Bulk with Weedsy: All-New 7-Pack Pre-Rolls Land in California

Bulk with Weedsy: All-New 7-Pack Pre-Rolls Land in California

It's been a long time coming for this one but we've finally did it!  Staying true to our Anti-Sharing Smoking Club roots, we are proud to unveil our latest and greatest creation: your favorite infused strains available as a 7-Pack!  Just imagine - chiefin' on your favorite teensy, weensy Weedsy strains every single day of the week before needing to re-up.  If that doesn't sound like a chill week ahead, we don't know what will!


When we launched our infused mini pre-rolls we did it in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This was during a time where sharing a slobbery and over-used J just wasn't the business.  As time went on, lockdowns eased and people started being social again, and so did the desire for someone to not necessarily share the mini joint, but rather, everyone can have their own as we collectively get higher than a kite.  Now, available in California to start, you have the ability to share your favorite Weedsy delights!

BERRIES infused 7-pacK

You can never go wrong with Berries!  Sweet strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries come together for one amazing sesh!

Available as either 0.5G singles or as a 3.5G 7-pack, these are delicious to puff one whenever the situation may call for it.



Is it grape candy or actual grape?  Who knows!  What we do know is that our Grape Infused packs a punch!

And now, you get SEVEN half gram pre-rolls infused with delicious grape-flavored distillate and smothered with a heavy-handed one-two punch amount of kief to slap you silly whenever the mood strikes!  Share it amongst your homies or hoard it all for yourself.  Whatever the outcome, we know this will slap!


GREEN APPLE infused 7-pacK

Green Apple Infused brings you the flavor of a tart, fresh, and juicy green apple accompanied by a sweet, mouthwatering undertone!

And we're sure you know the age-old saying, an apple a day to keep the bad vibes at bay, right?  Well in case you didn't, here are literally SEVEN powerhouse pre-rolls to keep those good vibes in check.



Unflavored, organic cannabis flower with no frills attached!  The Original Infused features pure THC distillate that's sure to smack you any time of the day.

You know, sometimes, as great as flavors are, sometimes it just helps to get high the most efficient way possible.  Sometimes, you know, we're just not in the mood to bring in a flavor to our palette.  And that's okay!  Our Original Infused is just hardcore power, nothing else needs to be added.


STRAWBERRY infused 7-pacK

Have your strawberries and puff them, too! Our Strawberry Infused provides a juicy and delightful experience chalk full of sweet and fruity decadence!

The word is out!  It is common knowledge at this point to drop a strawberry flavor in this day and age.  Strawberry is by far one of the most versatile flavors to exist.  And for those strawberry lovers out there, having seven half gram pre-rolls on you at any given time sounds like the best time.  No cap.



Need a juicy pick-me-up?  Say less!  Watermelon Infused brings the refreshing flavor of your favorite summer fruit.  This flavored cannabis pre-roll is all saccharine delight!

And now, you get relive those Summer vibes all year long!


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