Leveraging Weedsy to Study Better

Leveraging Weedsy to Study Better

Cannabis use has continued to rise among college students over the past five years.  A 2020 study from Monitoring the Future found cannabis use among college students to be at an all-time high - with 44% reporting having smoked in the past year alone.  The steady rise in cannabis use amongst students can be attributed to the spread of normalization, widespread legalization, and the increased awareness of cannabis' therapeutic value.  In addition to commonly-known benefits like pain relief and appetite stimulation, many college students are beginning to turn to cannabis to lessen their anxiety and to de-stress.

Cannabis isn't just a lifestyle choice.  It can be used to quiet the mind and even create a conducive study environment.  With fall semester in full swing and midterms around the corner, you may be wondering if and how you can leverage cannabis to get a good study session in.


While a fat blunt is often regarded as just a reward at the end of a long study sesh, cannabis is often used to get in the zone to help improve both focus and concentration.

Studies have shown that cannabis can boost dopamine levels in the brain, which in turn helps to enhance attention and stimulates mental focus.  Whether you have ADHD or simply struggling to focus, cannabis may help you stay on track with your studies.  A 2008 case report in Cannabinoids assessed how cannabis could help treat ADHD and found the consumption of cannabis to have a positive impact on the subjects' performance, behavior, and mental state.

Cannabis can help relieve any chronic ailments that affect your ability to focus as well.  Those living with conditions involving the mind or body may find it easier to focus on other tasks while high.


Th key to using cannabis to focus is choosing a product high enough in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - the compound in cannabis that gets you high but not so potent that it becomes overpowering.  In most cases, products with a balanced blend of both THC and cannabidiol (CBD) works best.

It's also worth considering your preferred consumption method.  While edibles and tinctures more time to kick in, inhaling weed via smoking or vaping tends to lead to a quicker, more immediate high.  A nicely rolled joint or pre-roll is an excellent way to experiment studying while stoned.  Take a few puffs, and see how you're feeling.  Who knows, maybe you just found the secret formula to scoring that A+!


While everyone ultimately experiences the effects of cannabis differently, the following benefits can generally be experienced by those who consume before, during, or after studying:

  • Relaxing the mind: Nothing causes the Sunday scaries quite like  a Monday morning exam at 8am.  Cannabis can both relax and calm the mind, which may help you focus on tasks like reading or studying.  Strains with creative side effects could also help you brainstorm ideas while simultaneously getting more excited about the material.
  • Better sleep: It's no secret that studying is much more difficult on a tired mind.  70% of college students say they get less than eight hours of sleep per night, and over 50% report daytime sluggishnessCannabis is well-known to help you sleep better - all the more reason to get a few puffs in to conquer your future study sessions with a fresh and well-rested mind in the morning.
  • Easing distraction ailments: Individuals with certain neuro-divergent conditions may find it easy to study when medicated off cannabis.  Sixteen states, including Rhode Island, have approved  medical cannabis to treat autism.  And depending on one's circumstances, some may find it easier to study with cannabis!
  • Reward system: Most people use a reward system in their lives; whether it be a fancy coffee or a night out dancing.   There's no reason cannabis can't be used in the same fashion.  If cannabis doesn't work for you during your study session, try saving it as a reward when you finish hitting the books!


Weed can make just about anything better, studying included.  The most important thing to remember should you use it to achieve better study results? Less is more.

Before you rush into ripping the biggest bong you've got, consider trying an option like the Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls.   You may also want to consider micro-dosing your pulls - consuming very low doses of cannabis over a period of time.

Anthony, a pre-med student currently studying at St. Joseph's University said cannabis helps him to slow down and focus on one topic at a time.   "Instead of flying through three topics in an hour, being slightly baked helps me focus on really getting to know one concept.  When you're high, you think deeper into things and process them more slowly - you learn it in and out."

Using cannabis to for studying doesn't just stop at memory retention.  You can also use it to help calm those pre-exam jitters.  "Smoking before an exam helped eliminate the anxiety and worry over how I would do," said Anthony.  "It helps to create a more one-on-one atmosphere between you and the material, without so many distractions."


For those ready to give stoned studying a try, remember that different strains will affect you differently.  Here are some of our favorite non-Weedsy strains to enjoy before, during, or after a long study session:

  • Durban Poison: A pure sativa strain originating in South Africa, Durban Poison has high levels of THC and offers strong, energizing, uplifting effects that are great for studying and productivity.
  • Lemon Haze: This sativa-dominant strain is favored for its ability to enhance concentration. Bred with slight traces of indica, Lemon Haze can help relax the mind enough for study, but not so much that you'll want to nap.  It provides a delicious and flavorful cannabis experience that can help motivate you during study time.

In addition to the strains listed above, all our Weedsy Infused and Twinsies mini pre-rolls make the cut.  Not only do they offer everything from locally-sourced exotics, but they are also the perfect size for avoiding the energy of focus - overconsumption.


Consider asking your budtender about Weedsy and how can rely on our half-gram mini pre-rolls to ensure your study sessions are heightened rather than hindered.  You can also visit our website to view our products or learn more about the benefits of low-dose options.

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