3 Ways to Use Weedsy to Achieve Your Wellness Goals

3 Ways to Use Weedsy to Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Following up last week's blog where we looked at how cannabis can be used to manage pandemic fatigue, we wanted to share more ways one can use our favorite green plant.  Let's be real, being in Round 3 of 2020 isn't a very promising feeling.  So while we're already looking to incorporate cannabis to help combat pandemic fatigue, we can also use the plant to help achieve overall wellness in more than just that way.

Cannabis is a great tool to integrate into your day-to-day.  Depending on what your intention is, you can use it to wake up and refresh, or wind down and relax.  Let's discuss a few of the different ways you can use cannabis to achieve a better you.


One of the most common New Year's resolutions is to seriously level up your physical wellness.  And unless you're inherently a gym rat, you probably struggle sometimes to get yourself up and moving!  And even if you are a gym rat, you know there are always some of those days where you're unmotivated to the point where you'd rather skip a sesh than try to power through it.  This is where a little green courage comes to work in your favor.  Our Green Apple Weedsy Infused delivers some much-needed uplifting and alerted vibes to get yourself moving and ready for the day.

In addition to using bud as a motivational tool to hit the weights, cannabis contains cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, which may increase your post-workout recovery response and lower inflammation in the process.  This study, for example, states that "overall, cannabinoids have exhibited significant potential to be used as novel anti-inflammatory agents."  And if given the choice, to opt for indica-leaning strains as those possess high levels of both THC and CBD.

Luckily for you, Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls typically lean indica-dominant.   Meaning, regardless of which flavor you pick up, you'd generally feel the full effects of a heavy-handed indica should the situation arise that you'd take a hit after pumping some iron.


Now, we mentioned this briefly in last week's Pandemic Fatigue piece, but we'll bring it up here again.  Approximately 70 million Americans suffer from some form of insomnia.  Whether that's trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, or any more sleep-related disorder, failure to manage insomnia leads to a myriad of physical and psychological problems.

Consider popping a couple low-dose edibles towards bed time or committing yourself to smoking a full Weedsy Infused mini pre-roll.  The high produced from either consumption method should set your mind at ease fairly significantly; which then allows your body to truly relax as it prepares itself for sleep.


We bring this up because we know that it can work.  One of our team members from the California Weedsy side effectively quit nicotine products and replaced his cravings with weed.  In fact, a different team member from our California branch is actively doing that now.

Please note - we are not suggesting that cannabis can help you quit nicotine addiction, but research does show some promise that withdrawal cravings can be managed using cannabis, particularly the CBD contained in cannabis products.

While the CBD present in cannabis may help to quell withdrawal cravings of the nicotine itself, fully quitting smoking has more parts to it.  For example, the oral fixation element is often overlooked.  For this, we definitely recommend looking to a Weedsy to help quell any oral fixation cravings.

For example, let's take Berries, our newest Infused strain to hit dispensary shelves.  By opting to smoke a Berries pre-roll every time a craving bout struck, you're effectively re-wiring your body's reward system and replacing the reward of nicotine with THC.  The result leaves you pleasantly baked while also satisfying your oral fixation cravings.

For those that are actively trying to quit smoking and running into bouts of restlessness, irritability, and hardcore nicotine cravings, we seriously ask you to consider using a little weed here and there to help you move through your recovery process.  Trust us, we know you can do it!


Go ahead and give me a list of five people that are actively NOT using cannabis to be a little more present in their daily lives; we'll wait.

One of the main reasons people start smoking a little weed is to be more present and try to go on about their days a little less stressed, which, we understand, is a lot easier said than done.  Whether you're distracted, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, or a combination of all of that, it can be incredibly hard to remain present and focused on what we are in immediate control over.  Using cannabis in a responsible way can help to ground us, reduce the existential crisis in our head, and shut off the noise that would otherwise keep us in a state of fight or flight.


Whether you're actively trying to achieve something we mentioned above or something else entirely different, we're here to help you make the entire experience a little more enjoyable!  Since everyone's journey is intrinsically their own, being kind to yourself and respecting your process is just as important as the steps mentioned above.  If you ever feel as if you need an extra level of comfort and safety, you can also look to a quick smoking sesh over a Weedsy to make your day that much more enjoyable.  Good luck on achieving your New Year's Resolutions, you got this!

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