How to Cough Less When Smoking

How to Cough Less When Smoking

Whether you've been a stoner for a majority of your life or just starting to incorporate it into your routine, chances are, you've experienced coughing from taking a big hit of the good stuff.  Just imagine it, say you're with your typical group of friendly stoners passing around a blunt, it's your turn and after a hit you exhale while also coughing up a lung.  Or maybe you've had a long day, came home, kicked your feet up and lit something from your personal stash only to find yourself on the floor coughing and probably hating it - thus ruining your escape to an otherwise hard day.

If you're either of those people - it's time to address that coughing situation.  Here are a few ways to reduce the harshness of smoke and avoid that nasty cough after every hit.

Sometimes Avoiding the Cough Means You Avoid the Smoke!

Sorry for stating the obvious here, but the best way to not cough after smoking weed is to not smoking at all!  Opting for say edibles completely eliminate smoking as a method while still delivering that high.  We get it though - edibles can be scary!  Especially since dosing them could be a little difficult and you're at the mercy of your metabolism, so even if you do follow the complex instructions, you run the risk of becoming too high.  From there you could be trading out the coughing situation for a I-found-myself-way-too-high sort of ordeal.

Functional Accessories for Your Home Rig

This recommendation really only applies to those that toke up in the comfort of their home.  For those that fall under this category, chances are, you're toking up by using a bong.  One way to reduce the harshness of the smoke is to add a diffuser or percolator to the rig.  A percolator is an additional water chamber that allows for a higher smoke-to-water ratio, thus cooling down your smoke and making it easier for inhaling.  A diffuser acts as another downstem for your bong (the part you put your weed in).  The difference with this one is it's closed on the end with several holes.  This means the smoke reaches the water in smaller portions, thus lessening the amount of smoke to reach your lungs all in one go.

You can find both a percolator or a diffuser at a typical smoke shop.  You can also just buy a rig with these accessories already built-in to save a little headache along the way.

What If I Don't Use a Rig?  How Can I Avoid Coughing?

If you consider yourself a light user, or simply, a little too busy to partake in your favorite plant without using a rig or opting for non-smoking methods, and instead, opting for a pre-roll, there are three major considerations in lessening the overall harshness: taking smaller hits, breath control, and finding better quality cannabis.

Take Smaller Hits

If you find yourself coughing after a huge hit, maybe your lungs aren't made for that much smoke.  If you have a smaller lung capacity, try taking smaller hits.  The more your smoke, the less you'll cough.

The secret about enjoying cannabis is well...you need to be able to enjoy it, otherwise, what's the point?  Take your bud low and slow and really enjoy the act of inhaling and exhaling.  Not only will you lessen the likelihood of coughing, but you'll also find yourself in a more relaxed state each time you partake!

Exercising Breath Control

Similar to taking smaller hits, exercising breath control can mean the world between enjoying your bud after an intense bout of coughing and completely avoid the cough and still enjoying the act of smoking.  For those that end up coughing generally tend to hesitate on the inhale, thus allowing smoke to get caught in the throat.

Instead, try breathing in slowly and inhale deeply into your lungs.  Remember, smoking a joint is NOT the same as smoking a cigarette.  The smoke is thicker and slower-moving than tobacco, so a big, slow, and deep inhale is necessary!

Finding Better Quality Cannabis

If you find yourself coughing, even after you've started taking smaller hits and exercising breath control, chances are, your weed is bunk!  The bud might be old, full of chemicals, pesticides, or just downright low-quality!  You get what you pay for when it comes to quality and if your bud is bad, it's pretty likely that that is the reason why you're coughing!

This where putting your trust in Weedsy comes into play.  All our pre-rolls use locally-sourced premium exotic flower ranging from Biscotti to Gelato and everything in-between.  Each batch is meticulously sorted to ensure an experience that completely blows away your average pre-roll.  And on top of that, the flower is infused with the highest quality distillate and smothered in kief.  Trust us when we say that the experience itself is already the cleanest it can be; and if you're actively practicing great breath work and taking your time with it, even the most cough-prone stoners would be taken care of in no time!


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