Just Turned 21: NOW WHAT?!

Just Turned 21: NOW WHAT?!

OH, THE JOY OF BEING 21!  You're now at the age where you have access to just about everything life has to offer you.  And yes, there is the argument that at 18 years old you are a full-on legal adult, but at 18 you're still restricted from entering bars and going to nightclubs!  Sure, you can sign contracts, enlist in the military, and the like, but where's the fun in going out at night and not coming back until the next day?  At least at the age of 21, you can enter bars, go to nightclubs, purchase alcohol, tobacco, and our favorite: CANNABIS!

Speaking of cannabis, at 21 years of age, you can walk into a dispensary and pick up weed!  It's insane that now you have the ability to toke up as you please.  No longer do you need to hit up that friend of a friend for some likely bunk weed that's riddled with pesticides, mold, mildew and all the nasty things that should never be on anything you consume in general.  Now, you can walk into a dispensary and pick up a loud, gassy 8th in the strain of your choosing knowing full-well that the cannabis tested, packaged nicely, and most of all, slaps you in the face with the high!

Given all the joys, however, we're sure you're a little confused about certain things.  Let's pack a bowl and get right into some points you need to know now that you are of age to blaze!


So, we live in California and according to the state law, anyone over the age of 21 may purchase cannabis from a licensed retailer and all you'd need is to show your ID.  Sounds simple enough right?

Similar to walking to a bar to order a drink, you automatically have access to cannabis products just by flashing your ID.  This should help new users feel comfortable about trying new things, as everything sold in a dispensary contains products that are rigorously tested for safety as well as traceability.

Traceability in this sense means that you, as the consumer can track where the flower in this pre-packaged 8th handled it last (in this case, the distributor), and which cultivator the flower was grown at (usually a grow operation in California).

Picking up cannabis from within the legal market is miles safer than picking up from a dealer who might not have a clue that the bud they're slinging might have potential contaminants including but not limited to: pesticides, mold, mildew, or even other drugs cut in.

Eliminate the worry and opt for legal weed instead!


Just because cannabis is legal, and you can purchase just about everything you can possibly get your hands on, doesn't mean you can blaze out in public.  Public, meaning literally anywhere other than your house.

Sure, sometimes you can be in town and catch a whiff of someone smoking a blunt as they walk down the street, but more often than not, open consumption is very much illegal.

Try to minimize the number of eyes on you and opt instead to blaze up in the comfort of your own home.  And if it is absolutely necessary where you feel the need to spark up a bowl in public, do it discreetly!


Once you are ready to take those first steps into a dispensary, it helps to know why you're walking into one.  While the ultimate goal is to acquire cannabis, the next question is what kind of cannabis are you looking for?  Are you looking to calm that anxiety?  Or help you achieve a better night of sleep?  Maybe you've had a long day and just want a heavy indica to chill you out.  Or maybe you're looking for some extra inspiration so you're looking for sativa for that high octane creative energy.  The possibilities for what to use the cannabis for are endless so it's best to have an intention for yourself as to help the budtenders recommend you the best possible product for your needs!


Here's a tough pillow to swallow: THC potency means absolutely nothing.

You can walk into a dispensary and pick up Jack Here, which is a popular sativa strain that typically averages around 17-18% THC.  You can also pick up the same Jack Herer strain but as a vapeable distillate and the potency will likely be around 80-95% THC.  Which would slap you to Cloud 9 faster?  Trick question - both of them would equally.

Higher potency doesn't matter much.  There are various different cannabinoids, terpenes, and secondary compounds contained within cannabis that impact the way we experience the high.  THC alone is not going to be the driver of that experience.  At the end of the day, the way in which your body processes things impact the overall experience.

For some people, 2.5mg of THC is it...you're out for the count.  For others, killing an entire 8th of live resin dabbed onto a nail and inhaled through a dabbing rig is the only way to ensure a great high.  When it comes to enjoying your cannabis, that journey is entirely your journey. Potency is just a piece of the puzzle; you also have frequency of use, tolerance, weight, age, and lifestyle habits to consider as well.  Get ready, your THC dosing journey is just beginning!


Where you choose to blaze up is important!  When it comes to experiencing a cannabis high, your mindset and environment play major roles.  If you're upset or in an uncomfortable environment, wait it out.

And when it comes to putting yourself in negative vibe situations, especially as it pertains to potentially mixing cannabis with other substances, just don't.  If you've ever heard the term cross-faded before, you've probably heard that it's a terrible experience.  Alcohol and cannabis have a synergistic relationship where both substances can significantly enhance the effects of one another.  Therefore, if you are already high on cannabis and then become drunk off alcohol (or vice-versa), you are likely to experience a more-intoxicated feeling from both.


As these fresh 21 year-olds begin to integrate cannabis into their lives, it can be very hard to monitor just how much you are consuming.  Sometimes, it can get to the point of consuming so much that you're running yourself into the broke levels of your finances.  Or even worse, you become so dependent on cannabis for you to function that you simply don't function!

Cannabis helps you be more present with yourself as it heightens your senses in your environment.  Should you choose to overdo it, you'll likely NOT feel those things anymore.  In that case, it'd be best to take a tolerance break.

As a newbie, do your best to keep cannabis consumption controlled.  We get it, it can be very difficult to tone down consumption if you happen to really like how the plant makes you feel.  At the end of the day, however, cannabis should be used to help you feel more in-tune with yourself.  Nothing more.

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