First Time Getting High? We Got You!

First Time Getting High?  We Got You!

So weed has been recreationally legal in California for a number of years now.  In fact, chances are, all your friends partake in it, you probably smell it from your neighbor's place, and even if she'll never admit it, your mom is a regular user as well.  So what's the hold up with you taking cannabis for a spin?

Oh....that's right, you're a first-timer!  That isn't so bad, we promise!  This guide is dedicated to walking you through getting high for the first time and hopefully that first time is with a Weedsy in-hand.  So let's jump right in!


What Is Getting High Supposed to Feel Like?

Since this would very well be the first time you would be feeling less-than-sober with cannabis, think of your first stoned session as one of the most euphoric experiences both physically and psychologically!  From a physical perspective, your senses might be heightened, so expect music and touch to feel extra incredible.  For example, if you are an audiophile that likes ultra-layered, complex songs such as techno or trance, being high invites a newfound respect for the sheer amount of noises gracefully playing tag with other elements of the track.  And if you're a physical touch type of person, being stoned and literally touching surfaces serves as a proper therapy for whatever might be ailing you.

In addition to physical changes of said high, your sense of space and time slows down, and in this slower rate of perception, there is peace.  A combination of deep thoughts, existential conversations, and some downright off-the-wall ones are all normal.  Have fun being outside of your normal day-to-day thought process for a bit.  You'd be surprised how much you can accomplish while being stoned!

What If I Didn't Get High the First Time?

What if you fall into the category of "I smoked for the first time but didn't experience the high"?  Again, that's totally normal!  You might experience that first-time absent high if the way in which you consumed cannabis was incorrect - such as not inhaling fully.  A key tip for those that are smoking or vaping cannabis is to inhale enough of it for the smoke or vapor to enter the lungs, so taking a little extra inhale after pulling on the joint or vape should help you achieve that without coughing too much.

Like everything, practice makes perfect, and just because you happened to smoke for the first time without getting high, doesn't necessarily mean you are immune to its effects.  Give it another try and between you and I, it'll always be your first time (wink).

Your First High Comes Down to What Cannabis You Use

Don't get us wrong, there is no wrong way to consume cannabis.  Sure, we might prefer one method over others, but the end result is the same - you will experience the high!  Given the abundance of ways to take cannabis, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with the mere sight of setting foot in a dispensary.  Rest assured, Weedsy is here to walk you through it without adding anymore anxiety to your plate.

Deal-Breaker: Edibles

We'd like to think that most stoners either absolutely love edibles or absolutely hate them.  Most of us at Weedsy happen to fall on the latter half of the spectrum for the particular reason that they're not first-time user-friendly.  Since edibles need to be digested before the THC hits your bloodstream, sometimes, you'd be waiting up to 2 hours for that to happen; and when it finally happens, it turns out that you took way more than you can handle.  Even the most veteran of stoners might find themselves pulling an all-nighter engaging in deep-thought conversation with themselves and questioning the meaning of life at every turn.  For someone trying to experience their best-first high, edibles are not the way.

What We Recommend: FLOWER, FLOWER, FLOWER!

For any new soon-to-be stoner, we recommend the tried-and-true method of cannabis consumption: FLOWER!

Smoking or vaping flower is ideal because when cannabis is inhaled, it hits your brain and bloodstream in a matter of minutes, giving you a quick and easy assessment when it comes to dosing and determining how much is enough to experience a pleasurable high.

And you don't even need a lot either!  Seeing that this may be the first time you're toking up, opting for a pre-rolled house joint or even a Weedsy Infused flavor of your choice is more than enough to get you nice and toasted.

One of the few lessons we remember when coming up in our stoner journey is that a little goes a long way.  One or two puffs should be sufficient and at no point would you ever need to feel finish more than you can handle.  Starting low and slow is the way to go!

Different Tokes for Different Folks

As you make your way to the dispensary, you'll notice that the flower is designated as indica, sativa, and hybrid.  This designation can deliver very different highs depending on how you intend to spend that time.

