Can We Be Oklahomies?!

Can We Be Oklahomies?!

Never in a million years would we have thought to expand our "Take It Weedsy" vibes to any other state than our home, California.  Yet, immediately after launch, we realized that BOTH our pre-rolls AND our vibe isn't just a California thing, but an overall American thing.  So thus began the work to understand the cannabis market in different states.  Fast forward to now, and we've done it.  Weedsy is now available in its second state, Oklahoma!

Oklahoma is quite literally the freest state in the country.  The state basically lives on football, Second Amendment rights are ferociously defended, a common activity is Motor Cross, and its Medical Marijuana Program has one of the most relaxed state regulations.  What does all this mean?  The Oklahomians are pretty dang chill and love a good joint when they see one.  So naturally, our pre-rolls and vibe of simply not sharing anything fits Oklahoma like peas and carrots.




Bar the Napoleon Dynamite reference (or don't bar it...the move is still highly underrated and needs more love), we just launched in Oklahoma and we're stoked to be there.  Officially entering the market at the end of November, we're already in quite a few dispensaries.  At the end of the day, we exist to provide dope cannabis at teensy portions for a weensy price.  And Oklahoma being the home to nearly 3000 dispensaries, there's always more to love when it comes to making our products as accessible as possible amirite?

On top of the original five flavors to drop in Oklahoma, we've also launched our new 6th flavor that we refuse to call out on here.  So....you heard it here first, THERE ARE NOW SIX FLAVORS IN THE WEEDSY INFUSED COLLECTION.  We wanted to do our new Oklahomies a solid and drop the new flavor there.  I know...I know...what about California right?  Don't worry, we treat all our family well and our home state's gift of friendship and love will come in due time.


To honor the late Billy Mays, "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!" one-liner, we also dropped an exclusive Oklahoma apparel collection.  Remember how we said we began to do the work on other states' cannabis markets?  Well that research also involved what the community at large likes.  While we are known as the "cute little pre-roll company" out here in California, it's safe to say that not everyone vibes with that in Oklahoma.  So we dropped an apparel collection so fire that would make every Oklahomie run to their nearest dispensary and cop some merch!





So as cool as it is to just enter the market, distribute our products to the thousands of dispensaries, and call it day, we did you one better.  Two days after we launched, we exhibited at the Third Annual Cowboy Cup in Stillwater, OK.  Stillwater, being the college hometown of Oklahoma State University, made it the PERFECT place to host the show.  Think about it - Stillwater is basically a large small-town with a large minority of the population being college students.  Stack that on top of overall accessibility of getting from one side of the state to another, and thousands flocked to the Cowboy Cup.  It's truly the Wild Wild West for cannabis out there and Cowboy Cup really showed us what's up.  We showcased our six flavors, the exclusive merch, and literally...gave every single thing we brought to the show away for free.  It was lit for everyone that attended just as much as our team enjoyed educating and giving away our goods.





Before we end this blog, we do want make a massive shout-out and thank you to our Manufacturing and Distribution partner, Country Cannabis.  Country Cannabis DOMINATES the Oklahoma market in sheer market share and overall popularity in the state.  Their sales team was amazing to spend time with at the show and they really connect with people, whether they're part of the cannabis industry or just a lover of all things bud.  On top of that, they're also manufacturing and distributing Weedsy for us.  So accessibility of our products is already a shoe-in.  Thank you Country Cannabis for welcoming us into Oklahoma the right way.  We're ready to push the envelope even further!

Anyways, we just wanted to share the huge news with you.  Should any Californians find themselves in Oklahoma, you now have access to your favorite mini pre-rolls at your new home away from home.  Happy blazing Weedsy fam!

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