Got the Munchies?! We Got You Covered! [Arizona Edition]

Got the Munchies?!  We Got You Covered! [Arizona Edition]

We're all been there: you just smoked a monster fatty or mistakenly thought the Booberry Pie Twinsies wouldn't smack as hard as it did.  Now you're higher than a kite and your munchies are raging without a solution in sight.  Don't worry though, we got you!  We made a Munchies Guide for both California and Oklahoma - so now, Arizona, you're up!  Here are give of the most crave-worth spots in The Grand Canyon State.


If you're looking for something savory and delicious to start your day post-wake & bake, you need to hit up Zookz Sandwiches in Camelback East Village, just outside of downtown Phoenix.  This breakfast spot serves up some of the most mind blowing paninis you've ever seen.

Twenty decadent, cheesy, and gooey paninis stuffed with all sorts of goodies your stoned and hungry stomach needs to get on with the day.  Like the #22 which offers up a lightly toasted panini complete with poached eggs, crispy bacon, black beans, ham, and avocado.

And if bacon and ham aren't the vibe to set the standard of the day, their #15 boasts a leaner and meaner sliced turkey, both feta and parmesan cheeses, tomato, fresh basil, cucumbers, red onion, and smothered in a lemon aioli sauce.

If you're finding yourself in the Phoenix area high AF in the middle of your mornings and you don't head over to Zookz, are you really waking and baking in proper Weedsy fashion?

Zookz is open from 7am to 4pm during the week and 8am to 4pm on weekends.


This next spot is a can't-miss for the munchie master looking for an adventure into the world of food fusions.  Chino-Mex is a fun Chinese & Mexican fusion restaurant that truly lives up  to their slogan "Satisfy los munchies."

They get us here, truly.  Every single item on the menu is more mouthwatering and mind bending than the last.

Like their Birria Ramen.  Arizona sharing a border with Mexico blesses the state with some of the dankest cuts of meat and birria is arguably one of the best.  So step aside Chashu, there's a new fire meat to pair with your ramen.  Birria Ramen is made with a hot Tapatio-laden miso base and topped with juicy and tender barbacoa, chopped onions and cilantro and served up with a generous helping of salsa verde and lemons.

Beyond the drool-inducing ramen, they also have the meal made just for us Weedsy lovers, to: the MUNCHIE PLATE.  Two soft tacos, stuffed with your choice of protein, cheese, cilantro, and served with any two sides of Chinese food you want.

And if you're feeling extra creative, Chino-Mex allows you to build your own bowl with basically anything and everything they have in the kitchen.  Pair anything off their food menu with something delicious from their original drink menu, like a blackberry dragon juice or a Su Pa mango smoothie.  Pro-tip: their strawberry smoothie pairs so nicely with our Berries Infused pre-roll, so be sure to keep that one in your back pocket the next time you're trying to quench those munchies.

Chino-Mex has two locations in Phoenix and Chandler respectively.  Catch them Monday through Saturday from 11am to 8pm and be sure to take a picture of your food and your favorite Weedsy strains for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!


Next up on our tasty Arizona Munchies tour is Simon's Hot Dogs in Scottsdale, a gourmet hotdog spot that was recently ranked in the Top 5 on Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat!

Simon's specializes in Colombian style hot dogs, a savory and over the top take on the American classic.  Their gourmet sausages are locally sourced and can be made with Colombian chorizo or German bratwurst for an extra special kick in the face, effectively waking you up from your hazey stoned-filled daze.

Their menu truly has something for everyone with options like the Colombian - topped with pineapple, cheese, Simon's Sauce and crushed potato chips.

Then there's the Hawaiian, a loaded link topped with pineapple, mozzarella cheese, BBQ sauce, and bacon bits.  And lets not forget our personal favorite: the Sonoran Cousin, this time replacing the all-beef dog with the Colombian chorizo and topped with refried beans, fresh onion, mustard, Simon's Sauce, bacon bits, jalapeños, and banana peppers.

Let's not forget about the sides either.  They have five kinds of friends drenched in cheese.  That alone already sold us.

The combinations are endlessly heavy and just the things we need to nip those munchies in the butt.  So roll up with a few friends, get debilitatingly blitzed off our Twinsies Live Resin & Diamond-Infused pre-rolls and eat your high away in total food coma-inducing bliss.


For those of us that love to indulge in something sweet when we're faded, Cerealphoria at the Westgate Entertainment Center in Glendale is the spot you need to be at.  The dessert bar is both a cereal and milkshake bar that takes the two together in a sugar crash waiting-to-happen, euphoria-inducing pit of never ending bliss that can shake even the most devout sweet tooth stoners everywhere.

With over 25 different cereal choices and menu options to build your own milkshake, parfait, or sundae, you'd be hard pressed in finding something that'll completely and totally destroy any aspirations of keeping that Summer bod in tact.

And if roll up to the shop baked out of your mind, you can let the experts whip something up for you, like the M1.  The M1 is a cereal milkshake that takes an ice cream base of your choice and stuffs fruity pebbles, trix, froot loops into the mix.  The entire thing is them smothered in a strawberry syrup drizzle, because, why not?

Then there's the U2, one of their ultimate cereal milkshakes, taking the likes of a vanilla ice cream base, cocoa puffs, cookie crisp, oreo o's blended in, and topped with a rich and decadent chocolate syrup and served with whipped cream.

Fun fact, I was out in Arizona for a family member's graduation and we all got ridiculously stoned and challenged each other to an eating contest eating the M1, M2, M3, and M4 cereal milkshakes.  Fast forward 2 hours and a collective 4 pounds of ice cream later, none of us were stoned, all of us were about to pass out from the sheer volume of food.  10/10, we highly recommend this sweet spot!


Rounding out the list is a truly trippy spot for all the stoned night owls out there.  We know you're one of them!  So instead of getting high and  climbing into bed, go get high and saunter over to Disco Dragon on Roosevelt Row in Phoenix for some neon-lit, late night vibes.  After all, the place looks and feels more like a club than a sit-down restaurant.  Their décor is intentionally trippy with disco balls and purple glittering body parts hanging from the ceiling.  And if the décor isn't cool enough, their menu offers a truly unique spin on Asian faire.

A fan favorite is their Pizza Lumpia.  You heard that right, lumpia is a filipino-style egg roll that can either be served with meat or vegetables.  So what does Disco Dragon do?  Tosses out both options and stuffs pizza in it instead.  These deep fried wonton rolls are stuffed with mozarella cheese, pepperoni, and a hefty amount of marinara sauce.  Complete the strange eggroll a tall glass of Ube Milk Punch, a deliciously silky ube-laded cocktail reminiscent of an ube pan de sal often sold as a street food in the Philippines.

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