The Best Video Games to Play Stoned

The Best Video Games to Play Stoned

We don't know about you, but our stoner routine consistently involves spending stupid amounts of time gaming.  Just think about it: your elevated mind is busy making sure you can move, interact, and most importantly, dominate the playing field.  And instead of feeling stressed out, you're going about this domination as a completely relaxed and level-headed individual without a worry in the world.  Whether you're more of a single-player type of adventurer or a run-and-gun battle royale contestant, gaming stoned is a different, yet welcome experience; and doing so with the right cannabis product can mean the difference of enjoying it or well, not so much.

Here at Weedsy, it's safe to say that most of us play games while stoned.  While it took us a bit to compile this list, we're confident that whatever game you play, be it one of the new 2022 games or even timeless classics, doing so while stoned equates to endless fun!  Without further ado, let's spark up a Weedsy Infused mini pre-roll and jump right in!


League of Legends is a free-to-play MMO where teams of five square off in epic battles as you push towards their base.  The game has been around for years and has only leveled up the experience and of course, the unlimited amounts of toxicity that comes with it.  The game favors team roles, chemistry, and collective visibility as opposed to your typical online games where you can essentially kill your way to victory.

Playing this game can be an incredibly fun experience, assuming of course, you're either really good at a role, have very skilled team members, or you simply don't care enough.  With each game averaging between 20 and 45 minutes, losing this game is quite literally one of the most devastating experiences ever.  Therefore, the only way to truly enjoy this game without pulling out your hair is to be stoned!

Since our Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls consist of half a gram of exotic flower which is then infused with a delicious distillate and smothered in kief, all it should take is one pre-roll to get nice and toasty.  The high typically leans indica-dominant hybrid so before you know it, you'll be relaxed yet still have your reflexes in functional order to still be decent at the game as to not piss off your teammates any more than you might have already.


Imagine if The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Dark Souls got together and had a baby.  Their hell-spawn would be Elden Ring.  Elden Ring is an open-world adventure game that took us a collective 104 hours to complete in its entirety.  Since the game is open world, it's very very easy to lose yourself in just how vast the game is. Couple that with how hard and frustrating the game can be, it's not uncommon to become so stressed out from this game that the only thing to do is to dull the frustration down with a generous helping of weed!

 Now, you're probably thinking: with a game as beautiful and difficult as Elden Ring is, why on Earth would you think it'd be a good idea to play while stoned?  You'd be surprised!  What you're sacrificing in reaction speed, you are replacing with intent and careful, meticulous thinking.

You see, the brain likes to wander while it's on drugs.  And if you've ever watched a TV show or movie while stoned, it's a whole different experience.  You drop your inhibitions, you drop your ego and fully immerse yourself into whatever you're doing.  And in the case of Elden Ring, the game is just flat-out beautiful and to not marvel at its beauty and difficulty while stoned is like leaving money on the table!

If you're up for it, we highly recommend getting a little baked as you start a new game.


If you're like most of the guys here at Weedsy, multiplayer battle royale games like Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite, Player's Unknown Battleground (PUBG), and Apex Legends dominate our nights as we shout out the most random call-outs in the hopes of squad wiping the other team and surviving as the last team standing.

And unless you are (or your team) is particularly good at movement, game mechanics, and communication, it is highly likely that you've found yourself frustrated to the ends of the Earth over some bogus kill (or hacking...there's a lot of that in these games).

Seeing at how toxic battle royale games are, the only way to truly enjoy a night with the boys is...you guessed it...STONED!

There's no real way to go about doing it, either.  Simply find your favorite strain, get incredibly baked, play a few warm up games, then load up the battle royale game of your choice and literally watch as the world burns around you with you yourself acting completely un-phased through it all.

As a retired Warzone player, I highly recommend you play these games while stoned.  Your sanity will thank you later.


If you find yourself grouped up with your close homies enjoying some bud, the de-facto activity to enjoy together is testing how strong your friendship really is over a nice game of Mario Party!  It really doesn't matter what Mario Party you play, either.  All of them create the same sort of toxic vibe of the seemingly family-friendly game that devolves into an ultra-competitive free-for-all of who can f@#k over each other the worst.  The atrocities that have been reported via Mario Party are so commonplace, that even gaming blogs and Youtube channels have gone so far as to document the devastating zero-empathy choices gamers have made towards their so-called friends.  To list a few:

  1. You can steal coins and stars with Boo - One of the most devastating things you can do to your friends is stealing coins from them.  Typically, you'd need 50 coins to buy a Star - and what better way to crush their dreams than by robbing them of their purchasing power when they're a few spaces away or worse, robbing them as they're about to purchase it!
  2. Throw the co-op game on purpose - This act of villainy is a classic one used by players who don't want to be surpassed on the board.  Should you find yourself paired with someone that just robbed you of your star or coins, you can easily just throw the co-op game.  After all, if you're not winning, nobody should, right?
  3. Lie to them about mini-game rules - One of the most heinous and deceitful things you can do to another player is to quickly skip the mini-game directions then straight-up lie about how the game works.  Honestly, if I was lied to about how a mini game works, there goes the friendship right there.

To add further insult to injury, playing this game while stoned might actually even out the playing field.  Remember, when you're stoned, you're sacrificing reaction speed for being fully invested in the game.  And if you're fully invested in a game where at any point in time, one or more players can steal your stuff simply because they can is equal amounts fun as it is infuriating.  Nevertheless, I will never not play this game sober.


I know, I know, we already mentioned an open-world game above.  But Minecraft is just an endless bot of fun especially when you're stoned.  The game rewards unusual ideas and random bursts of creativity without taking too much of your already poor attention.  In the mood to build a complex railway system?  Go for it!  Maybe you want to try your luck in digging so far down you reach the Nether (the game's equivalent to Hell).  Or maybe, if you're on a modded multiplayer map, you can build a cannon out of stone, water, and TNT to launch projectiles into people's bases and loot them!  All of which, are incredibly fun especially when you allow your mind to wander while faded.

gaming stoned: don't sleep on it

Remember, gaming, like most other things, is meant to be enjoyed.  But given the advent and mass-adoption of multiplayer games, the activity can be just as stressful as your 9-5 and that's a big no-no for your mental health.  Stop by your local dispensary and pick up your go-to cannabis product, like a Weedsy!  Enjoy said Weedsy, fire up your games and just notice how incredibly relaxed you are at playing the games.  Before you know it, you won't know gaming any other way.

We know that this list isn't exhaustive.  If you play a game while stoned, we'd love to hear about it!  Drop us a line and we'll give it a shot!


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