Indica Strains - The Body Buzz

Your typical indica high leans more physical sensations rather than a head high.  Expect a mellow high that is best suited being out and about.  Take a walk on the sand at Venice Beach during sunset then head out to Abbot Kinney for dinner at The Butcher's Daughter.  Guaranteed by two fellow Weedsy team members that watching the sunset stoned then inhaling everything at The Butcher's Daughter is a high well-spent.

Sativa Strains - It's All In Your Head

Sativa strains deliver a head rush as opposed to a body buzz.  You'll likely feel this rush resonate throughout your body, leading you to do more intensive activities such as going for a sprint down the Venice Beach Boardwalk and weaving in and out and people.  Get up early, wake n' bake and get the blood pumping!  Sativa strains are also well-known to spark creativity.  If you lean heavily towards the arts, toke up and hit the studio.  You'll be creating some wild masterpieces in no time!

Hybrid Strains - The Best of Both Worlds ~Hannah Montana

As the name suggests, hybrid strains sit in-between indicas and sativas.  Imagine feeling the body buzz coupled with a jolt of hyper and that's what your hybrid would do to you!

Where Does Weedsy Fit Into All This?


If you've noticed our Weedsy Infused packaging, our cannabis flower does not explicitly state indica, sativa, or hybrid.  That's because Weedsy mini pre-rolls use locally-sourced, premium, exotic flower ranging from Biscotti to Gelato and everything in-between.  Each batch of flower is meticulously sorted through to ensure an experience that differs from your average pre-roll.

And did we mention that our infusion process is one-of-a-kind?  After sorting the primo smalls, we carefully infuse them with high-quality distillate, copious amounts of kief, and an assortment of terpenes giving the flower its robust flavor!

So while our little guys are essentially a mixed bag of sweet stoner-loving goodness, what you're getting is an exceptional experience from beginning to end.  And to be completely honest, wouldn't you want your first experience being stoned to have that high of a potential in delivering such a journey?  We certainly do!

Guaranteeing a Great First Time

For your first time getting high, choosing a day that is wide open is paramount.  With enough time to relax and enjoy the experience, it'll be much more pleasant than if you have obligations to attend to waiting on the other side of.  Instead, spend your high in a comfortable setting such as your home or a peaceful outdoor setting to set the tone for good vibes.  If you do spend your first time high in the presence of people, make sure you're around people you trust!  A good rule of thumb is to toke up with people you enjoy hanging out with when you're not smoking.

But...What If I Get Too High?

Sometimes, even with the most preparation to guarantee a great first-high, you simply might overdo it.  Sometimes, you might find yourself too high.  Between experiencing a rapid heartbeat, paranoia, increased anxiety, all of which is hands-down the worst you would feel from being high.  If you're ever hit with this, check out our other article on what to do if you find yourself too high.  A key concept to in-grain into your head is that everything is temporary; so what you're feeling WILL go away.

Some other alternatives to look into if you find yourself too high is to take CBD!  CBD, or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, and is known to moderate paranoia and mellow out a THC high.  Taking a CBD Tincture Oil under the tongue, for example, will take effect pretty quickly and help mellow out any unwarranted anxiety.

Remember that cannabis varies a lot by strain and potency, and as such, the high generated may completely smack you or leave you feeling some type of way that you might not expect.  If you tried something that didn't agree with you the first time around, you want to keep exploring to find that sweet spot where you can enjoy the high.

Whichever Method You Decide, We Know You'll Enjoy It!

For those that are seriously considering trying cannabis for the first time, we applaud you for that!  There are very distinct things to know and understand and once you do, we're sure that you'll enjoy getting high everyday!  Remember to start low and slow, and be in a peaceful setting to guarantee an enjoyable high.  If you're ever in the market for a delicious mini pre-roll that still has the power to bring on the good vibes, check out your local dispensary and ask if they carry Weedsy.  Our locally-sourced exotic flower that is infused with a deliciously fruity distillate and smothered in kief might just be your new favorite thing to get high to!


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