Enjoying Pre-Rolls: It's All in the Filter

Enjoying Pre-Rolls: It's All in the Filter

When it comes to enjoying a pre-roll, whether it be a Weedsy Infused mini pre-roll or even a standard sized one you'd pick up from your local dispensary, the entire experience is dictated by how well that pre-roll burns.  How tight is the bud packed into the pre-roll?  How much airflow do you experience when taking a hit of it?  Most importantly, how is that crutch made?

A crutch, or filter, is added to most pre-rolls to give it its shape and to ensure an even amount of smoke each time you take a puff.  How this crutch is made can make or break the entire experience, regardless of how loud that gas might be.

How Necessary is a Filter/Crutch?

Coming from a team of seasoned, high-functioning stoners, having a crutch or filter, or better yet, knowing how to make one yourself is required skill of being a stoner of any degree!  And sure, you can always opt for those particular cannabis products that go above and beyond with their filters, such as RooR's glass tips or even terpene-infused ones and such; simplicity and functionality go a long way in this industry.

For the sake of this simplicity, there are four major ways to go about making a crutch yourself; and all you'd need is either a pre-cut crutch paper, a business card (without ink on it), or really, any thicker type of paper with a nice balance between foldability and durability.

As for which of the four is better than the other, we'll set three points to cover: 1) ease of making, 2) aesthetics, and 3) functionality.  At the end of the day, you'd want a nice balance of a pretty-looking filter while still maintaining the functionality of being able to inhale the smoke out of the pre-roll right?

#4: The Weed Leaf Filter

As pretty as the weed leaf filter is, that's all there really is that's going for it.  Due to the incredible amount of detail going into folding a tiny piece of paper into a coherent and symmetrical-looking folds is already a whole-thing that might otherwise be met with impatience as you'd just want to get on with, you know, toking up!  Despite all that, the weed leaf filter is still one of the most beautiful filter you can have on your pre-roll.  If you're daring enough to take it on, here's how to do it:

How to Make the Weed Leaf Filter

Choose a larger piece of paper for this.  Pre-cut filters are too small for the sheer amount of folds you'd need to be making, so, choose something that's at least four to five inches by one inch to ease things.

  • Make one zig-zag by folding 1/4 inch of the paper down, then folding it back down into itself to make a 'V' shape.  Tighten the creases so the folds stay.
  • Make two more zig-zag folds, increasing the size of each fold as you go.  These will be the first three leaves for the filter.
  • Add two more folds, this time, decreasing the size of each fold as you go.  These will round out the five fingers of the leaf.
  • Spread your folded creations out so it takes more of the shape.  Roll the remaining crutch paper around the leaf gently to round out and finish the crutch.
  • Roll the joint as you normally would with the crutch folding into the rolling paper.  Enjoy!

How does the Weed Leaf Filter Rank?

Ease of Making: Maybe we're just not as good as we used to be with joint art, but this took a while to get down.  And by a little while, we took a good four tries and approximately two hours incessantly looking up youtube instructional videos on it.  In terms of ease of making, this rounds out at the bottom.

Aesthetics: We're not going to lie, this is by far the prettiest crutch we've seen.  I know there are quite a few pre-roll companies out there that mass-produce these crutches for their products and it gives off that subtle addition of excellence towards the overall look-and-feel of the brand.  Kudos to all those dedicated pre-roll "rollers" out there that are just naturally-gifted with the skills to do this every single day.  Aesthetics for the weed leaf filter is a solid 9/10.

Functionality: Okay, so here's where it gets more critical.  Since the weed leaf has large spaces cut out throughout the diameter of the joint, you can expect bits of bud to get through.  These are called 'Scooby Snacks' and while they're not inherently bad, it's a little annoying to get flying particles of your bud into your throat each time you toke up.  For this reason, and the difficulty of making a crutch like this, the weed leaf filter takes the last spot on the list.

#3: When All Else Fails - You Can McGuyver It!

