We Went to Secret Sesh and it was DOPE!

We Went to Secret Sesh and it was DOPE!

So you know how we went to Oklahoma to launch Weedsy and our new flavor out there?  We mentioned that our Cali Fam was going to receive a little love on this side of the country?  Well....if you weren't at Secret Sesh in Downtown LA last weekend, you dun goofed!  Real talk, we exhibited at Secret Sesh over the weekend and it was lit.  From showcasing our original five Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls to giving away merch, to letting everyone try to win stuff with our claw machine, the entire event was a pretty elevated experience.


Like the countless other events we've exhibited at, from MJ Biz Con to Hall of Flowers and even Cowboy Cup out in Oklahoma, Secret Sesh required several things.  It required our team, from our sales manager to our Marketing directors and even down to our dedicated PAD staff to really show the LA community that we mean business.  Next, as a self-proclaimed anti-sharing cannabis company, we really had to show that our products are meant for you in mind and not for the entire group.  This meant providing enough teensy, weensy, Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls and merch to tie everyone over for the event.  Last, the event required us to build a booth so nice that even a complete stranger to the world of cannabis would be like "HOLY @$%!" - and it's safe to say we got that on lock too.


Now we say blessed in the sense that everyone was pretty damn high...including ourselves.  Secret Sesh, originally being one of those smaller, black market type of events where trappers would show off their wares and lock down clientele and customers alike recently went legal with a string of events dedicated to providing a safe space for users and brands to come together to smoke a joint and take a dab.  As expected, the generosity to get everyone high trickled to us where all our influencers, staff members, and fans of the brand were high AF for the entirety of the show.

On top of that, customers got to learn about  how our half gram infused mini pre-rolls stand as the highest testing pre-roll in the state.  Many of them walking up to us to simply get their hands on one just to feel the pre-rolls slap them in the face.  It was a pretty surreal moment to see everyone just dazed and confused as they walked down the aisles from booth to booth.


I mean come on, how often do we get to hang out with the cannabis community as a whole in our backyard of Los Angeles?  What Secret Sesh did for the community was to 1) legalize, and 2) market themselves well enough to be THE go-to spot for anything related to marijuana.  Should they decide to do more events in 2022, you best believe we'd go out there.

Besides, based on what we showed you at the show, there's still a lot more new things coming to the California market going into next year; and we'd want you and the rest of the state to be part of that magic.  Cheers to another successful event under the Weedsy belt.  Cheers yet another opportunity to connect to our favorite stoners through our products.  And cheers to us closing out our event calendar year with a MF bang!

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