How to Workout Stoned

How to Workout Stoned

We're taking a poll here, how many of you actively go to the gym or at least break a sweat? many of your do so high?

Whether you're a gym rat, an avid hiker, or one of those bicyclists with zero fear as you weave in and out of rush hour traffic, did you know that it is significantly more fun and beneficial to workout with stoned?

When you get a little faded, your mindset changes, inhibitions go down, and you find yourself investing your entire self into the physical activity.  Before you know it, you're in the best shape of your life all because you decided to blaze a couple Twinsies first.  So here's how we go about getting stoned and working up a sweat!


Strain selection is key.  Pick up a sativa too energetic and you'll find yourself scatterbrained and unable to focus.  And a hardcore indica strain might make you too physically slow to keep up.  Depending on the workout activity, finding a perfectly balanced hybrid works wonders.

Booberry Pie, for example, is our perfectly balanced hybrid strain featured on our all-new Twinsies Series.  You can think of working out with Twinsies as the perfect reason to pre-game AND post-game your workout.  Each Twinsies package comes with two, half-gram pre-rolls complete with exotic flower infused with live resin and diamonds.  And for the amount of buzz you can achieve off just one of those pre-rolls, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything better that give off that perfect amount of energy to compliment the activity.


Okay, not literally.  Dosing your bud is inherently a personalized journey.  For some of the more 420-friendly teammates here at Weedsy, eating 300MG of THC in one go is where their tolerance level is at; and for others, it's half of a Purplatto Twinsies.

If you're new to cannabis, consider experimenting with dosing in the comfort and safety of your home before doing so in a public place like a gym.

You need to understand how exactly you fare when you're under the influence.  How coordinated are you?  Are you able to communicate basic things like asking for your turn on a machine or the bench press?


Timing your toke is important because ideally, you'd want to feel the high as you're working out, but not before when you're in the locker room changing, right?

For this, you'd need to know a thing or two about bioavailability.  Bioavailability is the rate in which a substance enters and exits the bloodstream.  Different methods of cannabis consumption possesses different rates of bioavailability.  Edibles, for example, have a very low bioavailability, which contributes to why it takes so long for you to feel its effects.  Eating an edible requires you to 1) eat it, 2) have your stomach digest it, 3) have the nutrients pass through intestines, and 4) have your liver process everything out to then be distributed through your bloodstream.  This is precisely why edible companies advise you to dose then wait for up to two hours before considering dosing again.

Smoking, conversely, has one of the fastest bioavailability rates.  Upon inhaling cannabis smoke, the cannabinoids skip your stomach altogether and its effects are felt in a matter of minutes.  And while the high itself isn't nearly as intense as edibles, and doesn't last as long, having the ability to feel your buzz on-demand comes in handy when you're trying to leverage the high to your benefit in the gym.  Toking up 15 to 30 minutes before you start moving your body tends to work wonders; but similar to how dosing is inherently a personalized journey, calculating when to toke up is up to you!


Between the euphoria that is "going hard in the paint" and when you finish up and head home, one of the most annoying side effects of blazing and working out is the inevitable comedown.  If you've ever smoked a decent amount of bud, stayed awake during the high and slowly came back down to Earth, you likely might have experienced a weed hangover, or in layman's terms, the comedown.  You are mildly confused, physically or mentally drained, and all-around just not at the top of your game.

This is totally normal!

One way to not get caught trying to function post-workout is to build out some time to 1) get your bearings back and 2) have that benefit you in more than that way.  Factor is some post-workout stretching, taking a job on the treadmill.  By factoring in more physical activity you are both cooling down your muscles while also working yourself back to sobriety so you can then get on with the rest of your day.

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