The Top 10 Things to Do While High on a Weedsy!

The Top 10 Things to Do While High on a Weedsy!

So you've got your teensy, weensy Weedsy and you're ready to light up.  But the question remains: what will you do after you smoke?  Will the couch call your name or will you get creative?  That depends a little bit on the strain you choose.  Check out our ideas for the top 10 activities you can enjoy while living that stoner. life.

1) Watch a Movie

Sitting back and watching a movie is one of the best things to do while high; and we don't just mean any movie, though.  Resist the temptation to randomly let Netflix choose what you'll watch.  Instead, opt for a cult classic such as The Toxic Avenger available for rent on YouTube, or the newer 'Bad Trip' on Netflix starring Eric Andre.  The sense of humor and randomness mix perfectly with our Original Infused strain.

And if comedy and poor acting isn't your thing, you could opt for an artistic, critically-acclaimed movie instead!  You'll soak up the visuals in a way you never have before.  Christopher Nolan movies such as The Dark Knight available on HBO Max and Interstellar on Youtube provide those mind-game type of films that really make your head spin extra fast as you're stoned on the couch and entering an existential crisis of whether or not life as we know it is upside down.

Or, if all else fails, fall back on your favorite animated film. We bet Howl's Moving Castle (also available on HBO Max) would be a trip you won't forget!

2) Go For A Walk

Again, we don't just mean wandering aimlessly around your neighborhood (though that can be pretty run, too).  Choose a nearby park, trail or cityscape that you're familiar with but don't see everyday.  The purpose is to get outside and notice the environment around you.  Keep in mind that, whether you're a newbie to cannabis or a hardcore stoner, these activities re best done safely - don't stray too far!

3) Connect with a Friend (or a Few)

Especially if you're a bit socially-awkward (and who isn't out of practice thanks to the pandemic), connecting socially with people is easier when you're high!  If you need a bit of energy or encouragement, we recommend our Grape Infused strain to provide the lift you need.  This is one of the easiest things to do while high.  You'll become the life of the party, virtual or otherwise, in no time!

4) Clean!

No cap, cleaning the house is 10000% better when you're a little faded!  Light up a Strawberry Infused Weedsy mini pre-roll and tackle that kitchen or closet you've been meaning to clean.  Reorganizing your wardrobe, dresser, or even going balls to the wall and cleaning the grout all over the house can be a fantastic way to channel your inner-OCD.  Enjoy the soothing benefits of a refreshed space when you're done.  Your sober self will thank you for engaging in this useful endeavor.

5) Pamper Yourself!

Try lighting up with our Watermelon Infused then proceeding to pamper yourself as an indulgent thing to do while stoned!  This strain brings on the good vibes, so it's perfect to a little self-TLC.  Try a hot bath with scented oil, then take a few extra minutes to style your hair or give yourself a manicure.  And yes, guys, even you can practice a little self-care with a mani/pedi!  Gnarly, broken nails are not attractive.  So give those hands some love and don't forget the moisturizer!

6) Practice Your Smoke Skills

Speaking of good vibes, practicing your smoke skills is one of our favorite stoner activities.  You're in a great mood, you're feeling good about yourself - why not play with your smoke a little?  See if you can master the smoke ring or a the dragon's breath by exhaling from your nose.  Practice with the Original Infused and feel a little twisted along the way!

7) Write

Even if you've never picked up a pen, give it a try!  Our Green Apple Infused is perfect for sparking up creative juices.  Try your hand at a poem or start a short story.  You can even just journal about your day.  You'd be surprised at how fun and therapeutic it can be.

8) Make Music

Speaking of creative things to do while high, make some music!  Break out that guitar you haven't touched in a literal decade.  Open up a new session on Ableton and start messing around with those new Max for Live plugins!  Pluck a few strands or download your favorite song's sheet music and start an informal jam session. Whichever path you choose creatively , make sure you have a Weedsy in-hand!

9) Get Comfortable

Not all stoner activities have to be, well, active.  Sometimes you may just want to slip into your favorite jammies and curl up on the sofa, never to move again.  Hey, we get it!  Our Grape Infused strain is right there with you. Enjoy the delicious taste of juicy, fruity decadence as you zone out or watch TV.

10) Go to Sleep

Rounding out our list of things to do while you're high is an oldie but a goodie: go to sleep!  Use the delicate flavors of our Strawberry Infused strain to help you drift into a peaceful slumber.  Burrow your favorite blankets and let yourself fully relax.

Get the Weedsy Experience

No matter what activities strike your fancy, discover your new favorite strain from Weedsy.  Find us at a dispensary near you today!  Enjoy our one-time-use, potent, flavorful strains on your next adventure.

Got questions?  Check out our FAQ page or get in touch!

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