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Quit Mooching Off Your Homies for Weed!

Quit Mooching Off Your Homies for Weed!

We all that one friend - you know, the one that always seems to not bring anything to the circle.  We're talking about the local mooch in your smoking circle.  And let's be real, your smoking circles are lit for the sole reason that everything being passed around, whether it's our all-new Twinsies or a few edibles, or even a dab here and there.  Every single thing in rotation is absolutely fire; and the only sore spot in those metrics is that one friend that shows up empty handed while leaving the get-together stoned out of his mind, for free.

That's a no bueno in our books so we're here to detail exactly what a mooch is and how you can ensure your circles are properly supplied with fire product time after time.


Generally speaking, a mooch is someone that takes more than he or she gives.  This person comes through selfishly to exploit what is available to them without ever contributing back into the community pool of goodies.  This can be as general as showing up to your friend's kickback without contributing beer, or showing up to your family Christmas party without a gift.  In the world of weed, a mooch is someone that shows up to the pad, smokes all your weed, and doesn't even bat an eye about possibly re-upping the destroyed community smoking pool.  Fact: you don't want to be that guy.


If there's any tell-tale sign that your group contains a weed mooch, it's the person that rarely (if ever) sets foot in a dispensary and uses their own money to secure the greens.

If you're always part of the sesh but arrive to the pad empty-handed, you're a weed mooch.  And even at the end of the night when everyone is sobering up to head home, if you don't contribute at least cash for the amount of greens you took from the pool, that is also an offense for simply consuming for free.

And while your homies that are always stocked on weed would likely not bat an eye about how much of their stash is missing on those sesh nights, you best believe that they're feeling pretty annoyed that they're the ones to shell out their paychecks while you get to enjoy the fruits of their very literal labor.

Remember, nothing in life is free.  And while your homies are your homies, it's a real drag and quite frankly, a party foul to just take, take, and take.

2) they're always down for the sesh

We get it.  Maybe you're at the point in life where holding onto the full legal possession limit is simply out of budget for you.  Maybe you even have the rare gift of showing up at your homie's pad right when his or her stash is brought out for a well-deserved sesh.  Whatever the case may be, unless you plan on either chipping in with product or a few bucks, you are a mooch.

Similar to point number one above, a weed mooch is someone that takes way more than gives and simply having the hunger to be high doesn't quite cut it.

And even if you're not at the point in life where buying your own weed is a smart financial move, most legal weed out there isn't that bad for your wallet.  Take our Weedsy Infused and Twinsies for instance.  Each pre-roll is only half a gram of deliciously dank flower infused with distillate or live resin and diamonds respectively.  That's a whole lot of THC goodness for a skinny amount of flower.  Due to the lower quantity of product, you can expect to pay significantly less than you would for a pre-roll pack or packaged flower.

So to prevent yourself being labeled a weed mooch, try to come with something.  Remember, a little goes a long way here.


If you or your homie falls into the category of being a weed mooch, chances are, their weed etiquette completely and totally sucks.  We're talking about the one that gets passed a blunt, takes a few hits and lets it burn for a while without taking another hit or passing it around.  Despite weed being relatively more affordable these days, don't sit around wasting it - smoke it or pass it!


Story time - I was at a gig last year and arrived a couple hours early to check out the other artists on the lineup.  Upon setting up camp I break out my weed and gather 'round my close homies for an intimate pre-game smoking sesh.  And out of the woodworks (as expected), the scent of the sweet and skunky bud Lemonati gives off attracts all sorts of people over.  "Hey man...can I bum a drag?"  "You're ________ (my artist alias name), I love your tunes can I please join your circle?"  While it is flattering to be approached by total strangers, there is a time and place for most social interactions; and while I might be taking my smoking circle to cliquey territory, my weed means I get to choose who is part of that circle.

Typically, a weed mooch is someone that joins a smoking circle that could very well be comprised of total strangers.  In the eyes of a mooch, whoever has what he/she wants is the group.  Don't be that guy, please.


It really isn't all that hard to avoid being labeled a weed mooch.  If you have a dedicated group of homies that regularly partake in cannabis, and you yourself also want to partake, do your part by at least showing up to the circle with something in hand.  And it doesn't have to be an ounce of absolute fire, either.  You can literally walk into a dispensary, pick up a few Weedsy mini pre-rolls and show up to the sesh with a pre-roll for each person in the circle.  All of which would cost you probably $30-50 tax included to get you and your entire group stoned out of their mind.  As a result, you show up to the party with greens, everybody's happy, yada yada yada, everyone goes home happy and relationships remain intact.  Anything less than this bare minimum, and well Chief, you might be a weed mooch!

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