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Meet the Weedsy Team!

Meet the Weedsy Team!

As you know, our Weedsy mini pre-rolls have been absolutely killing it over these couple months.  And one of the reasons why we've been absolutely killing it is thanks to The Dude and his entourage magical friends effectively creating the vibe we all know and love!  So we'd like to take the time to introduce them properly.  And if you haven't watched The Dude absolutely destroy our introduction, you can watch it now!


First Name:  The

Last Name:  Dude

Hobbies:  Professional skater unless it involves bombing a stairwell.

Guilty Pleasure:  Catching feelings with women a tenth of his size.

Relationship Status:  In a serious relationship with Giselle.

Favorite Weedsy & Why:  Weedsy Grape Infused // Not gonna lie, his social skills pre-Weedsy is pretty sad.  Once he has 0.4 grams of sweet purpley goodness in his system however, clench those cheeks and get ready for a party!

Think of The Dude as the angel you've never asked for.  The man is so cool that he can get away with basically derailing your smoking circle, and shutting down any semblance of un-woke vibes that happen to come his way.  And the best part of it is, he means well!  At the end of the day, he'd rather have you enjoying your weed, not feeling grossed out by it!


First Name:  Giselle

Last Name:  What's that?

Species:  Fairy

Occupation:  In-House Weedsy Fairy // In charge of all manufacturing of Weedsy mini pre-rolls.

Special Talents:  Can make Weedsy mini-prerolls without actually rolling it.

Favorite Weedsy & Why:  Weedsy Green Apple Infused because it matches her eyes.

Just to be clear, Giselle is NOT A SLAVE.  We've tried sending her home, paying her actual money, and even went so far as moving our operations without telling her.  But what can we say, she's just THAT DEVOTED to making the Weedsy mini pre-rolls!

The Dude truly is lucky to have a gal like Giselle.


First Name:  Shawn

Last Name:  Spitooli

Hobbies:  Likes to start up the smoking circle, much to his friends dismay.

Awards:  Voted best kisser thanks to his exceptional tongue action.

Favorite Weedsy & Why:  Weedsy Original Infused // There's no point in having a favorite flavored Weedsy because he simply slobbers all over it!  So no frills attached is the way to go!

If you fall into the Slobbery Stoner category, we love you because you prompted us creating Weedsy.  At the same time...can you like...chill on the spit?

There are many other members of the Weedsy fam that we left out but it's okay, they'll be introduced sometime later!  In case you haven't peeped The Dude video yet, go peep it!  And if you're interested in joining the Anti Sharing Smoking Club, go check out our new Spring Merch Drop!

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