How to Dose Treaties Edibles

How to Dose Treaties Edibles

Of all the products on dispensary shelves, by far the most discreet way to get lit is with edibles.  We at Weedsy are always working to bring you the best quality cannabis.  We've been killing it with our mini pre-rolls and want to take it up a notch with some premium, heavy-hitting edibles!  Our Treaties are loaded with juicy flavor and THC and come in three mouthwatering flavors: Lemon Drop, Blue Razz, and Bubbamelon.  We know a lot of people are wary of edibles because they affect us so much differently than smoking, but we got you!  Read on for everything you need to know about finding the perfect cannabis edibles dosage that's right for you.


The most important thing you need to know about edibles is how to understand dosage on the label.  While flower and vapeables such as cartridges and disposables display THC levels as a percentage, edibles show THC levels as a more precise milligram dosage.  This makes it easy to know exactly how much you've consumed on a per piece basis.

With this type of precise dosage measurement, it can be easy to overdo it through over consumption.  The last thing we'd want is for you to have a bad trip off our Treaties; so check out our edibles dosage guide before to determine how much to take and what you're likely to feel off each dosage.


It can be tough to figure out the right dosage of edibles for yourself when you're first getting started, and there are a couple different factors that will impact how your edible makes you feel.  Unique characteristics such as your weight, metabolism, tolerance to THC, the sensitivity of your endocannabinoid system (ECS), and the type of edible you are consuming are all factors that can have an impact on how your body would process edibles.

Your weight and metabolism are obviously connected.  If your metabolism is slower and you have a higher BMI, then you may need a higher edible dosage than a person with a faster metabolism and lower BMI.

Your tolerance for THC refers to how big of a dose you need in order to feel the effects of the edible - or THC in any form.  People with higher tolerance will need a larger dose of THC.  Occasionally, first timers experience a phenomenon called 'reverse tolerance' where, despite their best efforts, they can't get high.  If this happens to you, try the same dosage again at least two more times before you try a larger dose.

The sensitivity of your endocannabinoid system can also affect how your body reacts to THC.  Those with more sensitive endocannabinoid systems will need a smaller edibles dosage with a less sensitive ECS.


If it's your first time taking edibles or cannabis in general, start with a microdose and see how your body reacts.  It takes some time to feel the effects of an edible, usually between 30 minutes and 2 hours, so don't expect to feel anything right away.  The effects of an edible of this dosage are mild, so even if your edible absolutely slaps you, you wouldn't have consumed enough THC to experience negative side effects.

The worst case scenario with a microdose is that you'd feel nothing more than a mild case of the munchies.  With edibles, always start Low and Slow; experimenting with larger doses before you're ready have landed many 'experienced' stoners in some really uncomfortable situations.

Once you're comfortable with a microdose, you can work to higher doses.  Inexperienced users should only move up with caution.  Five milligrams of an edibles hits a lot differently than 5mg of cannabis flower with the former lasting significantly longer.  Very experienced users could start at a dosage of 10mg or even 20mg, depending on your tolerance to THC.  This, however, is reserved only for the very experienced edibles users who have been smoking or eating edibles for years.  These people generally have a higher tolerance and more experience with both the positive and negative side effects of cannabis.

Edibles can be a ton of fun, but it's important that you indulge safely.  Remember to go low and slow with edibles, and try them a few times at home or in a low-stress environment until you know they'd affect you and how much you'd need to get a great buzz going.  Once you know what you're doing, be sure to bring a jar of Treaties to share with your homies on your next adventure.  Stay lit & stay safe, friends!

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