Let Us Be Your Munchie Mates in Oklahoma!

Let Us Be Your Munchie Mates in Oklahoma!

If you've been a fan of our infused mini pre-rolls, chances are, you know how serious (and devastating) the munchies can get.  The search for the perfect stoney snack can be harder than it seems; so we put together a list of tried-and-true spots that are sure to satisfy even the craziest of cravings in arguably the freest state in the country, Oklahoma!


First up is Shaky Jakes, an easy pick to make even the most experienced of stoners swoon.  And the crowning item?  CUBAN EGG ROLLS.

That's right, these Cuban-style egg rolls are an insane mash-up between a classic Cuban sandwich, but you know, as egg rolls.  Not only that, but the spot also boasts pepperoni pizza mac and cheese, loaded hot dogs, mile-high specialty burgers, and The Smoke Show.  The Smoke Show are two smashed patties topped with smoked pulled pork, house-cured ham, two enormous onion rings, and smothered in BBQ sauce.

And for all those wake n' bake homies out there, don't be settling for a boring breakfast now.  Stop by the spot to get your hands on their Breakfast Burger - two smashed patties, a fried egg, and fried cheddar cheese smothered in house gravy and yellow mustard.  OMG - put me in coach!

Pull up to Shaky Jakes located on North Ash Ave in Broken Arrow, Tuesday - Thursday 3pm - 9pm and Friday - Saturday 3pm - 10pm.


If you're one of those people who gets blitzed and suddenly becomes Top Chef in the kitchen, Velvet Taco is the spot for you.  It's the trendiest/most-gram-worthy spot on our list with a rotating Weekly Taco Feature, or WTF as they call it.  They also have a secret menu you can only get access to through their rewards club.

And all these perks aren't even the best part!

Their everyday menu has nearly twenty out-of-this-world tacos you never knew you needed 'til now.  Order a #10 and you'll have yourself a Kobe bacon burger taco: kobe beef, peppered bacon, smoked cheddar, and burger fix-ins drenched in velvet sauced and wrapped in a warm flower tortilla - ARE YOU KIDDING ME RN?!

And don't get us started on the Korean Fried Rice Taco - classic Korean style kimchi fried rice and eggs, pork bulgogi, red chili aioli, picked red onion, jalapeños, grilled pineapple, and cilantro rolled in a flour tortilla.  We think it's safe to say that no matter what your flavor craving, if you're lit little brain can dream it up, Velvet Taco probably has it on their menu.

Some other notable mentions are their: Spicy Tikka Chicken, Shrimp & Grits, Beer Batter Cauliflower, Green Chile Pork, Fish & Chips, and Buffalo Chicken tacos are just a few of their mind-blowing menu options.

If you're ready to pull up baked out of your mind, Velvet Taco is the spot to be.  They're located at 1440 W. Lindsey St in Norman and 1444 S. Peoria Ave in Tulsa.  Open daily at 11am.


Next time you find yourself toking up in Tulsa, wander over to Mother Road Market on Lewis Ave and prepare for the grand champion of food experiences.  Rather than being one restaurant, Mother Road Market is a collection of more than 20 dope spots, each one more unique and delicious than the last.

Big Dipper Creamery delights with house churned flavors like Honeycomb Lavender and Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, made with a cream cheese base; Salt and Vinegar fries up a little bit of everything with modern comfort food that packs a flavorful punch.

Then there's Da Yolk, perfect for those stoney brunch dates with dishes like Tots N Eggs - exactly what it sounds like - and impressive selection of cereal themed milk shakes.

Mother Road Market also boasts an eclectic collection of international options such as Doctor Kustom, Brazilian Fare, Akira Sushi, Ramen & Tacos.  Fans of the classics ought to enjoy 1907 BBQ, Curds & Whey Gourmet, Howdy Burger and Chicken & the Wolf.

Be sure to stock up on your favorite Weedsy Infused and Twinsies strains to puff on between meals and make a day of exploring this munchies paradise where there's something for everyone!


Next up, we have a little something for the sweet lovers...well six little somethings to be exact: Metro Mini Donuts!  Find this food truck throughout Oklahoma serving up some of the most decadent gourmet donuts found anywhere in the states.  Take The Bedrock, a cake donut drizzled with a vanilla glaze and fruity pebbles is an IG-favorite amongst all those crazy food bloggers across  OKC.  Then there's the Butterfinger Blitz and Pecan Bomb, which promise a flavor explosion with each bite.

The minis come in a set of sex, perfect for sharing, so grab a few homies, a few Twinsies strains, and spend your Saturday on a munchies mission for Metro's Mini Donuts.  You won't be disappointed, we promise! 

You can find Metro's Mini Donuts at 6213 NW 39th Expressway in Bethany.


Rounding out of list is a delicious modern twist on a southern classic: CHICKEN AND WAFFLES.

If there was ever a meal made for stoners, this is it!  The odd couple is a flavor match-made-in-heaven, with the crunchy, salty chicken perfectly complementing the fluffy waffle with heaps of butter, syrup, and whip cream.  Or honestly, whatever else your stoned little heart desires!

Waffle Champion in serious about their flavor combinations, serving up some decadent offerings like their S'mores French Toast, Florentine Waffle Sandwich, Peaches and Cream French Toast, and their oh-so-savory Crawfish Po Boy Waffle Sammy.

And beside their mouthwatering main dishes, Waffle Champion offers even more sweet and savory options, like their watermelon slushiee, made with mangoes, lychee, and mint - the perfect combo with our Watermelon Infused Pre-Roll, complete with exotic flower, infused with a refreshing watermelon distillate and smothered in kief.  If we're talking about rolling up lit AF, we might as well go all the way, amirite, or amirite?!

Waffle Champion is located at 1212 N. Walker in OKC; they're closed Mondays, but open Tuesday - Sunday 7am - 2pm.  Wake N' Bake anyone?

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