills unlocked!  Time to celebrate and toke up!

Looking For An Easier Way?

We get it - rolling a tiny little joint for your own personal smoking sesh sounds like a whole thing and we all have, you know, lives and all!  So if you're one of those that would prefer to have all the guesswork and to that extent, the hard work taken out, our Infused Mini Weedsy Pre-Rolls are just the thing you need to get nice and toasty!

While being able to roll your own joints is certainly nice, there's just something magical about a pre-roll that can deliver exactly what you need at a moment's notice!  Weedsy is available in several California dispensaries.  Find your local dispensary here!

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