Anti-Sharing Smoking Club

Your Official Invitation to the Anti Sharing Smoking Club!

Your Official Invitation to the Anti Sharing Smoking Club!

Now, now, don't be coming at us all sideways yelling TFTI all up and down our socials.  Consider this your official invitation to join quite literally the greatest club this world has ever seen.  That's right - we're talking about the Anti-Sharing Smoking Club run by your favorite CA-legal cannabis company to date, Weedsy!

This collection of colorful and fun-loving apparel drops today, just in time for the Spring time vibes. Check out our look book below!

Flaunt the Anti-Sharing Smoking Club Vibes

I don't know about you, but that was a jam-packed video of just colors in your face and everything.  So let's breakdown exactly what the Anti-Sharing Smoking Club is deal?

Trippy Anti-Sharing T-Shirt (Black)

Got the invitation to join the club?  PROVE IT, with the all-new Anti-Sharing Smoking Club tee.  This black short sleeve tee is the perfect excuse for a day out and about getting lit AF and confusing your homies with sweet, subtle, trippy vibes of your feelings towards sharing your joints.


Tie Dye Anti-Sharing T-Shirt

Want to know what's better than flaunting a basic black tee with subtle trippy stuff on it?  A LOUDER SHIRT WITH DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF TRIPPY STUFF ON IT!  Introducing, the Tie Dye Anti-Sharing tee, featuring a washed grey tie dye shirt complete with our favorite club manta "Anti Sharing Smoking Club" displayed loud and proud on the back side of the shirt.  If your homies thought they wouldn't be weirded out, boyyyyyyyyy....they should be now.


Tie Dye Bucket Hat

A fit wouldn't be complete without a hat right?  And you best believe we don't accept some half-@$$ application to our exclusive club unless you're rocking us from head to toe!  The Tie Dye Bucket Hat completes any fit and adds that much-needed vibe to any occasion.


Anti Sharing Skate Deck

The Cali vibe isn't complete without a board to annoy the living **** out of business owners right?  Just imagine it - it's a Sunny day and you're cruising along the boardwalk with a Weedsy in hand and shredding like there's no tomorrow.

So show us your love for the Anti Sharing vibe and pop an ollie for us!


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