How Long Does THC Stay In Your System?

How Long Does THC Stay In Your System?

Congratulations, you just landed your dream job!  After collecting unemployment during the pandemic, you've spent the better part of the last 15 months quarantined at home polishing up that resume.  Your offer letter makes you excited to start as your salary, health benefits, 401(k) company matching, and unlimited paid time off starts to feel more real as the date gets closer.  But wait...there are routine drug tests as a requirement for employment...yikes!

When was the last time you smoked?  Two weeks ago?  Two days ago?  Two hours ago?  Maybe as you're reading this, you have a Weedsy in your mouth right now!  Okay, this is okay...you know that THC has a fairly finite amount of time it stays in your system.  Conventional wisdom says about 30 days, but what if that test is sooner than that?  Luckily, the 30-day lifespan of THC in your body isn't so black-and-white.  Depending on how your body processes THC and the many different types of drug tests available, each with varying levels of detection, you could be in luck!

Let's dive into how the different THC drug tests work.  Let's also explore how long cannabis stays in your system considering all the unknown variables that come into play.  Lastly, let's look at how to effectively pass a drug test.  Given all this knowledge, you can probably balance your work life and your stoner life with a little less anxiety attached to it.

How Do Drug Tests Work?

Drug tests are about as common as cannabis itself.  Depending on the type of job that exists out there, there are different types of tests that exist to determine if your body has a particular substance in its system.  These drug tests analyze biological material that ranges from urine, hair, and blood (which are the most common), to saliva, breath, and sweat (which are a little less, but equally-terrifying methods).

When you consume cannabis in any form, whether it's smoked, vaped, eaten, or taken topically, THC levels temporarily rise in your body for up to a day.  While the levels do drop back down, trace amounts of it stays in your system for an extended period of time - again, further adding to the anxiety of taking a drug test.  Don't worry, we'll alleviate more of your worries shortly.

Of the six or so types of tests, hair collection has the longest detection window of up to 90 days.  As for the easiest and widely-used method, urine tests detection window averages of up to 10 days.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your System?

Like everything, people process things differently.  Each person has their own way and time limit for metabolizing things.  Even people that are seemingly similar in terms of gender, age, and lifestyle habits would still achieve different metabolism rates.  In addition, those with higher levels of fat content can store cannabis in its reserves more readily than those with less fat.  Depending on your size and metabolism rate, and given a urine test, you can generally expect cannabis to stay in your system based on the following:

  • Occasional User: at least 4 days
  • Chronic User: at least 10 days

Keep in mind that it'll take between 4 and 10 days for Delta-9 THC to flush itself out of your system.  These metrics do not factor in the non-intoxicating THC metabolite called 11-nor-delta-9-caboxy-THC (THC-COOH) that urine tests actually measure in determining whether you'd receive a positive test result.  In fact, THC-COOH typically stays in your system for up to 30 days depending on the sensitivity of said test.

When it comes to the test results, several factors also have to be taken into consideration:

  • How often you consume cannabis
  • How much you consume in a typical cannabis session
  • How much body fat you have
  • How hydrated you are

Let's be real, if you're a hardcore stoner that embodies that "smoke weed everyday" vibe and when you do partake, you're killing a good amount of bud each session, it should be a no-brainer that it'd take a little longer for you to flush it all out of your body.

How To Speed Up the Detoxification Process

Now you have a better idea of how the tests work, what exactly is being measured, and the factors that come into play in determining whether you're producing a positive test result.  The next question is, if you are a stoner of any degree, how can you speed up the process of cannabis detoxification to produce a negative test result?

The easy answer is abstinence.  Then again, who wouldn't want to enjoy a Weedsy complete with locally-sourced top shelf flower infused with a tasty flavored distillate and smothered with kief after a long day?  What's the next best option?

Those that are facing a drug test but are unwillingly to fully quit cold turkey can opt for flushing out their bodies the old fashion way: drink water and hit the gym!  Dehydration increases the concentration of your urine and the remaining THC-COOH left in your system.  By increasing your water intake, you urinate more, thus diluting that concentration.  In addition, you can skip on the junk food and hit the gym to sweat it out.  Fasting and exercising burns fat, which would burn the fat reserves containing the cannabinoid.

We hope this guide helped alleviate any lingering anxieties on drug tests.  If and when that test happens and you pass with flying colors, consider celebrating the way we all do, celebrate with a Weedsy!

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