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Using a Weedsy to Manage Pandemic Fatigue

Using a Weedsy to Manage Pandemic Fatigue

On behalf of the entire Weedsy team in both California and Oklahoma, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We hope you're entering 2022 wiser, wealthier, and healthier as we continue on about our lives.  Speaking of progressing with our lives, anyone else feel as if we've basically just entered into the third of round of 2020?  This is called Pandemic Fatigue and it typically means your feelings of insomnia, stress, and lingering anxiety has carried over into the new year.  We don't know about you, but we'd want to enter into 2022 feeling reinvigorated and motivated to carry our our New Year's Resolutions.  The goal after all is to come out feeling better than before, right?

In today's post, we'll dive into some of the ways cannabis can help manage your pandemic fatigue.  In fact, your favorite Weedsy Infused flavor can do more than just get you high.  It can help manage pain, insomnia, and other nagging side effects this ongoing pandemic causes you.


Well-known fact: THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, inherently possesses properties that can fight off discomfort and muscle soreness.  THC, being the primary cannabinoid in cannabis and is responsible for the psychoactive element of the experience, offers several other benefits beyond just giving off that "high."  Research shows that THC helps us work through soreness and strain in several ways, including but not limited to helping to manage exercise-induced inflammation and by modulating our brain's response to pain.

While we're not necessarily locked down as 2020 and part of 2021 showed us, many of us are still working from home.  This change in work/life balance often leads people to experience pain in a different way as many have either completely stopped exercising or may have started it up again but in a different way.  By incorporating cannabis use either before or after your workout, not only are you managing the pain a little better, but you are also training your body to a new routine.  One that can only spell better things as the pandemic drags on.


Aside from physical pain for which THC lends a hand in managing, one of the most devastating effects of a prolonged pandemic gave us was a messed-up sleeping schedule.  Insomnia can be caused by several factors, including increased anxiety due to job insecurity, potential COVID exposure, or simply trying to keep yourself and your family safe during uncertain times.  Regardless of what can cause it, insomnia is a big deal - with an estimated 70 million Americans suffering from it.  Add pandemic-fatigue into the mix and you've got yourself a steadily increasing number of Americans that are not sleeping!

Thankfully, cannabis might be able to help manage this, too.  In a recent review published coincidentally in the middle of the pandemic, cannabinoids such as THC and CBD proved to be beneficial in managing insomnia.  When taking cannabis over a long period of time and keeping dosing and time of dosing consistent, many have reported achieving a better night of sleep and staying asleep to wake up feeling refreshed and recharged for the day.


So okay, here we are - it's the third day of 2022 and the third year of this pandemic.  Most of us are vaccinated, boosted, and yet society is still dealing with variant outbreaks that may or may not cause a different experience of our favorite activities to occur.  At times we might be dealing with physical pain, other times we might feel as we're restless due to insomnia the night before.  Or we might just be feeling as if our world would be more of the same of year's past.  Whatever you might be feeling, Weedsy is here to help!

Our Weedsy Infused mini pre-rolls offer locally-sourced exotic flower infused with a flavorful and powerful distillate and smothered in kief for not only an enjoyable cannabis experience, but a mutually beneficial one for both the body and mind.  Offered both in California and Oklahoma, users can help fight off pandemic-induced woes simply by getting a little elevated in the process.  Trust us, we're hopeful that all six of our Weedsy Infused mini pre-roll flavors can offer some much-needed reprieve from pandemic fatigue.

Do you have any other questions about how you can use our Weedsy's to navigate through the pandemic?  Just ask!  We're always here to help.

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