Are You a High-Functioning Stoner?

Are You a High-Functioning Stoner?

Thanks to mainstream media and public service announcements courtesy of Reagan's War on Drugs of the 1980s and 90s, cannabis users were made out to be the sedentary couch-potatoes incapable of doing anything of measurable quality in their lives.  In movie after movie, TV show after TV show, stoners everywhere were automatically written off as lazy, dumb, or sometimes outright delinquent or criminal.

As we all know - this is as far from the truth as it can be.  Cannabis users are very much the high-functioning members of society that is generally expected.  And this time, there's a study to prove it!  So let's dive into today's blog.  The focus is to dispel nearly half-a century's worth of propaganda and to show some love for those high-functioning stoners out there.  Chances are, that's most of us right now!

Disproving Stereotypes One Study at a Time

The Harm Reduction Journal published a study looking into the relationship between cannabis use and sedentary behavior and how that measures up against physical activity.  The findings suggest that cannabis use has absolutely ZERO correlation with sedentary behavior.  "Frequent cannabis users engaged in more physical activity than non-current users.  Light cannabis users had greater odds of self-reporting physical activity compared to non-current users."

The study goes on to note that there weren't any significant differences in the amount of time spent being sedentary between non-users, light, moderate, or even frequent users.  This suggests  that cannabis use, regardless of age, weight, or physical lifestyle habits, does not equate to being lazy.  In fact, cannabis use may actually stimulate your body into increasing your physical activity.

There's no surprise that the US, compared to other countries, suffer from a staggering amount of people suffering from obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  This, in large part, is contributed to an already-sedentary lifestyle we all possess.

In another study published by Scientific American, the claim that cannabis users are all dumb and that the plant itself rots the brain was disproved.  The study found that although there is interference with memory retention during the high, cannabis does not have lasting effects on cognitive abilities, which extends to your IQ.

Where does this all leave us?  Since cannabis use is not intrinsically tied to lower IQ and doesn't make you any more lazy than you might already be.  Can it be argued that we are all high-functioning stoners?  What even is a high-functioning stoner?

Changing the Narrative to a High-Functioning Stoner

Like the hip and trendy people we are, the Weedsy team does pay attention to what the industry is doing about this little stereotype we find ourselves in.  On thing we were watching closely was MedMen's 2018 Forget Stoner campaign, where the company sought to change the narrative of what a stoner is and how a stoner looks and acts like every other person in society.  The campaign showed 17 people of all races and walks of life on billboards with the word "stoner" crossed out and instead replaced by their job title.

As a team consisting entirely of frequent stoners, we resonated with this campaign.  At the end of the day, we're still people with adult problems and handling our adult lives such as going to work and paying taxes.  We just happen to pack a bowl and enjoy our free time getting baked.  In essence, we are very much of a high-functioning stoner.

A high-functioning stoner is a cannabis user that frequently tokes up but does so in such a way that does not impede with his or her own ambitious pursuits.  High-functioning stoners know their limits and prevent themselves from taking too much cannabis, that might otherwise work against their productivity.

Are There Cannabis Strains that Can Specifically Increase Your Productivity?




Yes, there are several cannabis products that are known to decrease your sedentary habits and increase your physical output of energy.  Just look at our Infused mini pre-rolls for instance!  Each of our mini pre-rolls contain locally-sourced exotic flower; with each strain leaning towards that of an indica-dominant hybrid.

Most of you should know now that strain classifications bear particular characteristics of the plant, and those characteristics pain a picture of the type of psychoactive experience you'd expect.  Indica-dominant hybrids, for example, imbue feelings of total relaxation.  The minor amount of sativa present is you key to achieving a heightened sense of getting up and doing stuff!

Where does this leave you?  Are you just as much of a high-functioning stoner as we are?  Let us know!  Drop us a line and let's talk about it!


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