Okay, now this might seem a little farfetched, but mind you, we've been in some hairy situations before.  There was this one time where we checked into an airbnb and wanted to toke up as a celebration for having arrived and we didn't have a filter for our J!  We also didn't want to NOT roll something without a filter, so we resorted to whatever we could find.  One thing we found was that FUSILI PASTA works incredibly well.  Seriously...uncooked, raw fusili pasta, as a crutch for our bud.

How to Make the Fusili Filter

Start with a single piece of raw, uncooked fusili pasta.

  • Break off the tip of the pasta
  • Roll it into the bottom of the your joint.
  • Enjoy!
Seriously, that's all you need!

How Does McGuyver-ing It Rank Up?

Ease of Making: From an ease of use ranking, this takes the top!  Seriously, all you need is a piece of pasta.  Assuming the piece you choose is fairly straight, your joint should look normal.
Aesthetics: Desperate times for call desperate measures if you're resorting to whatever conical shape you can find in the kitchen to ensure yourself a good blazing sesh.  Fusili filters aren't the prettiest, but they get the job done!
Functionality: From a functionality standpoint, the piece of pasta does its job!  It provides a good base to hold onto and keeps bud of your moth.  The spiral shape also provides a nice airflow for ease of toking.  Compared to the weed leaf filter, this one takes the cake!

#2: Bringing It Back, this time with the Functional Aesthetics

While it's not as pretty as the weed leaf filter, opting for a heart-shaped one still pulls on those heart strings we wish we still had.  On top of that, the heart-shaped filter is still miles more functional than the weed leaf filter so honestly, we ain't complaining.

How to Make the Heart-Shaped Filter

Start with durable paper and/or pre-cut crutch paper.  You'll also want a long and skinny object to wrap the paper around.  A pen will do you wonders.

  • Fold over about one inch of your crutch paper.
  • Roll half of this one-inch piece around the pen.  Repeat with the other half.  Now you have the top half of the heart.
  • Fold the heart down into the crease you made with the original fold.  Heart complete.
  • Gently fold the remaining paper around the heart to round it out.  Be as gentle as you can since it's easy to collapse the rounded edges of the heart.
  • Roll into the bottom of your joint, fill with your favorite strain(s), and enjoy!

How the Heart-Shaped Filter Stacks Up

Ease of Making: Similar to the weed leaf filter, the heart filter is no-easy feat.  It does require slightly more paper and a steady hand to keep your heart looking healthy.  On top of that, the tiny little folds do prove to be annoying especially if you're in a pinch.

Aesthetics: I mean...come on it's a heart!  Give your J to your crush and you'd immediately score yourself a 420 and chill sesh!

Functionality: Unlike the weed leaf filter that leaves large gaping holes for you to enjoy the unwanted Scooby Snacks, the functionality is actually pretty good!  The holes are just small enough to minimize the snacks while still providing decent airflow.  If you have the time to make this beautiful filter, do it!  It's a seriously great time.

#1: The Best for Last - Taking it Back to the Basics

There's just something about the basic filter that just checks all the boxes.  It's the tried-and-true method.  There aren't too many frills, or even makes it as the prettiest one.  But in terms of functionality and simply getting the job done consistently, this one takes the cake.

How to Make a Basic Filter

This is where pre-cut crutch paper comes in clutch!  And if you don't have that, a business card without ink on it should suffice.

  • Fold the crutch paper back and forth until you reach three total folds to make an 'M' shape.
  • Roll it into the bottom of the your joint.
  • Enjoy!

Is the Basic Filter Really That Basic?

Ease of Making: You can have all the time in the world or barely any and still be able to make this crutch in record time.  We mean it when we say the basic filter is a tried-and-true method!

Aesthetics: While it's not the prettiest, simplicity goes a long way; and having the equivalent of the Toyota Corolla of crutches definitely helps that along.

Functionality: It works like a charm!  No scooby snacks and airflow?  Sign us up!

If you are not the type to spend the time rolling your own joints, you don't have to go out and learn all this.  You can easily pop your head into your local dispensary and ask the budtenders for a Weedsy Infused mini pre-roll.  All of our pre-rolls use the basic filter method.  The ample airflow allows for the mini pre-roll to burn slowly, thus getting you sufficiently baked.  Click the button below to find a dispensary carrying a Weedsy near you!


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