We're Proud to Unveil TWINSIES by Weedsy!

We're Proud to Unveil TWINSIES by Weedsy!

It's been two years since our humble little pre-roll brand launched.  And when we did, the world was a very different place than how it is now.  Two years ago, we were in lockdown - unable to go outside and be the social butterflies we probably were.  We would risk our lives to go to work, order food, and most importantly, to re-up on our favorite cannabis products.  When we launched, we firmly believed (and still firmly believe) that blazing it up is inherently a solo experience.  Who in their right mind would want to share a slobbery pre-roll from your homie that probably didn't brush his teeth this morning?  Amirite or amirite?

Now, in 2022, we're pretty much back to normal.  Most of us our vaccinated, COVID takes a backseat, gas in LA is horrible, and life goes on.  So shouldn't that mean our mission as a brand would change too?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  We are still vehemently preaching how great it is to be part of the Anti Sharing Smoking Club.  We did, however, listen to our dispensaries and fans.  Chiefing on a half-gram mini pre-roll about the size of your pinky still has the power to knock you off your feet, but you only have one of them to get you going.  On top of that, the infusion of our flower is done with distillate, and while distillate is still an insanely flexible extract, it might not be the first-choice extract from our fellow California cannabis connoisseurs.  So we adapt - AND DROP TWINSIES LET'S GO!

Twinsies is the newest, hottest, and soon-to-be the most dank pair of infused pre-rolls on the market!  Consisting of not one, but TWO exotic, strain-specific mini pre-rolls in a package, the flower is infused with live resin and diamonds, making for a true, terpene and cannabinoid-rich experience.  The Twinsies series boasts three strains: Purplatto, Lemonatti, and Booberry Pie - all of which, if we're being as unbiased as we can, slap the living **** out of you.  And the fact that each tube contains TWO half-gram mini pre-rolls means you can do one of two things: you can share it with a homie or hoard it all for yourself!  If it were us, we'd probably hoard it.


Let's be real - if you live in California and partake in cannabis, your tastes in quality outshine just about everyone else on Earth.  Not only does the flower need to be the most terpene- and cannabinoid-rich profile, but the strain itself needs to exotic; and the same rings true for concentrates.  If you were to walk into a dispensary and look at their extracts section, you see a lot more live resin & diamonds than you would distillates.  That's because live resin is just a fancy term for whole-plant extract.  And if you paid attention or read up on the benefits of whole plant extract vs. distillates, the former means there is more benefit to your body beyond just the high.

And as for Diamonds, well, it's not a new extract.  Diamond concentrates, otherwise known as THCA Diamonds, is a cannabis concentrate with a runny texture and high-terpene levels.  THCA as a compound is incredibly intoxicating, leading most standalone Diamonds to get you extremely high.  Take those diamonds, live resin, AND exotic flower and you've got yourself two mini pre-rolls with enough power to knock you out...for a while!


You heard it here first, The Dude, our official spokesperson for Weedsy, had a part to play in our decision to deliver some serious power to the Weedsy family.  While the flavors included in our original Infused Series serves to bring a nice and mellow high to stoners, Twinsies would deliver an incredibly potent and euphoric experience to the average stoner.

Don't get us wrong, the typical stoner consumes A LOT of THC in their lives, so don't feel overwhelmed by how strong it might be.  If The Dude can handle two, you can...uh....too!

Okay, okay, okay, so you're excited.  You're salivating with anticipation of how powerful Twinsies ought to be.  You've heard it from us, and The Dude, and probably from your favorite cannabis creators too.  But what do the cold, hard, facts say?  Does the THC concentration between the flower, the live resin, and the diamonds stack well against all the other brands out there?  And the terpenes?  Since this is all whole-plant extract, the terpenes present should be the full list according to the parent strains right?

Remember - words are meaningless unless there are facts to support it.  So if you think our products aren't up to snuff, challenge accepted.  Here's how all three strains stack up.


Purplatto is an indica dominant hybrid that delivers a balanced and mellow high.  While this experience is pretty normal for pretty much all cannabis strains, the real slapping power stems from the live resin and diamonds infused within the flower.  Infusion is already a powerful concept, taking the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of existing strains and simply adding MORE to it.  Taking infusion into consideration, the experience you ought to expect is that of a body-centered, balanced, and mellow high.  Upon inhale you're hit with strong feelings of euphoria and total relaxation.  As the high sets in, you're likely to sink into the chair in a state of deep couch-lock before finding your energy to get up.

Taste-wise, Purplatto embraces that all-too-familiar creamy base finished with notes of citrus and cherry.  It almost takes a taste profile similar to an actual gelato ice cream treat that is then smothered in a thick cherry syrup because why not?  The experience from beginning to end is magical and beyond the taste, the effects are mighty.

Should you be looking to a pair of Twinsies for anything more than getting high, Purplatto is an excellent choice for unwinding after a long day.  Since the body-centric high is strong right out of the gates, and the couch-lock is almost guaranteed, toking up right before bed is a sure-fire way to actually fall asleep and stay that way.  The next time you find yourself up at some odd hour, pull out Purplatto and catch up on those Zzz's!

TWINSIES - lemonatti

Lemonatti, as the lemon would otherwise suggest, is a sativa through and through.  This long-lasting and ultra-potent high starts out with a explosive euphoria centered in the middle of the forehead.  And since it's such a strong sativa, it's likely that your perception of external stimuli might be slightly off (and not in a bad way, either!), with sights and sounds mutating in an almost psychedelic-like way.  Then taking the infusion process into account, those vibes living almost exclusively in your head creeps down to the rest of the body, offering itself up as motivation to be social, chatty, and giggly.

Upon inhaling Lemonatti, you're met with a strong and acrid citrusy funk reminiscent of most lemon strains.  While both the tang and zest of the lemon is the predominant scent, there are notable herbal, berry, cherry and sour undertones peppered throughout the experience.  Taste- and aroma-wise, Lemonatti brings on an energetic vibe from the get-go!


Booberry Pie is a balanced hybrid that has the power to deliver some seriously energetic and cerebral euphoria, but not before completely knocking you off your feet in a bout of full-body relaxation.  The high, once set, wipes your mind of any negative or racing thoughts and replaces it with a hazy feeling of laziness.  And once you've fully accepted the body buzz, the live resin and diamond infusion kicks in to spark up the cerebral energy, giving you the motivation to get up and eat your high away in an intense bout of the munchies.

As the name suggests, Booberry Pie is a super sweet berry accented with a kushy, earthy, and floral aftertaste.  After the initial berry subsides for subsequent hits, notes of sour citrus, pine and spice pepper both the inhale and exhale, leaving you to wait for the inevitable train that'll hit you effortlessly in an almost-numbing euphoria.


Twinsies is a big deal and we've spent quite a bit of time getting nice and toasty to nail down these strains.  Not to mention the fact that we took already-fire flower and made the entire experience even more powerful through the live resin and diamond infusion process.  To be completely honest, we might actually stand as the most potent mini pre-roll brand in the market thanks to the stunt we just pulled.  But hey, that's entirely on our word.  Let's put our money with our mouth is.  Twinsies is available now and we can't wait for you to try them!  Click the button below to find the nearest dispensary that's ready for double the trouble!


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