Edibles 101: Everything You Need to Know About Weedsy's Treaties!

Edibles 101: Everything You Need to Know About Weedsy's Treaties!

Edibles have been around pretty much as long as weed.  Back in the day, our parents had to eat those gnarly pot brownies that reeked, but these days, we have it made.  With all the new developments in cannabis being made since legalization has started to pick up, it's easier than ever to get edibles, and the days of pungent pot brownies are over.  There's a lot to catch up on, so let's start with the basics.


Food and beverages that have been prepared, or infused, with cannabis are called edibles.  They can be used for medicinal or recreational purposes and are a discreet if not, healthier alternative to smoking or vaping THC.  Most people think of pot brownies when they hear the word 'edible' but these days, not only can you still get pot brownies, you can also get pot gummies, rice krispie treats, chips, sodas, and you can buy the extracts in raw form to infuse you own food at home - though only experienced stoners should dabble in this precise art.  The world is wide and the  possibilities are endless.


When you boil it down, making edibles are a two-step process: extraction and infusion.  The first step being extraction is an industrial process that requires special equipment to separate the cannabinoids, or chemicals in weed that make us feel high from the actual dried buds.  There are a few ways to do this extraction, but one of the most popular end result is an odorless, flavorless oil called distillate.  Step two relies on step one's result to effectively infuse it into something you'd either eat or drink.  For most products on the market, like our all-new Bubbamelon Treaties, infusion is as simple as adding precise doses of distillate into the gummy mix.


Cannabis labels can be a little confusing, especially if you're new to them.  Most edibles in dispensaries are made with either CBD, THC, or a mix of both.

100MG / 10MG THC

If you're buying an edible with only one major cannabinoid, there will be two numbers on the label.  These numbers will look like this (see above).  This means there are 100mg of THC in the entire package and 10mg per single serving.  Never eat more than one at a time and always pay attention to the single serving dose.  First timers should work up to 10mg, starting with 2.5 to 5mg first and increasing slowly.

5MG thc : 1mg cbd

If you're buying an edible that has both CBD and THC, they'll be labeled with a ratio that looks something like this (see above).  This means the edible has 5MG of THC for every 1MG of CBD.  These ratioed cannabinoids vary, from 2:1 all the way up to 20:1.  Cannabinoid ratios have gained massive popularity over the years as they offer a more balanced cannabinoid profile that is often viewed as leveraging cannabis to help you feel more than just the psychoactive high.  Instead, a typical user can then use cannabis for a multitude of things from pain management to appetite control, and more!


THC and CBD are two of the cannabinoids in weed that get stripped from the plant during extraction.  Most cannabis plants contain a decent amount of both in addition to the other minor cannabinoids because they do different things in the body and work together to create something called the entourage effect.  The entourage effect occurs because different cannabinoids and terpenes - the stuff that makes plants smell and taste good - work better in the body when they can play off each other's properties and effects.  This is most beneficial to people who use cannabis medicinally, for insomnia, anxiety, pain  management, or other chronic discomforts.  For the recreational user, the entourage effect isn't something that really matters all that much.  Before you can decide which type of edible is right for you, let's talk about what's out there.


This is the classic edible for the recreational user.  These are the edibles that are going to give you the trippy high you've come to expect from weed.  There are tons of options on the market but Treaties, our all-new line of Gummies, are quite honestly your best bet (totally not biased here).  Between Blue Razz, Bubbamelon, and Lemon Drop, they're not only tasty but they pack a pinch!  You're going to have a hard time not killing the full jar in one sitting.  Note - please don't do that.  Our Treaties are tiny, but mighty!


CBD is widely claimed to be non-psychoactive, but this isn't entirely true.  CBD does in fact possess psychoactive properties; and they are just much different and significantly more mild than the effects present in THC-only edibles.  CBD's psychoactive experience mostly relates to pain and stress management.  Recent studies have shown that CBD can interrupt our brain's response to stressors which is why most people experience a reduction in anxiety or stress after they've taken CBD.


These edibles contain both THC and CBD with THC being the most dominant of the two cannabinoids.  It's important to understand that CBD actually reduces the psychoactive effects of THC so pairing the two together is going to give you a more mild and less intoxicating high than THC would on its own.  This type of edible is best for anyone looking for a more-mild high, trying edibles for the first time or looking for relief of mild pain and inflammation.


These edibles are the holy grail for medical cannabis users.  They contain both CBD and THC with CBD being the more dominant cannabinoid of the two.  These edibles generally don't make us feel high, although depending on the ratio, they can make us feel mildly so.   The allure of CBD-dominant ratio edibles is that the THC exists in smaller levels to still trigger the entourage effect, giving CBD that extra boost to do its job in making us feel good but without a blatantly obvious that they are stoned.


There are literally hundreds, if not, thousands of edibles on the market today.  With that many options, it can be tough to figure out where to start or what's right for you.  This being said, however, there are three major types of edibles that can then further break down into its respective sub-categories:


In this day and age, THC-infused gummies and candy reign supreme in the overall edibles game.   Looking at the California market alone, you've got your major power players like Stiiizy, Kiva, Wyld, and West Coast Cure all producing tasty gummies.  And yes, even as another cannabis brand that actively competes in the market, we know quality when we see it.

Lucky for you, however, your favorite mini pre-roll company now makes their version of teensy, weensy, Weedsy Treaties giving you the power to spread your anti-sharing vibes to your homies and day ones with ease.


The legacy of the classic pot brownie are the hundreds of cookies, brownies and rice krispie treats on the market today.  Given how far the legal market has come, gone are the days of eyeballing dosages and dumping way more weed in your baked goods than one can handle.  These days, you can comfortably eat a THC-infused baked goods snack, not taste the cannabis and experience a smooth and balanced high, consistently.


Infused beverages are one of the newer items we can find in dispensaries.  And they're picking up steam in the eyes of users that want to ditch the booze in favor for something a little more natural and expectedly, better for you once you sober up from your buzz.  Brands such as CANN and Wunder are absolutely killing the THC-infused seltzer game.  Think White Claw but substitute the alcohol for a small dose of THC, making drinking the entire can in one sitting not as scary as you would think.


Well, now that you know how to read and understand the label and dosage for your edible, the chances of you taking too much are very low.  If our all-new Treaties are the first edible you're trying, you're in great hands!  Start with half a gummy and wait at least two hours before you choose to take more.  About an hour or two after you've eaten that first piece, you're going to start to feel the effects coming on slowly with the high continuing for the next several hours.  Beyond all that, taking edibles are fun and offer a nice and relaxing way to enjoy your bud.  Before we end it, here are some last tips to guarantee a great time with your Treaties:

  • Do not take edibles in public unless you know exactly how you handle yourself while under the influence.
  • Never mix alcohol and edibles together.
  • Always buy your edibles legally from a dispensary.
  • Don't take edibles if you have a busy day ahead of you.
  • The effects of edibles can be significantly more intense than your standard smoking or vaping experience.  Please plant accordingly.
  • If you start to feel paranoid or anxious, eat something sugary and unmedicated and/or take some hemp-derived CBD (without THC) while relaxing.  The overwhelming feelings will go away on its own.

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