We Did a Thing with White Label Creamery

We Did a Thing with White Label Creamery

A couple weeks ago we did our first ever ice cream social and it was absolutely bonkers!  See, we did it for a few reasons and we'll get to it all in a sec.  For now, check out our recap vid on it.

So, we threw our very first ice cream social with none other than White Label Creamery out in the Fairfax District in West Los Angeles.  Our goal was simple: to give our Weedsy fam the means to beat the heat with some FREE ice cream!

Let's be real, if you're in LA, in the middle of Summer, it can definitely feel like hell on Earth, so we decided to pay it forward and invite the entire city to come out!  And did they come out!  Even some local influencers such as @whermie, @bellahaze3.0, @itz_play_bby, @lianawilder, @kushykymm, @lewisschoolem, and @queenkanabis popped in.

We even got so poppin' that the ice cream shop that was already poppin' without us there started to attract people on the street coming in to see why this low-key ice cream shop is making all the ruckus.

So whether you are already a fan of Weedsy, or met us for the first time at the ice cream social, know that we had a blast and we hope you did too!  We're planning our next one in the coming weeks, so take this your invitation to stalk our socials for more deets.  Catch ya later, and remember, take it Weedsy!

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