How to Properly Store Your Weed

How to Properly Store Your Weed

So okay, you've just returned from your trip at the dispensary and now you're left with your haul.  You've got yourself an ounce of flower, a few carts, a couple edibles, and handful of pre-rolls.  What now?  Can you realistically smoke several hundred dollars' worth of weed in one sitting?  Alone?!

When it comes to weed storage, many stoners often take their containers for granted.  From plastic baggies to Tupperware, to a jar in the freezer, the techniques on how people choose to store their bud are as varied as the strains themselves.  One thing is certain: the better secured your bud is, the happier you and your wallet will be for the next time you decide to toke up.

Check out some tips and tricks from the Weedsy team.  Learn about what goes into storing your cannabis for months on end.  You'd be surprised how much really goes into the preservation of our magical green plant.


Honestly, I didn't know how well temperature-controlled storage worked for flower until I stumbled on my dad's stash some years ago.  After that discovery, he opened up that he's been sneaking away to blaze in the garage since I was born!  And to think, I'd come home to him just dazing endlessly on the couch when in fact, he was just stoned out of his mind!  One thing I learned from this discovery was that he rarely made trips to the dispensary and instead, invested heavily in preserving as much of the bud as he possibly could.  He even went full neurotic and dated the containers to really show how much weed was sitting in the box for months at a time.

When it comes to cannabis storage, giving your grass a comfortable home is paramount.  You'd want to find or build a home that's not too hot or too cold.  One that keeps the temperature between 70° - 75°F.  Keeping your greens between what should be regular room temperature allows for optimal moisture without it drying out or becoming too moist that mold starts to form.


As the title suggests, humidity also plays a factor in storage.  Nobody likes hot and sticky humidity...that's why we live in California and not Florida, after all.  Just like us, cannabis hates overly-humid conditions.  So while you are investing into a container that keeps temperature consistent, you should also see if that container keeps the humidity under control, too.  This is vital for keeping mildew and other mold away from your precious flower.

Try to dial in a relative humidity (RH) level between 59% and 63%.  This will keep your weed as consistently fresh in terms of color, aroma, flavor, and potency.


Sorry about the Clerks 2 reference.  By the way, Clerks and Clerks 2 are fantastic movies to binge on if you find yourself with some time and a whole lot of weed to smoke.

Despite your favorite strains grown in the Sun, cannabis hates the light when it's sitting in storage.  Similar to how grass turns yellow when its exposed to too much light and not enough water, the UV rays generated by Papa Sunshine ultimately degrades your cannabis over time.

Keeping your bud out direct light maintains its overall stability.  By keeping your weed in the dark, you are ensuring that it'll be smoke-ready for months to come.


You'd be surprised how awkward it was to stumble on dad's weed stash but at the same time, it was the cutest thing to see pops geek out about how robust the container is.  In addition to having the storage container sit between 70° - 75°F with a RH between 59% and 63%, controlling the amount of air allowed in the container is also important!

Cannabis needs oxygen to grow and cure.  After it's trimmed, packaged and sold however, you'd want to control the amount of air that consistently hits it.  Too much air and you'll speed up the oxidation process, further destroying cannabinoids and other organic plant material that ultimately shortens the bud's life.  Having too little air affects the RH levels, again running the risk of the flower completely breaking apart or succumbing to mold/mildew.


With four elements that need to be considered when finding your perfect cannabis storage container, the issue at hand is now finding something that checks all the boxes.  I'll be honest with you, my dad is a handy guy.  He took a plastic Tupperware container and rigged it with an air filtration system that controls the temperature, humidity, and overall airflow.  He modeled the build off of the humidity-controlled guitar case I keep my 1970 Gretsch White Falcon guitar in.

For those that are a little less inclined to building your own storage container with all the necessary bells and whistles, there are a handful of relatively inexpensive options that doe the same thing.  In fact, with roughly $100, you can score yourself something that's both function and doesn't look like a sore thumb when sitting in the middle of your living room as you entertain your parents for a day.


There are only a few containers that actually look good while still providing its functionality.  While ceramic jars aren't particularly built to store cannabis, it does a pretty great job at it.  Assuming there's a lid to the jar, temperature and airflow control is locked down.  All you'd need to do is throw a Boveda moisture pack in there and your bud can literally hide in plain sight, mirroring a very nice and oddly placed piece of small furniture in the living room.


Mason Jars aren't just used for pickling vegetables, drinking beer out of in the most hipster way, and serves as an equally-hipster way to make overnight oats, they're excellent and inexpensive choices for storing your favorite strains!  Mason jars seal out oxygen, aren't affected by residual humidity, and are inert to temperature fluctuations.  They're also incredibly cheap and readily available on Amazon, your local Target, and most home improvement stores.  The only gripe we have about a mason jar is that most are see-through glass, which means your bud would be prone to the light!

If you do go this route, hide the entire jar in a cabinet, away from the light.


As much of a flower smoker that I am, I do realize the benefit opting for infused pre-rolls instead.  One little known fact about our Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls is that the distillate we use to infuse the flavor with acts as a natural preservative on the flower.  This means that a sealed Weedsy can last you for months with little to no storage efforts!

If you can move away from traditional flower and the headache that comes with its storage, a great alternative to try are the infused pre-rolls.  Seriously, it's a one-and-done toking experience.  It doesn't require you to buy this jar and hide it away like some sort of illegal drug stash.  Simply pick it up at a dispensary then you can do what you want with it knowing full well that your bud will smell, taste, and slap you the same way as if you bought it that day!


Be good to your weed and it'll be good to you.  With a little TLC or rather, some neurotic amount of effort to extend the life of it, you'll be an expert in its storage; saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars replenishing expired product in no time.

While you can invest in a dope cannabis container, you can also make the switch away from flower and instead opt for your new favorite Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls instead.

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