How to Have a Lit Thanksgiving with a Weedsy!

How to Have a Lit Thanksgiving with a Weedsy!

The holidays are upon us again folks!  And everyone knows Thanksgiving in particular is literally THE day made for stoners; pounds of delicious food, auntie's secret recipes, sneaking away to sesh with the fam before (and after) the big meal, and of course, a touch of drama!

But the day is really all about the food and we all know everything tastes better with a little THC in our system and we at Weedsy have the perfect party favor for your family gathering this year.  Read on to find out how to a lit Thanksgiving with a little help from Weedsy and be sure to pick up a few our new mini pre-roll 7-packs - perfect for sharing!



PURPLATO twinsies


A lot of folks only eat two meals on Thanksgiving - a lighter breakfast before the craziness starts and of course, the main event.  Our Strawberry Infused Mini's are the perfect gimme for that good 'ol wake & bake.  It's just enough to help you get the day started and the sweet strawberry pairs perfectly with a glass of orange juice or even as a great palette cleanser as you quickly scarf down something sweet, like a waffle or donut.  And, our mini's are perfect for when they're calling you to the kitchen and only have time for a few puffs!


Most of us get roped into some kind of chore on Thanksgiving, and, whether you're assigned to cooking or cleaning duties, the expectations are very real.  While it all can be a stressful endeavor, Weedsy has your back!  Stash one of our Grape Mini's in your pocket then volunteer yourself for trash duty.  You'll be the smelliest, dankiest cat around and you're not regretting a single minute of it.

Once all is said and done, you can finally have a moment to yourself.  And when all you have is a minute or two, there's a Watermelon Weedsy waiting for you - wishing that you'd puff on its sweet summery goodness.  Better yet, light this up before you hop in the shower and let the buzz and hot water melt you down.  Your future clean and nice-smelling you will thank you for it when you're refreshed and ready to eat your weight in mashed potatoes!


The main event is about to begin!  All the preparation and stress has come down to this moment... so why not light one up to celebrate all your hard work?

Now could also be the chance to our your Mom a Weedsy too.  It may sound crazy but you and I both know Mom worked hard as f*ck for this Thanksgiving and is usually the one to eat last.  So why not give her a little boost so she can have some fun too?  Ask her to help you with something in the garage real quick, then hit her with Berries (not literally - our Berries...not real berries...that would be bad).  She'll love the mild and yummy flavor while also appreciating a moment's peace.


Every family does the big meal a little different, but if you belong to one of those families whose tradition it is to sit together around a giant table, you are most definitely going to want to medicate before you take your seat.  After all, the Thanksgiving table is a notorious place estranged family members to air our their grievances with each other.

Sure, you'd want to bear witness to the drama, but if you get pulled into it we can't say we didn't warn you if you are receiving said gripes completely sober.  So, just to be safe, slip away for a minute or two for a quick smoke break.  Our tiny, but mighty mini pre-rolls are designed to smoke through quickly but the infusion of extracts into the flower make it slap.  For an extra line of defense against the potential arguments at the table, we recommend literally both joints from our Twinsies mini pre-roll series.  The live resin brings the terps while the diamonds bring the extra-stoney vibes.  Just be sure you take some eye drops so you don't physically look like you just burned the garage down walking back in!

the after-dinner walk

And now, the moment all your little cousins have been waiting for; the stoner's most prized Danksgiving traditions: the after-dinner walk.  After the table's been cleared whether by your stomach or by attempting to save some for the days after, you and your fam faves can excuse yourselves for the after-dinner walk.  Me personally?  I'll be taking my two dogs, my brother, my 3 cousins, my dad, and their dad for this walk around the quiet and innocent-looking Arizona neighborhood.  Seeing that the state is fully legal and Weedsy is available in AZ the stars are already aligning PERFECTLY for this very moment.  Seeing that we're a party of seven not including the dogs that's literally the entire jar of our 7-packs.  One J to a person and judging by our innately similar flavor preferences, I'm going to force everyone to smoke on my favorite Weedsy Infused flavor - Green Apple.  The crispness of the green apple leans more towards the fruit than a candy.  Take that with the exotic flower and distillate and you've got yourself a powerhouse little guy that will honestly probably last us to the 3rd house.

It'll be the shortest, most lit walk we've been on together all year - and I'm stoked.  Not just for the walk itself, but also coming back to the house to bury ourselves in the Thanksgiving feast sequel - THE DESSERT!

By the time we all walk back in the house, the house will be warm, the kitchen will smell of sweetness, and we'll all be high as hell to be able to put away the assortment of pumpkin pie, apple fritters, cream puffs, and of course ICE CREAM!  It'll be a Happy Danksgiving indeed and we hope yours is as lit as ours!

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