How to Have the Perfect Halloweedsy Vibes

How to Have the Perfect Halloweedsy Vibes

Halloween is a special holiday for us.  It's not as family-oriented as say Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it definitely spreads some much-needed holiday cheer to what was still one of the most tumultuous years barring COVID 2020.  Halloweedsy to us, is the closest thing to a party as we'll likely get.

And while the day and night of the holiday itself will likely consist of us getting super baked and hitting up an event, all the days and weekends leading up to the Halloween, however, can be spent in a myriad of ways.  After all, it is spooky SEASON for a reason amirite?

Between binging on some spooky movies, to hitting up a theme park dedicated to the spirit, to even enjoying a music festival where everyone is dressed up, there a lot of things to spend your energy at.  And to spice it up even more, you can always choose to do these activities as baked as you can possibly get.  Check out our go-to list for what you can do to enjoy the best Halloweedsy yet!


Who could refuse Michael Myers and the original Halloween film to kick off spooky season?  I mean come on, your typical serial killer stalking his prey and brutally annihilating the victim in true 1980s slasher fashion?  And on top of that, Jaime Lee Curtis running for her life in almost cheesy terror?  SIGN US UP THIS INSTANT!

Halloween is an instant classic and has since garnered quite the cult following.  Whether you've never given the film the time of day or you've made it a point to watch this every time you were given the opportunity, this movie is for sure something to spend your spooky season watching.

Simply hit up your local dispensary or delivery service to hook you up with some green, or better yet, just ask them for the Original Weedsy.  It's locally-sourced exotic flower infused with a potent and pure, unflavored distillate and smothered in kief.  The result will get you nice and toasty for what should be the greatest scary movie sesh of the year!


Maybe true horror / slasher films are a little much for you.  It's okay...we feel that.  In this case, let's opt for cult movies and what better film to tune into while being stoned out of your mind than the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Is it horror?  Ehhh...not really.  Is the movie a risqué musical filled with nonstop puns, terrible jokes, and some outlandish makeup to the point where all the characters are weird enough to pass off as a scary villain?  That's better.

Spark up a bowl or even hit up your local dispensary for your favorite Weedsy flavor.  Trust us...with a movie as weird as this, you're going to need something with a little more power behind just a simple flower pre-roll.


Coming into the 21st century is a movie that just honestly never gets old.  The Ring, being a remake of the Japanese classic, Ringu, tells the story of murders happening from a haunted and cursed video tape.  I gotta tell you, even as a fully grown adult, I refuse to watch movie alone and even if I do get to watch it with someone, I'll make sure that every light in the house is on and any older technologies is physically away from any power outlet.  It's crazy...I know.

I can't imagine being voluntarily high while watching The Ring.  This is a good thing that you are likely not as afraid of me.  So, here's your challenge: blaze up and put this on.  Let's see how long you can last.


While binging scary movies would be the normal go-to plan for someone during the week, embracing the spooky season can be done in real life on Thursdays, Fridays, and the weekend!  Universal Studios Hollywood runs their Halloween Horror Nights leading up to Halloween and a few weeks after it.  You can now literally run for your lives as actors holding chainsaws and yelling at you all night long is a very real thing there.

If you're about amusement parks, we suggest you check this out.  One extra thing you can try doing it blazing up before you head into the park.  Being high and terrified is a past time of ours...not really...but hey, whatever makes the experience more worthwhile, we're down!

Since the park is Universal City, you can hit up one of the dispensaries nearby to ask for your favorite flavored Weedsy pre-roll.  Trust us...you're going to want to be high for this.


If you're a fan of electronic music, Insomniac throws a massive music festival called Escape Halloween.  Since the holiday does actually fall on a weekend (thankfully), you can now dress up in your best costume and dance the night away to some of your favorite DJs.

We cannot condone sneaking in weed into the festival, but if you ever so choose to, we recommend stocking up on quite a few pre-rolls.  Think about 8-10 pre-rolls to toke up between each DJ.  Being high and dancing is an interesting feeling; plus if you're self-conscious about your costume, being high just makes everything better anyways!


Spooky season remains one of our favorite holidays.  Sure, we might not truly be about the scary stuff happening everywhere, but the holiday does serve a purpose of being the last recreationally dope holiday before we get into the more serious days.  Halloween can be spent as low key as binging a few scary movies to about as high key as getting chased around by actors at an amusement park or dancing until the Sun comes up at a rave.  Whatever your plan may be for Halloween, we hope you're safe and responsible about it.  Have fun and be sure to stock up on your favorite Weedsy mini pre-rolls for that extra added dose of good vibes!

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